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Author Topic: GT740 on OpenSuse 11.2 x86_64  (Read 2785 times)

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GT740 on OpenSuse 11.2 x86_64
« on: 31-March-10, 07:40:28 »

The fastest way is to install the Live CD x86_64 and update after
adding the Packman repository. The most hardware works out
of the box, including webcam, Fn keys, suspend to RAM and suspend to Disk.

- The main strem wireless drivers don't work properly.
1. Install from YaST - Patterns "Linux Kernel Development"
2. download the compatibiliy drivers from
3. follow the included instruction to install.
NB: You will get also new drivers for Bluetooth.

- Nvidia 3D accelleration (for games and compiz)
1. Download the last stable or if you prefere the last beta driver from
2. Switch or restart in text modus (init 3)
3. Install the bundle as script (./**** and restart.

- The sound under windows 7 should do by PC games, but the
distortion introduced by SRS "Premium Sound", a compressor
with some additional sliders, transforms music in noise. Try
to listen a Beethoven symphony. MSI calls that "Certified HiFi"
and I would like to know who made the certificate. If you turn off
this SRS you don't reach even a minimal loudness.
However, the speakers are of better quality as usually by laptops.
Under Linux you can get a nice sound configuring and using SMPlayer,
a frontend for MPlayer: just configure the max. volume with 600%.

- DVB-S: I dont' have this problem on GT640, but on GT740 I am unable to get
sound by HD senders.That, even after experimenting with different Realtek 888
sound codecs. Anyway, for the moment that is still irrelevant.
The deal is easy and rapid with Kaffeine KDE4:
1. Download the actual transponders list for your satelites by
2. Edit /usr/share/kde4/apps/kaffeine/scanfile.dvb
3. replace the original transponders with copy and paste
4. Configure DVB in Kaffeine

- Al least on my laptop, the fan is the dark point and persecution under Windows
and Linux, despite my choice of heavy power save mode. The noise of the air is not
so disrupting as the noise of the motor. The laptop is 14 days old. Perhaps I got a buggy fan, I don't know. Otherwise this laptop would be a nice one. Nothing what I could do...±±

-The mouse is a great one, even for not-gamers! I am still on trouble by switching
the 2 extra buttons on the left side but I know is possible.

-Extra keys and buttons: use xbindkeys, provided with good explanations and examples.
Install it using "search software" and "1 click install" by OpenSuse.
for use and examples.


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Re: GT740 on OpenSuse 11.2 x86_64
« Reply #1 on: 01-April-10, 09:12:30 »

Now the fan motor noises are gone.
Conclusion: the GT740 is a machine with character. :)


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Re: GT740 on OpenSuse 11.2 x86_64
« Reply #2 on: 17-April-10, 21:01:36 »

Hello!! thank you for your post!!!

I was looking information about a GT 640 netbook and found your post. :D Has i was looking for openSuse, your post confirm me that all is 100% compatible with it.

SO now i have got it.

I have installed the 11.2 without any problem but:

I have got problem with the wifi. In fact, if i boot with wifi enabled it works, if i boot with it disabled, and enabled it when on the desktop, network manager did not notice that the card is enabled.

I wanted to install the drivers like but i did not succed to compile the drivers. :/ i have got this error when doing make:

/home/User/Telechargement/compat-wireless-2010-04-17/drivers/net/atl1c/atl1c_main.c:380: error: ‘struct netdev_hw_addr’ has no member named ‘next’

Could you help me to install it???

Thanks a lot. :)

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Re: GT740 on OpenSuse 11.2 x86_64
« Reply #3 on: 17-April-10, 22:16:17 »

In fact i have succed the compilation, i have used the stable version of the 2.6.32 (even i our kernel is a 2.6.31...) and the compilation is ok, i expect that now i could load the module and all will be ok.

EDIT: i have made the sudo apt-get install and reboot.

But it change nothing. If i turn of the computer and but without the wifi enabled, i could never use it until i will restart with wifi enabled.

I have tested wicd and it change nothing.
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