Intel Smart Connect

Intel Smart Connect Technology

Function Explained:

Intel Smart Connect Technology allows user to be able to receive mails using Microsoft Outlook or social media such as facebook and/or Twitter to receive updates with the latest status even under Sleep mode. 

System will automatically wakes up after a specified period of time to access the internet to retrieve updates and then will automatically goes back to sleep mode thus allowing user to always see the latest status once he/she returns.







Supported Table:

*Z68 chipset on Cougar Point

How to test Smart Connect


Bios Setup

1.       Go to Settings à Advanced à  Intel® Smart Connect Configuration à

Intel Smart Connect Technology = Enabled

Windows Setup:

1.       Install Intel® Smart Connect Technology 2.0 x86(x64) driver and restart the system.

1.       Click start and enter “Regedit”

1.       Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\Intel Smart Connect Technology\Always Updated

4Add the name [WhiteList] using Multi-String Value

Value data need to input Outlook.exe and iexplore.exe

5Add [LoggingEnabled] using DWORD(32-bit) ValueValue data input 2

6Add [LoggingLevel] using DWORD(32-bit) ValueValue data input 10

And restart system.

7Execute the Intel Smart Connect Technology

Enable Updatingset the time to 5 minutes to auto update the system every 5 minutes

8Open Outlook and set the “Send and Receive” to 1 minute.


9Go to S3 mode


10After system enters S3 mode, send E-Mails to your Outlook

Note: When system wake up every 5 minutes, it will automatically refresh and update your

System to the latest status, You will see that the CPU fan will rotate upon system auto wakeup but monitor display will still stays in blank screen and then the system will automatically goes to sleep mode again.

11Manually wake up system and check your Mail should already been downloaded

to your Inbox Email.


12Under Intel Smart Connect Technology Configuration, selecting Advanced mode allow

You to configure when want to use the Intel Smart connect functionwhen the time sets is outside of the setting configuration, system will only update the system status every 2 hours

13You could find the log file under C:\ProgramData\Intel\iSC (which records info like

When the system enters S3 mode, when did the system wakeup etc.)

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