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please try and use the search engine

look it up here

better still here but it dont go back as far

the majority of problems related to hard drive size and max cpu and ram for these old boards are there to be had

at the end of the day thats how i answer most of the posts 

that i respond to

just click on search and enter the boards model number eg 6156

you will then get a load of threads and in most cases its not hard to find what your looking for

answering the same things time and time again gets a bit boring


to see if msi still have a page for your board go to the front page

home top left.then in its little search engine enter your boards number

other usefull things  check out your ram,run the full test ,yes it takes ages

what do those beeps mean my board makes  if your bios is award      if your bios is ami

usefull guide by assaf and bas to ide drives jumper setting etc

westerndigital drives have two master setting,and stand alone jumperless catches people all the time

usefull software sites will read temps and voltages,sits in taskbar a bit like sandra but more helpfull 

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