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 on: Today at 09:22:49 
Started by umairikram13 - Last post by umairikram13
Intel Speedstep is usaully enabled by default on notebook since this technology allows the system to dynamically adjust CPU voltage and core frequency, decreasing average power consumption and heat production >> It's used for low loading usage >> When the system is under low loading, the CPU will work at lower frequency which can decrease average power consumption and heat production.
(Reference: Intel website)

In your test result, turning off this technology might decrease the temperature but also decrease the CPU frequency. To have the most performance in games (and save power in normal usage), it's better to enable this technology.
For your fisrt question, we still have to record the CPU loading and fan speed in games to check if the CPU temperature is related to the high CPU loading (It's normal that CPU temperature raise under high CPU loading) or improper fan setting (reset EC firmware or turn on fan boost before playing game > let the notebook decrease temperature first)

Hi, yes I have already recorded them its due to CPU loading as soon as it goes below 3ghz that is 2.80 or 2.7ghz its working fine with good temps I can play any game on it, but if the Intel turbo boost is on the problem is high temp above 90 or 90 at ultra graphics I figured out a way in power options though that by limiting maximum and minimum processor state to 98% instead of 100% it stops cpu throttling and keeps it under 2.7ghz which is 2.66. or 2.69 GHz and then I can play any game at ultra graphics with temps below 80C which is a good thing........ Are there any other options like lokesh said undervolting ??????

 on: Today at 09:21:06 
Started by muratyasirozipek - Last post by zipper
Hardware problem, probably the cooler bearings have busted.

 on: Today at 09:01:29 
Started by digitalme404 - Last post by BlueAlexFPS
This GS43VR looks great, small but powerful, I really like it's big performance in such small chassis!

 on: Today at 08:36:59 
Started by frecciablu.a.c.94 - Last post by frecciablu.a.c.94
Hi all, from first use some time my display (*TV Telefunken 22" 1080i*) go black for a second, then it turn back to normal, it happen 0-3 times a day depending on period of use. Its not about the use itself, as it appen in any contest...

My configuration:

Msi z170a gaming pro carbon
Msi 1050ti gaming
PSU corsair vs650
i5 6400
Ram corsair vegeance lpx 2x4GB 2133mhz
SSD western digital green 240GB for system and programs
HD western digital blue 1TB for game and data

 on: Today at 08:32:55 
Started by hooride70772 - Last post by hooride70772
I have a gt72vr7re gaming laptop that reboots while playing games. It has i7 7700HQ and gtx 1070 , and 16gb ram.Temps are in check ,graphic drivers are in check. Ive had it about 4 months and it only does it when gaming and not with  any other use. Ive had a few different graphic drivers and its done it with all of them. Yes it happens during both while plugged in, and on battery power.Power supply and cable are free of  obstacles.The laptop has sufficient airflow.  It does it whether stock settings or  overclocked settings.Ive uninstalled and reinstalled games,same results. Ive wiped the pc to stock and started over updating everything. Ive tried changing power properties and profile properties with the end result still being reboots while gaming.Im ready to take it back to the store because it doesnt work for what it is  intended and built for.I cant think of anything except it must be a faulty product. Help would be appreciated whether is a fix to the problem or advice to return it.

 on: Today at 08:15:19 
Started by matthew.brammer - Last post by matthew.brammer
Hello all,

I had an issue for quite some time now that unless I wiggled the audio jack, audio would play through the headset AND the laptop speakers. This would go away if I wiggled it and kept it at the angle it worked at. Recently, I have been having an issue with the mic jack, where it will have a electronic hum/whine/whirring sound that rises and falls in both pitch and volume coupled with a distant sounding voice (as if from a different source or being the person behind the player instead). If I wiggled it, it would go away, however tonight I can't get it to go away at all. This is extremely irritating for the players I play with, as well as ruining any recordings. I have used USB sound cards before, but they were always cheap and I'd prefer not have to go that route, although to me it seems like it is probably both jacks failing.... maybe someone has a different idea that I can check? Maybe it is something I'm over looking (I've tried drivers and the works). 

Any help is appreciated... really don't like the idea of having to tear down the laptop to fix the jacks..... equally don't like the idea of having to use ANOTHER peripheral in order to use my headset and not drive every player I play with nuts....

 on: Today at 08:08:10 
Started by jamin280672 - Last post by virus-atl
At 1.82 with my Corsait LPX 3200 5.39 (Sk Hynix), can get 2800 at  CL16-18T-18T-18T-36T-CR1T 1.36V, ProcODT 68 Ohm, GDM OFF, PDM OFF, CLDO_VDDP 0.85V, SOC Auto.
At 1.7 i can get only 2666 at CL14.

 on: Today at 07:49:11 
Started by mjrdnr - Last post by badboy2k
Pentium Kabylake G4560 needs  so it just depends when it was made!

some distributors will have new stock but some will have stock with outdated BIOS versions on them so its a gamble!

 on: Today at 07:46:46 
Started by allmills2015 - Last post by SpeedJack

According to this link (, your model that is not listed cannot be upgraded to Windows 10.

 on: Today at 07:45:30 
Started by andreaspergantis - Last post by plutomate
did you try beta bios v1.62?

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