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If you want to use your laptop battery as long as possible, then use this guideline:

1: First time usage, do not start the notebook right away, but charge the battery FULL before turning the machine on.

2: Never ever drain the battery totally, best recharge before 10% is reached or when ever you can.

3: Do not put the laptop in the Sun or use it at very HOT places, high temps reduce the lifetime greatly.

4: Do NOT store your battery for longer periods of time, best recharge every few weeks or keep it recharged.
I advise to keep it in the laptop, although some prefer doing AC without, however it must be kept charged always! (inserted does that).

5: Do NOT pressure the battery to maximum current levels, Lithium-Ion do not handle that well, this means overclocking and gaming on batteries.
No matter if it's called a gaming laptop, game on AC, at all times.

If you want to read more:

Also this is a must read:

I suggest you read it as these batteries can be killed quite easily if you use them the wrong way.
If somebody tell you to drain it totally empty, then they don't know what they are talking about and you are well on your way to kill it.

A well handled Lithium-Ion battery lasts minimal 3 years (but will die after time), no matter if you use it or not, but when misused it can be over in days.

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