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Author Topic: battery light flashing red  (Read 743 times)

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battery light flashing red
« on: 26-January-13, 19:29:05 »

hi guys!
My MSI EX600 battery light is flashing red, always. when its charging or not, even when its turned on or not.
it charges well, and keeps the battery time just as good. nothing wrong... but the light.
What does it say? the battery needs to be replaced? and can I get rid of it?



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Re: battery light flashing red
« Reply #1 on: 26-January-13, 21:51:45 »

Usually that indicates your battery isn't any good. Maybe the circuit that detects that went bad, that's about the only guess that I have at the moment. If your battery still holds a charge (ie the laptop can last atleast 1 hour on the battery alone), then that is probably the only other thing it could be.
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