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If you wish to make direct contact with another user on this forum, please do NOT post your email address in a topic reply. This will only serve to attract 'spambots' that crawl internet forums looking for openly displayed email addresses to harvest and then spam your inbox with junk. Email addresses posted publicly will be removed by the moderators for your protection. It is also considered impolite to post a request for help in this forum and then ask for other users to help you via email, all help requests will be carried out in your topic, for future users to reference to. This is how a user-to-user forum works, plain and simple. If you are too lazy to come back another time to check for responses, then you may as well not bother posting at all nono

To the left hand side of a post, you can see all sorts of information about that user. You can also find icons here to contact that user directly.

 - click this icon to send that user an email to the address they have registered with the forum.

 - click this icon to send that user a Personal Message (PM). When you log into the forum, you are notified of any PM's you have received. Click on 'My Messages' in the forum menu bar to view your PM inbox. If you need help with a problem, start a new topic in the correct area; don't PM the moderators or other users for help, thats not the way this forum works.

You may not send private messages, or view other members' profiles until your post count reaches 10. Unfortunately this has been set this way to protect other members from spammers and those others which try to abuse this forum.
Other icons may appear here also, depending on what info that user has provided; you may be able to contact that user using Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ or SkyPe.

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