CPU Lite Load – What does it do?

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What is TDP (Thermal Design Power)?
Theoretically, it refers to “Maximum heat generated by computer chip”.
Intel has mentioned the TDP of 9900K is 95W but here are some test results, When “Intel Turbo Boost” is disabled, if we run prime95 small FFT, the result power consumption is 83.3W and Vcore is 0.96V. This follows the intel TDP specification. However, once we enable “Intel Turbo Boost” (Default is enabled), if we do the same thing again with same configuration, power consumption will jump to 211.4W and Vcore will also bump to 1.219V. As a result, we conclude TDP is mainly talking about power consumption when CPU is not in turbo frequency.

CPU Lite Load (BIOS\Overclocking\CPU Feature\CPU Lite Load)
“CPU Lite Load” can adjust CPU vcore/power consumption slightly according to CPU quality. Due to lack of CPU samples, MSI fine tune the optimal default settings but it may not apply to all the CPU. Some users might experience BSOD at default settings and usually that is because of the margin CPU quality. Among all the CPU samples that are owned by MSI, there was one time that MSI has to adjust CPU Lite Load to maximum mode (Mode 20) to successfully bench a CPU.

Does CPU Lite Load work?
Based on previous experiment, default power consumption and vcore when Intel turbo boost is enabled is 211.4W and 1.219V. However, if we change CPU Lite Load Mode to 4, with same configuration, it will change to 147W/1.1V, but since the vcore and power supply is too low, the system eventually BSOD.

What should you do when you experience BSOD with 9th Gen CPU?
That means your CPU might need more power from motherboard. Try to gear up CPU Lite Load option in BIOS and eventually you will find a mode that gives you trouble free. For those people who have stable system but concern about power consumption, they can also gear down CPU Lite Load so to try to decrease the overall CPU power consumption. You will eventually find the best mode for your CPU (lowest power consumption with best CPU performance).

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaXSs_U0HhI

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