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Author Topic: MSI Fraud service  (Read 688 times)

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MSI Fraud service
« on: 10-October-17, 08:34:50 »

My MSI laptop has been repaired twice in a span on 8 months from the time I bought this GL62 6QF laptop. The second time, they replaced the motherboard with the other laptop's motherboard. Now I am getting a lot of issues. They replaced 4GB GTX with 2GB GTX graphics. This is a big fraud that I am going t report it to consumer court unless they give me my money back or the any new laptop. I have raised a support request regarding the same, but still they are telling to repair it again. Just admit the fact that you guys gave me a defective piece. I do not want any repairs on that laptop. I want to get rid of that piece of :censored: . This is the last warning. If it is not solved by this weekend I am going to file a complaint bout his fraud. Service center is Regenersis in Bangalore.


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« Reply #1 on: 12-October-17, 03:56:02 »

friend, before a mod posts here let me tell you what they will say:

this is not msi customer support... they will post a link to thei email/phone number

i understand your frustration. i once had a defective refurbished gpu i bought and had void warranty ( surprise the refurb products have 180 day warranty )
i filed a complaint with BBB, and no later than a week I got an answer from a higher up in customer relations or a department within RMA. I did have to pay a fee, but they immediately  fulfilled my request  and replaced my broken paperweight. at this point i will suggest you dont go to RMA or call them... it will cost you time and money. go to BBB and make sure to have proper documentation on what happened including emails and any correspondence sent to the RMA team saying that they sent you the correct product.
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