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Sticky Topics
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 38 3794 Last post 20-July-17, 14:09:49
by mastersan22
Just how powerful is the 1050Ti on MSI laptopsLet’s put into perspectives With the rise of gaming laptops in recent years, many have dreamed of owning one that can rock any popular game titles. Howeve...
dte46825 7 4662 Last post 20-July-17, 14:06:37
by mastersan22
Normal Topics
Gaming Laptop. Which one should I choose?
Hello! I have a doubt between this two laptops.GT72VR-7RE and GT72VR-7RD. The difference is the 7RD has a 1060 6GB and the 7RE has a 1070 8GB. I'm going to use the laptop to record gameplays (from con...
mickelanyelus 9 166 Last post 18-July-17, 17:13:47
by mickelanyelus
when i charge the laptop's battery do i remove the plug once it hits 100 % and then when it's near empty i plug it in again and keep doing this over and over again? or do i leave it plugged ? and by t...
bluetorres7 42 4688 Last post 17-July-17, 13:15:14
by darrengriffiths89
Gaming on the CX62-6QD (Playing For Honor)
Hi Everyone,I'm quite impressed on how well it can perform the CX62-6QD, a laptop not made for gaming actually but it can handle the latest games (of course with low settings in some games to be able ...
alehumphreys 6 419 Last post 12-July-17, 03:23:49
by gk2377
new GE62 problem
I bought it yesterday, installed some apps, like The Wichter 3, then I wanted to restore system to default, and then magic happens. At 72% error appears, now I can't launch my laptop. MSI logo appears...
wesolowski_piotr 2 351 Last post 04-July-17, 22:08:01
by richard.b.ashton
Assasin's creed Syndicate on GT72VR 6RE-266NL
I could never play new games due to my old laptop not actually being a gaming laptop. Seeing this new beast (i7-6820hk, gtx 1070, 120Hz TN screen etc) can run everything, I decided it was time to revi...
dejdarova.m 0 86 Last post 24-June-17, 19:16:27
by dejdarova.m
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one of the few works in the world of videogames able to convey something unique, magical, going a step beyond mere entertainment, catch you in its atmosphere, and make you...
javierperezgonzalo 31 2740 Last post 20-June-17, 01:02:09
by ryangeorge1
Tom Clancy's The Division
I have an MSI GE 62 2QC Apache notebook. I think this game runs good enough for a laptop. It runs pretty well without glitches and bugs. I play on low/medium settings on 1920x1080 I get around 52-55 F...
jossa 20 1612 Last post 17-June-17, 13:14:24
by erik.ledesma
PlayerUnknown's BattleGround on MSi GL62 7QF
Hi all, greating from Indonesian gamers Actually this my first thread on MSI forum community, sorry my bad english i play PlayerUnknown's BattleGround (PUBG) on my Msi laptop. I want to share expe...
egialfazo1992 2 308 Last post 07-June-17, 17:18:45
by egialfazo1992
I was recently looking for a game for my newly bought GS60 Ghost, then I stumbled upon TERA online. The game is around 30gb so I was really looking forward to the game.The game in terms of frame lag, ...
jetnel_li 4 966 Last post 07-June-17, 10:15:44
by lee.xianyao95
MSI GT80s FPS drop Help !!!!!!!!
model gt80s titan sli-012operating system windows 10cpu intel core i7-6820HK 2.7GHzmemory 16gb ddr4storage 1TB HDD+ 256GB SSD(ssd are Raid 0)gpu gtx 970m sli(6gb gddr5 each, total of 12gb)I bought thi...
q1054521247q 12 1343 Last post 01-June-17, 03:20:49
by dejdarova.m
Game Introduction 1 - Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1
Hello everyone,today I would like to start a little series of posts dedicated to a game franchise that in my opinion deserves more attention and that is Hyperdimension Neptunia. *Disclaimer: This is n...
