How to add your own avatar to your profile

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An 'avatar' is a small image that appears to the left of every post you make, under your User Name. There are a number of default images included already, but you are free to use your own. Image must be no bigger than 100 x 100 pixels in size, and can be in .GIF or .JPG format. (Note: the Red Rockets avatar is reserved for members of our Folding@home team members to use only.)

Click on the Profile button, then click on Forum Profile Information. If you are hosting your image in your own webspace, or using a free web service, then type in the URL of your image into the "I have my own pic:" box and click on the 'Change Profile' button at the bottom to confirm.

If you don't have anywhere to host your image, then the forum software allows you to upload your image here. Select 'I will upload my own image', then click Browse to find your file on your PC. Again, click on 'Change Profile' button to confirm.

Note: if after uploading a new avatar image you still see the old one, press Ctrl+F5 to refresh your browser.

You can also optionally enter a short line of text to appear under your avatar, by typing it into the 'Personal Text' box.

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