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Sticky Topics
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 41 4616 Last post 07-September-17, 15:33:45
by onurkymcck
Just how powerful is the 1050Ti on MSI laptopsLet’s put into perspectives With the rise of gaming laptops in recent years, many have dreamed of owning one that can rock any popular game titles. Howeve...
dte46825 12 5130 Last post 07-September-17, 15:33:15
by onurkymcck
Normal Topics
Hello my friends,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....
rodrigobgato 22 4214 Last post 27-September-17, 12:09:49
by roboczy1516
looking for current graphic drivers for GX 60 destroyer 3cc series
Previous experience has shown not to use genric Radeon drivers but have to use MSI own drivers.  Cannot find model on MSI site.  Trying to run doom 4 machine well and truly meets specs but falls over ...
crlniven 14 1283 Last post 27-September-17, 10:04:44
by AndyWatts
Planning To Buy MSI GE62VR 15.6 LapTop
Hey there,I have some questions to determine if I should buy The MSI GE62VR LapTop. I desperately need need a new Lap Top so I will probably get this one however I have a few questions.Would 128GB SSD...
freedomist_gamer 2 131 Last post 27-September-17, 10:02:21
by AndyWatts
GP72 7RE Leopard Pro Screen colors
Hei guys i just bought my gp72 7re leopard pro and i am having some issues with screen colours that doesnt seem to be natural.I tried adjusting it in intel graphic settings,my graphic drivers are up t...
mirza.hajrudinovic 0 62 Last post 22-September-17, 18:48:59
by mirza.hajrudinovic
Planning to buy GE62VR 7RF need help
Hello.I'm planning to buy an Apache Pro GE62VR 7RF, but I need some more information about the display because I have very specific needs. I want the 15.6" FHD one: the technical specs call it an "IPS...
federicodigioia91 0 74 Last post 20-September-17, 16:57:34
by federicodigioia91
Minecraft on MSI GE62VR 7RF Apache Pro
Hi Everyone,I've got my daughter this MSI GE62VR 7RF Apache Pro for her birthday, as she is a big minecraft fan - much to some weirdness the performance on minecraft is terrible.Pretty confident that ...
theandygeezer 2 142 Last post 19-September-17, 17:25:14
by theandygeezer
I have a problem to game at 144hz is it possible???
i wanna know if it's possible to have a 144hz monitor, i just bye a BenQ 24" 3D LED XL2411T, can i somehow use it  with a mini display/dvi-d cable, or some other way, or is it not possible at all?? pl...
johnnylarsen455 3 409 Last post 15-September-17, 20:17:41
by jeffman7906
Counter Strike Global Offensive on GTX970M
Hello my friends,.Im here again searching for a solution. I have a MSI GE72 6QF with GTX970M GPU and the problem is happening since day 1. Im having micro stuttering on random times. In a FPS game you...
rodrigobgato 8 915 Last post 12-September-17, 15:15:46
by meteyilmaz
Planning to purchase new MSI GT62 Dominator Pro, some questions
So I've been deliberating for over a month now on a new pascal laptop and I've settled on the Msi Gt62 Dominator Pro with the gtx 1070. I think it's quite a steal at 1700 and for the specs it's a bit ...
jasonc0330 4 670 Last post 12-September-17, 09:47:38
by onurkymcck
Playing any new AAA game with a monitor in 1080p in order to get better image quality, and eliminate jagged edges without a large performance hit.if you are playing on a system with a GTX 1080 as I am...
georgecashbrown 1 330 Last post 12-September-17, 09:45:33
by onurkymcck
Can I remove the internal battery and charge the MSI GS60?
I'm curious if it even possible to charge/plug in the charger to my laptop if I removed the internal battery, will it work?The situation with my laptop battery at the moment is that I’m seeing a notic...
jenny.rubia0809 3 749 Last post 12-September-17, 09:44:31
by onurkymcck
my GTX 970M Can't handle games like Rust and R6S Anymore
I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but at this point, i'm really desperate...My pc has a GTX970M and an I7.I could run all games no problem a few months back but suddenly my grapics...
matsiscool 4 672 Last post 12-September-17, 09:43:08
by onurkymcck
Bioshock Download ONLYI $4 at AMAZON!!!
