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Author Topic: CPU fan speed control  (Read 1069 times)

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CPU fan speed control
« on: 20-January-04, 21:02:32 »

I have a question about Core center & fan speed. I don't know whether its the motherboard or Core center that monitors the cpu fan speed but according to Core Center whenever I boot my machine up. the CPU fan speed runs at about 3000 RPM. Now if I run an application that gets the CPU temp up, the CPU fan speeds up to something like 3700 RPM. What I don't understand is after the CPU temp drops to where it was, the CPU fan speed stays at its high speed level. Now if I stop Core center and launch it again, the CPU fan gets to run at its lower speed. Any comments from the experienced users?
Thanks in advance.
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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 20-January-04, 21:31:09 »

Well if i were you i would search the forum first before posting questions which have already been answered  :-D) tip: Try to search for speedfan (by Danny :biggthumbsup:) 8-))
Good Luck :biggthumbsup:


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(No subject)
« Reply #2 on: 20-January-04, 23:30:57 »

See signature.
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