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Author Topic: How to remove "MSI Live Update Online" / MSI Auto Detect completely??  (Read 4798 times)

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Hello, I want to remove this sof:censored: e "MSI Live Update Online" that was installed from the MSI website  website [ ]

It is an Activex control I think. I can't find the way to uninstall it completely from the computer.
in "C:\Program Files\MSI\MSIWDev", I cannot find uninstaller.

Also, in IE7 Security "trusted sites" tab setting, i have "" and i CANNOT remove it from the list. (it always comes back).

I would like to uninstall everything that was installed from "MSI Live Update Online" properly. Please teach me.

Thank you very much.



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You'll have to uninstall the ActiveX control through IE.

However, you could always use Firefox.
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Here are just a simple steps I took for removing "MSI Live Update Online" (I am using IE8)

- If you are using ie8, go to "Tools" > "Manage add-ons". Under "Show" tab, Please choose "All add-ons" which will show all activeX add-ons on the right side of windows. There is an add-on which company called "Micro-star Int'l Co. Ltd" << This is the one you need to remove it. Highlight and double clicking it and there is a "remove" button at the left corner. Now, click the "remove" button and this activeX is disable. Notes: This stupid activeX still exists in your system for now.

- Close the ie8. Go the C:\program files\MSI ..... What I suggest is to delete this folder "MSI" totally. (That's what I did). Reboot the machine.

- After rebooting the machine, use some registry fixing program like "Error repair professional" to fix the registry. The program will find some broken links of activeX(MSI Live update). They will fix it for you.

- Here you go, the problem should be gone. You could check out the list under "Manage add-ons". The item should be gone already.

Last words, Never ever try to install this *GREAT* product - MSI live update. It will mess up your life. Maybe it works great with someone, but not the majority.

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 Yup, as a reminder to others that may read this thread. Don't install 'Live Update' to begin with. :nono:


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oops! No problems, but nonetheless, ooops! Im using firefox. How would I go about getting rid of this beastie. I also dont see an entry in the remove programs list.
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