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When it starts smoking you gone too far :-)
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Sticky Topics
NOTE : While I am a moderator and a mild enthusiast, I am by no means an expert.  Do your research, look at some other guides online, and be sure that the changes you make to your system will not hurt...
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darkhawk 104 20962 Last post Yesterday at 18:18:22
by gu.munoz
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 4 1830 Last post 21-September-17, 15:34:53
by javyleft
Intel Mining Guide : with 7 to 9 GPUS : : My GPU isn't seen...
darkhawk 0 4273 Last post 28-June-17, 02:44:54
by darkhawk
Please feel free to post screen shots of your bios here. Make sure you include your system spec's are in your signature.<<Forum features and how to use>> Rules:1.) This is intended to help newbies lea...
xmad 20 27855 Last post 28-February-17, 17:28:25
by Nichrome
*** This is all done at your own risk. I, any user on this forum, this forum, or MSI will NOT be held responsible for your actions! ***I'm sure you've heard about GTL reference voltages.I've decided t...
Aaron 28 46622 Last post 26-September-16, 16:06:42
by flobelix
MSI MGA 2015 Grand Finals is upon us! It’s the first time ever for the Grand Finals to set foot in the United States; all regional qualified players will battle at the StarCraft II and Heroes of the S...
emersonyang 0 1350 Last post 13-August-15, 01:08:09
by emersonyang
Overclocking GuideDisclaimer: Overclock at your own risk!Data and information provided in this guide are for informational and educational purposes only, and are not intended for trading purposes. Nei...
Kingfisher 20 113417 Last post 10-April-15, 13:08:54
by flobelix
Always remember the risks of overclocking. If you damage something it's no one's fault, but yours. Overclocking components beyond stock specifications creates more heat; BE SURE to make it absolutely ...
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Aaron 121 155540 Last post 05-April-15, 00:17:35
by miklkit
*** I no longer monitor and edit this database, the moderator >>flobelix<< does ***Hello, welcome to the overclock database.The database contains user name, followed by CPU, core, model # and speed. P...
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Aaron 933 496410 Last post 04-February-15, 15:50:16
by flobelix
What is a sensible everyday use overclock in terms of processor efficiency ?  This is a subject that has been discussed numerous times within the threads and something I have intended to test for quit...
Bernhard 2 7340 Last post 07-April-12, 17:30:34
by boby7
Use the +/- keys by the number pad, or use the page up and page down keys. This is so we don't have to keep repeating it... P.S It's written in your manual!
Aaron 0 21876 Last post 31-August-08, 02:26:25
by Aaron
Normal Topics
Over clocking with intel speedstep (EIST) enabled?
So guys I have an MSI Z270 Gaming M7 paired with an i7 6700K. I have overcloked it to 4.6 using game boost knob present on the board. Cpuz shows the processor is running at 4.6 (1.325 volts)at all tim...
kbhushan12 6 121 Last post Today at 10:10:43
by kbhushan12
Afterburner can ONLY list up to 8 GPU?
I have 10 GPUs on my windows 10. But the Afterburner (MSI Afterburner 4.4.0 Beta 19) can ONLY show 8 GPU. Is it still a bug? Is there any solution? Thank you!
yiluzhou1987 0 23 Last post Today at 02:36:10
by yiluzhou1987
MSI X370 gaming pro carbon - reduced CPU voltage after sleep (bug)
Hi all,After going into sleep mode my overclock becomes unstable. I've noticed that after resuming my computer from sleep my vcore voltage has dropped from around 1.384V to 1.334V and thus I lose stab...
jaju123 1 46 Last post Yesterday at 20:27:13
by Svet
x399 carbon, how to set frequency of the CPU manually?
x399 carbon, how to set frequency of the CPU manually?Looks like hte only way to change the frequency is to use the hw button (or sw in the bios).This mean limited at 4.1 GHz.How to enter the frequenc...
lee_loo 1 19 Last post Yesterday at 20:01:04
by flobelix
B350 Tomahawk, can't overclock with BIOS beyond 1.5
Hi, I have a Ryzen 5 1600 on a B350 Tomahawk working 100% stable at 3.8 Ghz with VCore at 1.3 volts. That is with BIOS 1.5With the 1.6 or 1.8 BIOS (have not tried the 1.7) I'm not even able to do 3.5 ...
fermercerat 2 108 Last post Yesterday at 19:40:10
by Svet
ryzen 5 1600x oc using oc genie 4
Why is my oc genie not adding the 400mhz instead it removes 1.4ghz movo g my ryzen 5 1600x from 3.6 ghz to 2.2ghz ?and ehat is the manual srttings then to get 4 ghz ?
shaunadriaan 1 45 Last post Yesterday at 18:08:13
by Svet
Z170A Gaming Pro NON-k OC
Hello guys , i want to overclock an i3 6100 ,i know microsoft/intel forced a microcode to stop the "beta runner " function from msi board , and everytime i try even with an older bios the motherboard ...
cryystibuz 0 27 Last post Yesterday at 15:42:20
by cryystibuz
Old MSI P67A-GD65 auto voltage problem
Hello, I don't know if this is the best forum to post my issue but, well, lets try. I have a really old build of an MSI P67A-GD65 with an i5 2500K and 12GB of RAM. I'm starting to feel that the CPU la...
FerK 1 38 Last post Yesterday at 11:50:43
by Nichrome
Are there going to be mroe updates for B350 PC Mate? Still problems with RAM.
I still can't get my RAM to work past 2666mhz on this motherboard, it's Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz, CL15 (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15) . It works fine on 2666-12-14-14-33 but if only I set it to 2800mhz eve...
ksimad1996 0 32 Last post Yesterday at 10:54:51
by ksimad1996
Bandwidth issue past 2133Mhz
Hi everyone thank you for reading this post. First of all i'll post my specs4690K @ 4500 (core) , 4200 (uncore) (1.290vcore, 1.8vinput, 1.25vSA, 1.25vuncore)MSI z97 Mpower MAX ACCorsair DDR3 2400Mhz (...
matthewacbroad 2 140 Last post Yesterday at 01:44:30
by matthewacbroad
X370 Gaming Pro Carbon Bios V1.9 Bug
I have found a bug in the v1.9 BIOS for the MSI x370 Gaming pro Carbon. The "AMD cool n' quiet" function is bugged and causes the CPU voltage and frequency to get locked to low values (1.08V and 2.7gh...
mitchel.hummel 0 81 Last post 14-October-17, 22:27:19
by mitchel.hummel
X370 Gaming Pro Carbon Downclocking CPU Multilpyer
As stated, I am having issues with maintaining and setting my CPU multiplier to a certain number. For instance, I can set a voltage such as 1.3V with a multiplier of x38.00 and boot into windows and v...
brandonrhowes 17 371 Last post 14-October-17, 18:39:21
by brandonrhowes
I have MSI B350 PRO-VDH and Geil 16 GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200 MHz EVO Forza Racing Yellow (GFY416GB3200C16ADC). MB does not start with 3200, ever 3066. Only 2933. I tried to reset BIOS and OC from scratch,... 2 215 Last post 14-October-17, 11:16:12
B350 CP MATE BIOS 7A34vA7 no overclock
I updated to 7A34vA7 on my B350 PCMATE. I load default settings. Then i apllied my overcloked settings from 7A34vA6 bios. The BIOS is showing 3800 Mhz in Bios but cpuz (1.81) shows 2800 Mhz and Ryzen ...
order 1 86 Last post 13-October-17, 18:13:57
by order
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