Will this CPU work on my board?

Go to
 MSI's website: http://www.msi.com

Either browse through the categories on the left to find your board, so simply type your board name into the Search box at the top right of that page.

In the search result list that appears, look for your exact board, if more than one option appears, and then click on 'CPU Support' link under it:

And there you go, a list of all CPUs currently known to work on your board.

You'll also see to the right of the list, the minimum BIOS version you need for that CPU to be supported on your mainboard!

Please note that the CPU codes shown here are for the part number of the actual CPU. Retail-boxed CPUs show a slightly different part number, ending in -BOX, and won't match exactly the part numbers in the support list.

To find your CPU part number, go to >>CPU World<< website, type your retail box part number into the 'Identify Part' box on the right, and then you'll see the CPU part number.
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