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Author Topic: K8N Neo2 Platinum Audio Peoblem  (Read 1841 times)

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K8N Neo2 Platinum Audio Peoblem
« on: 14-December-05, 03:34:48 »

hii i got the K8N Neo2 Paltinum running on an AMD 3500+ and 1 gb ram
my audio was just going fine but when i tried to connect my mic and i just pluged it in my sound just went bad :S
its cutting and not a clear voise and i removed the mic the sound is still bad it never came back as normal again
and when put my speakers jak in the mic a sound comes out in my speakers and its worse

and i cant make it back again as it can plz i hope u could help me in this plz


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Re: K8N Neo2 Platinum Audio Peoblem
« Reply #1 on: 14-December-05, 06:56:36 »

It is a good idea to give some moree specs especially concerning the sound card. Now if it is an ad-onn card, than you might try to see if it is appropriately seated in the PCI slot. Maybe when you pushed it to connect the mic, it got loosened and that caused the problem. If it is the integrated audio just try the newest possible drivers.


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Re: K8N Neo2 Platinum Audio Peoblem
« Reply #2 on: 14-December-05, 13:28:15 »

well its the integrated audio .
anyway i will try the newest drivers and tell u if everythying is okay


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Re: K8N Neo2 Platinum Audio Peoblem
« Reply #3 on: 14-December-05, 16:24:21 »

Make sure sound effect application is set on two speakers or whatever your speaker setup is.  Probably just needs to be reinstalled.  Maybe.   :shocked:
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Re: K8N Neo2 Platinum Audio Peoblem
« Reply #4 on: 14-December-05, 20:24:36 »

well i think there is a problem cuz when i increse the volum as befor from the pc the sounds becomes terrible .
so now i just decrease it from the pc and increase my speakers . and it works fine but am sure there is something wrong


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Re: K8N Neo2 Platinum Audio Peoblem
« Reply #5 on: 16-December-05, 03:53:20 »

Not sure exactly what your prob might be but here is something that has helped me quiet things down.

Open up the windows volume control applet (double click on the speaker next to the clock in systray) then click on options and select advanced controls.  Once you do this you should see a number of different options that you can set the volume and balance for.  What I do to help quiet things down is go through all of the options that I am not using and put a check in the mute box.

Make sure and check your volume levels in windows volume control and in the MSI sound manager if you have it loaded.  I keep my software volume levels about midrange and use my speaker volume if I need to increase the overall sound.

Good luck!
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