How to identify your BIOS version

Upon boot-up, the 1st line appearing after the memory count is the BIOS version. It is usually in the format:
A6590VMS V5.2 091096 where:

1st digit refers to BIOS maker as A = AMI W = AWARD
2nd - 5th digit refers to the model number of the MB (here is MS-6590)
6th digit refers to the chipset of the MB (example: V = VIA, S = SiS, I = Intel, A = AMD/ATI)
7th - 8th digit refers to the customer as MS = all standard customers (ie retail board). If these two digits are NOT 'MS', then you have an OEM board and should read this topic
V5.2 refers to the BIOS version.
091096 refers to the date this BIOS is released.

If you see a logo instead of the POST screen, press [Tab] key to display. You can press the [Pause|Break] key on your keyboard to halt the POST screen if it disappears too quickly for you.
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