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 on: Today at 18:15:33 
Started by gele081 - Last post by badboy2k
from that case it will be long enougth for it but there is a issue which is the cards thickness as it is too thick to fit.

so sorry that will not work!

 on: Today at 17:57:47 
Started by tim - Last post by tim
In event viewer this keeps reporting after each start up of the PC.
The Intel(R) Management Engine Interface is being reset.
Event ID: 1
Source: MEIx64

four/six warnings in a row after each start up/reboot

I have installed all latest drivers for the motherboard just recently but it did not help.

 on: Today at 17:18:27 
Started by justforbees - Last post by craven.williamiii
I want to join this other then starting a new post if you don't mind,  my issue is the same as his but it go more like this ..

If you start the computer the mobo powers up but no post and rather just sat's there, if i hit the HDD reset switch it will post the next time, other then that issues the B350M with 1400 and G-Skill 16Gb 2400Mhz works fine in XPM 2 at 1.2v the combo kit newegg sales in 100% stable in Fire Stirke and World of Tanks with a 290x.

I only have an 128Gb SSD plud into SATA 2 port, I may try to install it into SATA 1 port.

 on: Today at 17:17:05 
Started by ersin - Last post by ersin
How long should be my battery lasting and why is dragon center so high on usage. I got screen dimmed to lowest and got my keyboard led turned off.

 on: Today at 17:07:27 
Started by w0lfw1ng911 - Last post by rbleroy91
Have you LiveUpdate? It does drivers but also bios update. In fact, this functionnality that initially seems marvellous is not because it is riskly.
To see your current bios version, the more simple is to enter in setup (press <DEL> when bios flash screen displays) then press <F7> to enter in advanced mode. Version is in the upper part of the window.
If your mobo has goodly works until recently, I think that your freezes problems are not from the bios but from:
- GPU drivers => have you the last version?
- GPU itself => can you borrow another?
- Bad block on the disk => verify it (chksdsk/F)
- RAM => do a MemTest86, 3 passes at least
Good luck,

 on: Today at 17:07:26 
Started by joeyvanleeuwen11 - Last post by ersin
Check if its enabled in SCM. might have gone to airplane mode. Also get those drivers and bios and ec updated.

 on: Today at 16:53:22 
Started by francois186 - Last post by rbleroy91
Youpi! Glad to see that BSOD has disappeared! :pompom: 

Even MemTest86 was unable to diagnose any problem with the GSkills. Until now, I trust completely MemTest86. Thanks to your experience because I learned that!

Enjoy now with your computer,
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 16:52:43 
Started by tim - Last post by tim
I might have tried to update to the ME8 bios (that only works for Ivy Bridge) by mistake but I managed to fix it somehow.. maybe the bios update didnt get through afterall. This was before reviving it as you asked.
Now when I revived my PC Windows 10 started a repair during boot and I had to choose if I wanted to keep my files or start fresh. I chose start fresh, like delete everything and start over.

If I need to update my bios to fix this I would appreciate a step by step guide.

Thanks for quick reply

 on: Today at 16:49:21 
Started by gele081 - Last post by gele081
Well, we can't say. It depends on your case not the mainboard. You have to see how much room there is in your ITX case. For most such small cases there should be no chance. If the GTX 980 Ti fits you might have a bigger case but without knowing what case it is we can only say that there is no problem with the board.

Corsair Obsidian 250D.

 on: Today at 16:38:31 
Started by tim - Last post by flobelix
Do you have updated the bios last time before reviving it?

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