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Author Topic: G31TM-P21 & cpu fan running at full speed  (Read 2268 times)

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G31TM-P21 & cpu fan running at full speed
« on: 20-August-11, 15:54:34 »

Hi there,
I have a brand-new G31TM-P21 board with a XDream4 cpu fan with a 3-pins connector.
My problem is the cpu fan is running at full speed all the time, and keeps the cpu at a temp of 20-30C (not bad for the cpu, but could definitely lower the cpu fan speed!).
I plugged the fan to either cpufan1, sysfan1 and sysfan2, no difference, PCHealth in BIOS indicates the fan is running at 2600+ rpm, and changing the variables (target temp and max speed) have no effect. Used SpeedFan, nothing I'd do would lower the fan speed.
I also used MSI OverClocking Center, didn't allow me to change the fan speed too...
Both 3 connectors are equiped with sensors as per the board's manual, but only the cpu fan has a control pin, on pin#4. Does it mean only a 4-pins fan would be able to be controlled? I understood a 3-pins connector with a sensor could be controlled, i.e. when using SpeedFan and selecting 3-pins instead of 4-pins in the advanced tab...

Please help!

edit: and yes, it already has the last bios version
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Re: G31TM-P21 & cpu fan running at full speed
« Reply #1 on: 20-August-11, 16:19:53 »

You need a 4pin CPU fan for the fan control (by BIOS) to work.
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