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Author Topic: Most terrible & irresponsible after sale service center  (Read 745 times)

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Most terrible & irresponsible after sale service center

I'm so pissed off right now how such a big company MSI can provide sh!tty support in service center. Here is story!

I had GS60 for 2 year and never faced any issue with it. When time came to upgrade, with trust and 2 years experience i bought GS63vr. I was happy with it until I contacted service center.
I thought my small issue  with keyboard keys will be solved in maximum 2-3 weeks time. Paint from keyboard keys is went out in 4 month of using it, no such issue with previews model for 2 years!

22 Aug - Support ticket opened
26 Aug - Reply from MSI - "send email to RMA department - notebook-info[at]"
26 Aug - Email send to RMA
8 Sep - Follow up email if my email reached RMA
19 Sep - Reply from RMA "we need your address to send you keys by post"
19 Sep - Send email with my address

11 Oct - No reply by email and no replaced keys by post - MSI!? Are you guys alive? How difficult is to do simple task for more than a 2 month? If something serious will happen to laptop, how long will it take? ages?

Calling RMA department is useless, because they say "drop us email and we will come back to you".


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« Reply #1 on: 16-October-17, 02:45:37 »

Since this is an user to user forum, you might mot be able to get any service help here. 
Have you tried to create another ticket on MSI online customer system and ask them to help your case?
Select "Warranty & repair service" and "Notebook" to get the right contact window.
You might need to provide the notebook serial number and the RMA number.

gerushTopic starter

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« Reply #2 on: 18-October-17, 05:52:40 »

This topic was created for one reason, to let new buyers be aware that if they decide to buy MSI laptop, service center is not that greate! When I was looking for laptop, I went to forums to read what kind issue users is facing.
After 2 month of waiting I give up! I went to ebay and ordered new keyboard keys. It should arrive in few days.

I'm very disappointed in MSI. I payed [font="Open Sans", Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif]€ 2.199 for my laptop and getting this sh!tty support![/font][/color]
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