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 on: Today at 22:02:49 
Started by jackauch - Last post by jackauch
How do I check the bios on the current item. For example for Amazon or Newegg, I cannot find the information on the bios. When I look under details on both websites, I cannot find any information about what bios it has been updated to.

 on: Today at 21:40:33 
Started by derjustin.jg - Last post by flobelix
It is most likely wrong reading from gpu-z. Card uses the correct and latest vbios for this RX 470 model (TV341MH.206).

If there is a risk that somebody modded it you can also reflash with the same but original vbios:

 on: Today at 21:12:41 
Started by jackbabyjones - Last post by Hutbolzen
GT60 and GT70 are the same Platform.
You can use a GT70 Mainboard in a GT60,but only when it don`t have a IPS Display.
This You can see at the Board Design,the Board with IPS Display have to Display Port Connector at the Backside,
the GT60 with TN Display have only one and one HDMI Port.
IYou can use the GT60 Bios and EC Firmware on The GT70 Board.

 on: Today at 21:09:13 
Started by derjustin.jg - Last post by derjustin.jg
Add the current vbios saved to file.

 on: Today at 20:53:59 
Started by ptit_filouh - Last post by ptit_filouh
I have not yet tried to reflash the same version of the BIOS by cons always the same problem even after a clear CMOS

 on: Today at 20:50:27 
Started by detakuro - Last post by detakuro
How do I get the assembly guide for the GT75 Titan which gives information on installing RAM? I downloaded the manual but it has no info on installing RAM.

I have a question on installing RAM in dual channel. Do both sticks have to reside on the same side of the motherboard? If so, the problem is if the laptop comes with 1x16 GB stick underneath the MB. To run dual channel, I would have to remove the MB to add another stick to the underside. So I would have to tell the vendor to be sure the one stick is topside when they ship it out. Or I would think MSI would put the one stick topside when they ship it out to resellers, which makes more sense to me.

 on: Today at 20:49:03 
Started by iambear - Last post by iambear
I updated my drivers for Realtek, SCM, and LAN. For some reason, the Realtek install wizard got stuck on a restart loop, where it said it had to uninstall the driver then restart to install the new version. It kept doing that every time it rebooted. So, I stopped it from happening, and when I went to go to the Realtek CP, it said this device was compatible. So, I thought if I uninstalled everything Realtek and reinstalled the driver they have on the MSI Support page it would solve the issue.

Well, it didn't solve the issue now I don't have a Realtek CP. Can anyone help?

I also have an issue with the SCM where I keep getting a random error.

I love this laptop so far, but the drivers seem to get messed up easily. I already had to do a system reset because someone my copy n paste functions stopped working.

edit: ffs now for some reason when I go to paste something this gets pasted "C:\Users\Kevin\AppData\Local\Temp\PRODUCT_NAME_UNKNOWN_CrashDumpPRODUCT_VERSION_MAJOR_UNKNOWN-PRODUCT_VERSION_MINOR_UNKNOWN-2018-06-19--15-16-39_.dmp"

 on: Today at 20:38:14 
Started by andreluizbarbieri - Last post by flobelix
I don't look anywhere, you have been told how to contact MSI directly. You can't contact MSI directly on the forum

 on: Today at 20:31:58 
Started by james.hope87 - Last post by james.hope87
I have been using this motherboard for a while with a AMD Ryzen 1600. When  first received the board, I had to return it to the supplier to update the BIOS to work with this processor. This week, I noticed that the RAM was not being detected properly, before troubleshooting further, I decided to update to the latest BIOS (7A34vAE).

After this update the PC will not boot again, the CPU EZDebug LED lights up immediately and the fans just spin with no more life.

Please help!

 on: Today at 20:02:21 
Started by maqk - Last post by magicjackusa24
Uninstalling the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® driver for the Intel® Wireless Adapter does not uninstall associated software (Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software or Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® Software).

MagicJack customer service

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