Flash tool FAQs: common problems & solutions

->Q: My USB Flash Drive does neither appear in BIOS nor in the BIOS Boot Menu. What can I do?

A: Try disabling "Quickboot" in BIOS.  Your system might need more time to initialize your drive. If that doesn't help, your stick may be incompatible or defective.  Retry with a different device.

->Q: My computer crashes during the current BIOS version backup. Why does this happen?

A: The backup process is like a stability test while also backing up your BIOS. This means your machine isn't stable; do NOT attempt to flash again. Go back to the start of the guide and verify that your machine passes the requirements.

->Q: My computer locks up when the BIOS update has started and shows "Problem erasing flash0000000 (0%)" . Why does this happen?

A: This means your machine isn't stable; do NOT attempt to flash again. Go back to the start of the guide and verify that your machine passes the requirements.

->Q: I pointed to BIOS archive file(or BIOS file), but I received the message "ERROR 654" or "ERROR 1220" ?

A: Follow instructions on the screen, if problem remains place BIOS archive or BIOS file in C:\ then retry. Or use "Live Update Sure Hands" instead.

->Q: When I tell the system to boot from my USB Flash Drive nothing happens or I get an error message telling me there is no operating system. What can I do?

A:If you are having problems getting your USB device to boot correctly, you may need to format it correctly as the geometry data may be incorrect.
If you are Vista user, you can use Build in Tool Feature "Geometry adjustment" ("Fix My USB Key") and follow instructions once done re-run the MSI Forum HQ USB Flashing Tool and let's prepare your USB key.
For non Vista users, reformat your USB Flash drive with >>this tool<< and re-run the MSI Forum HQ USB Flashing Tool.
For future usage you can skip this step, it need to be done only once if your stick needs adjustment.

->Q: Can I use Tool in "Safe Mode"?

A: Yes you can, Tool is fully functional in "Safe Mode".

->Q: When I use "Live Update Sure Hands" the Tool locks up while checking for latest bios version?

A: Some 3th party application is blocking your outgoing request and Tool is waiting for results and that causes the hang. 
Reboot computer and boot with "Safe Mode with Network Support" or "Directory Services Restore Mode" and then retry.

->Q: I've booted from the USB key then it said "BIOS update complete", but after reboot BIOS version remains unchanged?

A: * Go to BIOS and ensure that "Boot Sector Protection" is Disabled, then boot from USB drive again. Read this topic to make sure you're correctly identifying your BIOS version.  

->Q: During Tool preparation progress I receive a message "No matches found". What does mean?

A: Ignore it, its a normal message when extra information is not present.

->Q: Can I prepare USB stick in another mainboard?

A: * If you want to use method 3 it will not be possible, since Tool will detect different MSI board which uses a corresponding different BIOS.
    * If your other mainboard is retail MSI, yes you can.

->Q:  During Tool preparation progress I've received "LogicalDisk not defined" and "WMIC is not recognized".  What does mean?

A: Ignore it, you are running XP Home Edition where WMIC is not present, Tool will detect that and will use alternative system automatically.

->Q: Can I use MP3 Player to flash my BIOS?

A: Yes you can use whatever you have, however some devices are picky and they may not boot properly but depends on your BIOS as to how it will handle them too.
But it is safe to have a try, Tool preserve data on the target drive.

->Q: When I start the Tool I receive "The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application."?

A: To resolve please follow the instructions here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/324767

->Q: Can I use the Tool under "Virtual Machines"?

A: No you can't, Tool doesn't work with Virtual Machines. You will receive wrong CRC notification and Tool will refuse to run.

->Q: In Windows Vista, using the 'Fix my USB key' option gives the error message: "Error opening file udrgd.001", followed by a second message "Error in line number 1: ADR $1C6. Can't go to address $1C6".

A: It seems that this is due to privilege problems on Vista. If you right-click the flashing tool and select "Run as Administrator", then it works just fine.

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