How to repair a Windows XP install

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Sometimes it is necessary or desirable to repair your Windows installation.  For instance, you might see Windows showing unusual or unexplained slowdowns, failures to boot, devices no longer working like they used to, etc.

The following step by step procedure shows you how to do the repair.  Note, that you will need the CD key that came with your Windows disk to complete this procedure. 

1.  Make sure boot order in BIOS is set to floppy (if you have one), cd/dvd, and then the HDD your original Windows was installed on.

2.  Insert your original Windows CD into your cd/dvd drive (a slipstreamed cd with SP will also workif you have one).  If the Windows Installion menu appears, select Install Windows.

3.  If that menu does not appear, go to Start, Turn Off Computer, and then select Restart.  After the POST, you will see a prompt, "Press any key to boot from cd..."
so press the space key (any other key will also work).

4.  Let Windows setup continue.

5.  After a short while you will see an option to repair your Windows using the Recovery Console.  Do NOT select this option.  Just continue.

6.  Soon after this you will see a message "Searching for a previous Windows Installation".

7.  When Setup finds your previous Windows installion you will be given an option to Repair that installation.  Follow the prompt on the screen, i.e, press R to repair.

8.  Now just let setup continue until it is complete and you see your desktop.

9.  Then, go to Windows Update (Start, All Programs, Windows Update) and let it search for and install any available service packs, and/or other updates.

10. Lastly, if you have any drivers that are wish to use other than the ones in Windows, just install them in the normal fashion.

Now your Windows is repaired and fully updated, and hopefully the problems you saw previously have been fixed.

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