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 on: Today at 17:18:55 
Started by candide - Last post by flobelix
Obviously it is no hardware but Windows problem if anything worked before. Simply try a fresh install of Windows.

 on: Today at 17:16:48 
Started by StanicEnemy - Last post by flobelix
Contact MSI about it: >>How to contact MSI.<<

 on: Today at 17:16:19 
Started by flobelix - Last post by flobelix
This topic has been moved to Anything Under The Sun.

 on: Today at 17:14:29 
Started by andreluizbarbieri - Last post by flobelix
It is enough. You have been pointed to the way to report it. There will be no further bump with how many views there are. >>Please read and comply with the Forum Rules.<<


 on: Today at 17:12:07 
Started by pilldiver - Last post by flobelix
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 16:28:51 
Started by jaylbingham - Last post by jaylbingham
Thanks.  I promptly received a reply from MSI support and one of the suggestions was to reset the CMOS.  I did so and so far the issue has not returned.  If it does I will get back to you.

 on: Today at 16:13:20 
Started by nadire.ismael - Last post by nadire.ismael
Thank you so much! it worked! The I/O shield wasn't well in contact. I understand now why each time i rebuild it i have some sound issues, it's the electromagnetic radiation!

 on: Today at 16:12:15 
Started by damon0216 - Last post by damon0216
Hi guys. I bought an MSI trident 3 but the GPU fan is always running. It’s not very loud but it starts spinning as soon as I turn the system on. Is that normal? If it is, is there a way to control it? Thanks!

 on: Today at 15:53:59 
Started by absent_love2010 - Last post by absent_love2010
Your gpu is really the problem there.

Have you formated the pc when you installed new board and cpu? have you installed chipset drivers?
I didn't need to format as i bought the 2tb HDD at the same time with the cpu and the board , i installed the latest gpu driver but i don't if my pc has the latest version of the drivers or not. but how my gpu could make my pc so slow like this , and when i searched for Ryzen 7 1700x idle temp , it was 20-30c not 40 like what i have. i have no idea what to do my build is so good but still so slow as if i have pentium cpu and 2gb ram !!!

 on: Today at 15:48:59 
Started by solarisx - Last post by ltrost2000

After installing Microsoft update to  windows 10 Home 1803 I encountered boot problems giving me Bad System Config Info.

MSI 870a Gaming Pro Carbon MOBO
16 gig Fury Hyperx 1866MHZ Ram
MSI GTX 1050ti Gaming X GPU
Patriot Ignite 480 gig SSD (boot drive)
Seagate 1 TB drive

Water cooled AMD FX 8820e Overclocked @ 4.2Ghz

Before the update I was able to run @ 4.3 Ghz on the CPU, then this problem started.
I was able to get it to boot at slower speeds, much slower.
Then even with slow speeds, it would not boot.
I tried fixing the Bad Config Info following instructions from various websites. But the Troubleshooter using CMD couldn't find the SSD?
Tried different cables. not that.
Eventually got into a fixing system loop, couldn't find my restore points, couldn't reset, nothing.

So, I installed a Fresh copy of Windows!
Everything was going great as I was installing drivers and utils until.........

MSI Command Center! RAMdisk.
I had a 4gig RAMdisk setup for temp files.
If I removed the RAMdisk, it boots fine.
If I install the RAMDisk, Bad Config Info every other Boot.

So I removed MSI Command Center and it works fine.

Since this has been a known issue for a year, is there a fix for MSI Command Center?

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