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Last post by sebastiansebeche
in Re: Msi Gtx 1050 TI 4G unboxing
on 20-July-17, 06:29:28
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Last post by martin.vladimirov1
in Re: MSİ GTX 1060 Gaming X Plus 6G Witcher 3, R.O. Tomb Raide...
on Today at 06:50:40
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Gaming App :For those having issues with the MSI Gaming APP, please downloadVersion : :
darkhawk 0 2784 Last post 23-March-17, 11:08:06
by darkhawk
With the latest release of UHD (3840x2160p) TVs, we get some questions about the support on HDMI2.0.And especially about the support for full color in UHD (3840x2160p) at 60Hz.The first gfx cards supp...
Ruudt 4 9709 Last post 07-March-17, 17:56:05
by flobelix
Hello all!Key:Q=QuestionA=AnswerMany have already asked this question, and many will surely ask it again. But this post was created to help you get your head around a basic but very frequently asked q...
Nichrome 2 8710 Last post 09-October-15, 17:49:40
by flobelix
Normal Topics
1second black screen msi 1050ti gaming
Hi all, from first use some time my display (*TV Telefunken 22" 1080i*) go black for a second, then it turn back to normal, it happen 0-3 times a day depending on period of use. Its not about the use ...
frecciablu.a.c.94 0 6 Last post Today at 08:36:59
by frecciablu.a.c.94
thread stuck in device driver
Hello guys, i have this error since i have changed my Video card from a Saphire R9 2070x to a used MSI R9 380 4GB. I cant even get into windows, i have made a clean install of win 10 64 bits, and the ...
pablocol 16 204 Last post Today at 07:42:18
by badboy2k
Bios request for a GTX 1060 6gb Gaming x .
Hello,  Would you please provide me with the latest Bios version ( if available ) for my GTX 1060 gaming x 6g. S/N: 602-V328-05SB1607029833 Thank you.
wael.lupo.solitario 1 18 Last post Today at 02:03:53
by Svet
980 Ti Gaming 6G - issues with witcher 3
When I try to run witcher 3 (steam version), anytime you control Geralt the game bugs out and acts like you are swimming: At this point I have tried:Verifying game filesReinstalling gameReinstalling g...
safetyguy14 18 184 Last post Today at 01:43:53
by safetyguy14
MSI RX 470 4GB not detecting by Ashrock H81 BTC 2.0 pro motherboard
Hi All,I bought MSI RX 470 graphics card. I am using Ashrock H81 motherboard with win 10 64 pro. I installed latest AMD drivers. When I plug this graphic card directly on motherboard in PCIE-16, then ...
mit_2004 2 36 Last post Yesterday at 23:19:39
by flobelix
MOBO problems?
hopefully someone can help me.3 weeks ago we had a storm, power surge possibly? Usually kicks the computer off, it did not. Went to the blue screen with the icons for trouble shooting, system check et...
gearymcdevitt 3 53 Last post Yesterday at 17:22:42
by badboy2k
GTX 1080Ti SEAHAWK EK X SLI - Recommended radiator(s) needed to run?
Hi Guys, I cant seem to find any literature or Tech Reviewer that's covered the topic. My plan was to use this pump/res combo already...
alexander-bonner 11 248 Last post Yesterday at 14:12:28
by badboy2k
GTX 970 Vrm Temps
Hello.I want to ask what is the safe/normal temps for Gpu Vrm Temps.I recently aplied new thermal paste on my GPU (Gtx 970) and updated my bios .and it seems that my GPU vrm temps gone up to 87-89 C o...
dreamattic 3 27 Last post Yesterday at 13:01:35
by badboy2k
GTX970 Gaming 4G latest vbios?
Hi, do I need to update the bios of my video card? IF so, which one?MSI 970 GTX Gaming 4GSN: 602-V316-010B1412125220according to MSI live update I have the BIOS NV316MH.184I've also attached the vbios...
estaubin2 1 31 Last post 23-July-17, 23:46:40
by flobelix
MOVED: Finance a Graphics Card?
This topic has been moved to Anything Under The Sun.
flobelix 0 36 Last post 22-July-17, 12:32:48
by flobelix
Weird black screen(no signal)
Hello,Now this is quiete a issue, by now i assume that my gpu is broken.I dont 100% entirely remember how it occoured but as far as i rememberi was updating windows + nvidia drivers not sure if i was ...
christian 3 94 Last post 22-July-17, 12:30:23
by flobelix
Win 10 64 bit intermittent screen blanking - 980 TI Lightning
Hello,I have been having this issue with greater or lesser effect since I built my desktop. The screen will blank for a second or two every so often (typically a minute or more between blanks) for a f...
dwayne.taresh 2 72 Last post 22-July-17, 00:41:30
by Svet
So Im getting WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (0x00000124) shortly after hitting OC mode in the MSI Gaming App. Now to go into detail, I recently upgraded to a 1080ti Gaming X from 2x 970 SLI cards. Those 97...
jakerinker 7 122 Last post 21-July-17, 17:11:04
by jakerinker
Latest bios R9 380 Gaming 4G
SN : 602-V314-150B151100XXXX
nicaromeo 5 886 Last post Best Answer 21-July-17, 16:59:58
by flobelix
I was wondering if it's possible to install a AIO cooler to my MSI armor gtx 1070? If so how? Do I need to NZXT Kraken G12 and an AIO or will it not fit?
walt11 10 209 Last post 21-July-17, 06:07:08
by badboy2k
1080Ti Lightning LED control?
Can't figure out how to control the LED's. The app msi provides doesn't have any control over them at all. Gaming app version is installed. It seems to recognize the cards that are installed,...
axium 9 99 Last post 20-July-17, 18:48:18
by flobelix
r9 390 GAMING 8gb Driver update. Oculus Rift will not install.
Just got the Oculus Rift and it says i need to update my driver.  The one on the MSI/support site is almost 2 years old. AMD_1511_w64.zipLast time i updated from the AMD site my computer would not dis...
jminton 1 63 Last post 20-July-17, 09:09:52
by Nichrome
Arctic Hybrid Kits on MSI 1080 Gaming X
Well I emailed Arctic to ask about if their kits would fit on the MSI 1080 Gaming X and here is their response people.Thank you for your enquiry and interest in ARCTIC Graphics Card Cooler.  Accelero ...
ranma.soatome 1 103 Last post 19-July-17, 18:31:30
by flobelix
MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X Heat Issues and BIOS check
Hello, I purchased this GPU in January/February and I wanted to know if there is an update for it, the current version is What additional details are required?Other than that this GPU ...
sidspyker 3 135 Last post Best Answer 19-July-17, 12:13:34
by darkhawk
Is this normal or not? MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X
Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and I have a question. And that is if it's normal for the MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X that I have (not running SLi) to be 60 Celsius in idle? The only program I am run...
Zybius 7 160 Last post 19-July-17, 03:27:11
by Nidhoggr
Defective GTX 1080 - Black Rectangles
So i spent 2 long months fighting MSI regarding an issue i have with my GTX 1080 Seahawk X - As my retailer are refusing to honour the warranty terms for reasons i won't go in to.Finally, last week MS...
josh.1993 30 350 Last post 19-July-17, 03:06:32
by joshua.magsino14
MSi_activeX_service overloads WMI Provider Host
MSi_activeX_service overloads WMI Provider Host !!! Why? Are You collecting our data? I disabled the MSi_activeX_service because it overloads the "WMI Provider Host" process.
andreluizbarbieri 13 5723 Last post 18-July-17, 19:50:30
by jaskco
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