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There's links shoved all over this site regarding files that will hopefully help others get their systems in working order.

I thought I would eliminated the leg work for newbies and those too lazy to search and post links to many important/vital files that may aid users in making the most out of their MSI experience, even if the BIOS is a pain in the arse.   Cheesy 

875P BIOS Files

865P/PE BIOS Files

Intel Chipset inf Installation Utility 5.02,ARC&ProductID=816&OSFullName=Windows*+XP+Professional&submit=Go!

Intel IAA RAID Edition 3.5


ATi Radeon Catalyst 3.6 Drivers

Nvidia Detonator Drivers 45.23

Blaster Worm Patch

Windows XP SP1a REDIST (Entire)

DirectX 9.0a REDIST (Entire)

On-Board Network Drivers

On-Board Sound Drivers

On-Board IDE Drivers

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P4 3.0G 800FSB @ 3.45 G/230(924)FSB 
MSI 875P Neo FIS2R Bios v1.74b
Kingston HyperX3500 1GB Dual DDR433
ATi Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB @ 441/371 
WD1200JB Primary Drive 
Pioneer DVR-105 (unlocked firmware 1.33b) 
2xWD2000JB on IDE in RAID-0 
Antec TrueControl 550 
Sandra MAX3! CPU: 11696 
Sandra MAX3! Mem: 5565
Sandra MAX3! HDD: 49500
HDTach 2.61: 64MB/sec Avg. 80MB/sec Max. 36MB/sec Min. 
3dMark2001SE: 20995 
3dMark2003: 6848

Maesus : I edit this post with other users' great inputs.
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System Information / Benchmarking links:-





Other usefully progys (All links have Free downloadable versions):-

Adobe Acrobat reader (Needed to read PDF files)

AD-Aware (Removes tracking cookies/spyware)

AVG Anti-Virus

DAP (Download accelerator/resumer)

SUN JAVA (Needed to run some web-based programs)

ZoneAlarm (Firewall)

by KingFisher


I hope the following may help. :] 

ATI CATALYST 3.7 (Windows XP):

CD Speed 2000 (contain softwares that can test your CD-ROM and DVD-ROM):

Futuremark (included products like 3DMarkĀ®03 Pro and 3DMark2001 SE Pro):

IntelĀ® Processor Frequency ID Utility:


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