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MS-7252 Bad Flash

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Yes that should do the job.

OK, thanks everyone - with your help I seem to be making progress. Using an old PCI video card, I was able to reflash the BIOS - I actually intended to go back to the previous 3.1 version, but instead reflashed the 3.6. Upon rebooting and restoring defaults etc., the PC has booted up normally with the 3.6 version (dated 04/18/2008). I can't figure out why it didn't work in the first place, but at least I have a working PC again, and it looks like the 3.6 BIOS is compatible after all.

However, the reason for the BIOS flash in the first place was because I want to upgrade the processor from the Sempron 3000+ in at the moment, to a 5200 x2 CPU. However, having installed the new processor, it fails to post even with the new BIOS. On the MSI website it tells me that the CPU is supported from BIOS 3.7, but that version has disabled PCI prefetch, which I understand is not desirable. I expected the PC to at least boot with the new CPU, even if it wasn't fully recognised.

Is the 3.7 BIOS recommended by forum experts? The MSI website only offers the original 3.1, so I would have to use the same link from where I downloaded the 3.6 version to get the file.

Ex Forum Mod:
--- Quote from: Henry on 10-January-09, 23:11:51 --- Good possibility you flashed wrong BIOS. PCB 1.1 uses 1xx BIOS, PCB 1.1A uses 3xx BIOS.

--- End quote ---

 Your MB: K9NGM/K9NGM2 MS-7252 Ver 1.1

 Personaly I still suspect that you are flashing the wrong BIOS.

Hi Henry,

I don't want to get it wrong, so I'm checking as much info as I can. Now I can get in again, Live Update tells me:

MS-7252 (K9NGM)
Current Ver. 3.60 Online Ver. 3.70
Notes 1. This is AMI BIOS release.
2. This BIOS fixes the following problem of the previous version:
- Disabled PCI Prefetch.
3. 2008/10/25

From Device Manager, my board has a NVidia Geforce 6100 display adapter which indicates K9NGM, rather than K9NGM2, which has Geforce 6150 according to MSI. Also, my board has 2 SATA ports, which is correct for K9NGM (K9NGM2 has 4 SATA ports).

K9NGM uses 3.x BIOS; K9NGM2 uses 1.x BIOS.

So, it looks to me that I should be using the 3.x BIOS, but if you think I have missed something please let me know. Motherboard manufacturers certainly do their best to confuse!

Ex Forum Mod:
 You seem to be missing the point. PCB 1.1 (yours) uses BIOS 1xx. PCB 1.1A uses BIOS 3xx.

 I still suspect you need 7252-1xx BIOS.

 It would be nice if BOSSKILLER or someone else would confirm or shoot down my opinion here.


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