Fix for no HD Audio in Windows XP SP3

I came across this problem today, and thought I'd share my solution with you all, in case someone encounters the same problem... 

Basically, I figured it was time for a fresh install of Windows XP, and so to save some time, I decided to slipstream in the RC Beta of Service Pack 3, as well as all the drivers I was likely to need.

After Windows finished installing, all my devices were installed, but there was no sound... Device Manager showed a (?) PCI Device under Unknown Devices, but no driver I tried would work with it.

I tried installing the HD Audio Bus driver hotfix (KB888111) in case that was the problem, but it reported that my service pack version was newer and so this fix wasn't needed...

After much head scratching and fiddling around, I came across the answer thanks to Googling. 

Seems the HD Audio Bus driver wasn't actually installed, and the KB installer was just confused. 

1) I have attached the HD Audio bus driver from the KB888111 hotfix to this article (see below).
2) Download and extract the files to a handy location (eg C:\HDAudioBus)
3) Open Device Manager, search for the Unknown PCI device
4) Right click on the Unknown PCI device to update the driver
5) Point the driver path to this C:\HDAudioBus folder, or wherever you may have extracted the files
6) The UAA audio bus driver will be installed
7) If you have already installed the Realtek HD Audio drivers, then they will then be installed automatically and your audio hardware will be ready to use. Otherwise, you may now install the Realtek drivers as normal!

Hope this saves someone else a couple of hours headache, you may also find it useful to add this driver to your slipstreamed installation to avoid any future hassle!
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