How to flash the BIOS successfully

We do not recommend using the MSI LiveUpdate tool to update your BIOS! It may be okay for updating your drivers, but please do not use it to flash the BIOS in Windows! It is also not recommended to flash BIOS direct from a floppy disk, as a bad floppy can cause a bad flash which will kill your board!

Windows-based flashing - If you REALLY insist on flashing the BIOS under Windows, if you encounter any error during flashing, whatever you do, DON'T restart your PC! Try again until the flash is successful, otherwise your board will not start!

Boards with built-in M-Flash function - While this is a nice idea, at the moment we are seeing many cases of users using M-Flash to update their BIOS and having problems, so at present we don't recommend people use M-Flash either!

The safest way to flash your BIOS is to use our own MSI HQ Forum USB BIOS Flash Tool, developed by our own Svet.

If you are unable to use our flash tool, because you have no Windows operating system installed, or you have no acccess to another computer using an MSI mainboard, there are some alternative methods available:

How to flash the BIOS from a bootable CD/DVD disc (PDF)
How to flash the BIOS from a bootable USB drive (PDF)

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