Bioshock Download ONLYI $4 at AMAZON!!!   DescriptionPlatform: PC D...
jeffmathis12 1 472 Last post 12-September-17, 09:42:23
by onurkymcck
msi ge62 2qe apache pro crash
Hi guys... i want to ask if there any of you guys experiencing name is teofilus hans lahebai'm from indonesiaMy laptop is msi ge62 2qe apache pro seriesspecs:1. Processor: i7-5700hq2. Gpu: g...
teofilushl 7 1799 Last post 12-September-17, 09:41:27
by onurkymcck
New out of the box GT80S FPS Drop
So i just got this thing about three weeks ago and all was good untill last weekend. I only have two games on her. DCS World and ARMA III, All was good. But now i have some bad drops in FPS. this happ...
griffinhawk_75_iic 1 483 Last post 12-September-17, 09:40:32
by onurkymcck
plan to buy MSI laptop some questions/advice
Hello everyone!I plan to buy the MSI GE72 6QF-098NE.  This model has an i5 6300HQ and wonder how well it will perform.Is there really much difference between the i7 6700hq if I just play games? I will...
kemsson85 10 1107 Last post 12-September-17, 09:39:42
by onurkymcck
bought Dark Souls 3 playing on GE72 6QF laptop amazing
So as a big fan of the Dark Souls series I recently bought Dark Souls 3. I bought this laptop (GE72 6QF) for work mostly but also wanted it as a gaming station away from home. This is exactly what I g...
eli1232008 5 788 Last post 12-September-17, 09:37:14
by onurkymcck
[GS60 2QE] Screen refreshing problem when I'm watching a movie/playing a game
Hello,I have some concerns about the laptop I bought 1 month ago (GS60 2QE).In fact, when I was trying to play CSGO, I've this weird image refresh problem : if I move the mouse, the game stay at ~120 ...
anicet.reglat 3 548 Last post 12-September-17, 09:35:15
by onurkymcck
MSI GE72 6QD - ARMA 3 - Extremely low performance
Hi,I just got a GE72 6QD (i7 6700HQ/gtx960m) in order to replace my old GE70 0ND that more than met my expectations over the last 3 years. However, I have to say that so far I am having a very disappo...
imayora.regs 6 1247 Last post 11-September-17, 10:18:19
by onurkymcck
Heating issues with gs60 2qc (ghost)
Hello, my name is Guilherme Furlan and in the end of the last year I bought a msi laptop gs60 2qc ghost, and first of all I would like to say that I still have the factory guaaranteI'm having serious ...
guilherme-furlan 2 646 Last post 11-September-17, 04:52:34
by onurkymcck
I have a problem with Keyboard MSI GS70 6QE
Hi guys, since a couple of weeks ago I'm having problems with my laptop keyboard does, the problems are:1- Pressing the 'delete / backspace' I get help from the program that I am as if you pressed the...
HaK3r 3 566 Last post 11-September-17, 04:51:19
by onurkymcck
Possible overheating problems?
I purchased an MSI laptop back in the ripe year of 2013. I think it is called the MSI Dragon Army but I could be wrong (and probably am.)? I see a lot of different names on the site so either I am wro...
uber_sephy 3 492 Last post 11-September-17, 04:50:23
by onurkymcck
Random FPS drops on my new MSI GT72 6QE
Hi guys,I just bought an MSI GT72 6QE and I'm getting random fps drops, or "freezes" in games like League of Legends, AoE 3, Age of Mythology, etc... It doesn't seem to affect First Person Shooter muc...
andreas.gnafakis 2 555 Last post 10-September-17, 22:35:01
by onurkymcck
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