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Author Topic: how to install a imagex file for a recovery disk?  (Read 1237 times)

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how to install a imagex file for a recovery disk?
« on: 27-June-10, 07:52:13 »

hi can anyone help me in how to mount 2 swm extension files to setup my recovery disk in my laptop? my hardisk has crash down so i went to to store where I buy my laptop, they burn me a recovery disk whick caomes i 2 dvd disk.. when I got home I try it I inserted the 1st disk which is the MSI recovery manager I booted it from dvd drive they the process begin.. in the process I do hardisk recovery.. coz my hardrive crash down like I said before, so in the process of installing... it came that it asking for the disk to so I inserted it.. but the problem is nothing happen.. it just always appearing pls. insert disk recovery 2..
i knew when they copy a recovery disk completely coz I was there when they do it.. I seen recovery disk succesful, when they do it..
my question is it not automaticaly do recovery even they are not mouted? do I have to mount this to dvd copy to make the process work?

plz advice anyone..



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Re: how to install a imagex file for a recovery disk?
« Reply #1 on: 29-June-10, 07:34:49 »

If the images for the 2nd disc is relevant to the 1st disc, it should work automatically. You should go back to the shop and feedback your problem to the engineer. It will be good to bring your laptop down as well.
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