Vox Box USB2 FAQ

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"I have installed the MSI Vox Box, but the picture is unstable and looks "flakey"
The Vox requires a USB 2.0 port to run. Also, it does clearly state in the manual that if your PC / laptop cannot provide enough power for the Vox directly through the USB port, then you will need to use the external power supply. Where you may obtain this even I am unsure of.

ffulkerth makes a suggestion in this post about a universal power supply: http://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=74361.msg523855#msg523855

wonkanoby has also suggested to use a self-powered external USB hub, but make sure you use a USB 2.0 type

also read what lance8 has to say about using the Vox with its power supply: http://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=74829.0

"How do I get sound? My laptop has no Line-In audio jack."
Plugging the audio out of the Vox into the Mic socket works as long as you have the mic playback off mute and the volume on the mic set VERY low (about 5% if that). Thanks to dragon2611 for that one!

"Does the Vox work with Windows XP Media Center Edition? (MCE2005)"
Neither the Vox or the TV@nywhere cards are compatible with MCE2005. MCE2005 requires an analogue TV card capable of hardware MPEG2 encoding, or a software DVB-T (digital) card that already receives an MPEG2 video stream over-the-air.
You can however still use the Vox or the TV@nywhere using the MSIPVS software outside of the MCE2005 application.

"I get error messages when I try to install the Vox USB on Windows XP SP2"
Download and install the latest drivers available from the MSI Product Support page.

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