reapren 3 391 Last post 30-May-17, 23:30:43
by karnik.akshay
Tom Clancy's The Division
my GT72 2QE Dominator Pro ran the Closed and Open betas at 40-45fps in Ultra Graphics mode, the gameplay was incredibly smooth, the layout of NYC was almost to the letter a perfect digital representat...
jsocfrog 6 891 Last post 17-May-17, 15:56:21
by penneygeorge1
Dear everyone,I have a MSI GP60 Laptop and the performance is extreme low. I cant play ''Minecraft , GTA_SA , and sometimes it cant run AGAR.IO.these specs are pretty good and enough to run gta with n...
rodycomplex 3 399 Last post 29-April-17, 20:01:35
by anthony.laconte
Second Life on MSI Leopard
This  new laptop  (Leopard Pro gp72 6qf) has  sure  made a lag  free experience...... I run  on ultra and  can  move about. I have  a full range  of movement   and  the pictures  taked  during  game  ...
dpbear 2 370 Last post 29-April-17, 19:44:05
by anthony.laconte
Lord of the rings: Battle for Middle earth 2 NOT compatible with windows 10.
Hi guysI have a problem with playing games that are older, like a few years old. Games that work fine under windows xp but are not working on windows 10.I have a MSI GT72 6QD gaming laptop with an NVI...
david.vandael 6 683 Last post 29-April-17, 19:36:15
by anthony.laconte
My new toy - MSI gaming NB GE72 2QD
Hello All,This is going to be a struggle to obtain 350 words to ask a question over a steam installation issue.First off the notebook specs.MSI GE72 6Qc, 238UKIntel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processo...
marcuspan924 3 988 Last post 21-April-17, 05:44:59
by anthony.laconte
Help! looking to buy a new MSI on a budget and I need it to work With GUS ii.
Now I do know that the GUS 2 needs a TB3 port and here lies my problem, I'm quit new to PC gaming and I got confused after I knew that not every TB port is a TB3 in fact these two things are quit diff...
roxas30_333 2 255 Last post 21-April-17, 05:37:03
by anthony.laconte
MSI GT83 VR 7F might be responsible for getting banned from DayBreak
Hi all, First i want to make very clear that i am not and never will use hacks or cheats in any of the game I am playing!To cut a long story short..on the 7th of april my PS2 account got banned with o...
a.lippl 0 235 Last post 11-April-17, 19:17:20
by a.lippl
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Issues
I have the GT73VR, 32GB ram.  This system runs all my games in 4k and ultra settings with ease.  I am running the gtx 1080 and I have not had any problems, that is until I tried playing SoM.  This is ...
sbnemesys 1 241 Last post 23-March-17, 06:14:58
by sharma.yash2012
Rise of the tomb raider MSI gaming x 1060 6gb benchmark session
Rise of the tomb raider MSI gaming x 1060 6gb benchmark session with AMD fx 6100, 16gb ddr3, MSI gaming x 1060 6gb. Full HD and quality setting all to max Nice view
ilpalmare 4 403 Last post 21-February-17, 17:33:57
by darkknight302
Which hero and faction is your favorite? (For Honor)
Hi Everyone, Which one is your favorite faction and hero of the game For Honor? And also which MSI setup you use it to run the game? I play using an MSI CX62-6QD (yes, amazingly it can handle the game)
alehumphreys 1 277 Last post 21-February-17, 17:21:26
by darkknight302
World of warships on MSI GL 62 6QF
This game runs great on all settings maxed. It never dropped below 72 fps.The water physics look great and if you get up close to the models it wont drop. I did have some small performance problems wh...
jelle732 0 251 Last post 21-February-17, 14:55:51
by jelle732
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 on MSI GS73VR Stealth Pro 4K-016 17.3
The game Runs very good on my MSI GS73VR Stealth Pro 4K-016 17.3. Enjoy playing it great game absolutely love it.The game Runs very good on my MSI GS73VR Stealth Pro 4K-016 17.3. Enjoy playing it grea... 2 347 Last post 06-February-17, 17:33:29
by xal.nenox
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