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 on: Today at 18:59:31 
Started by mattyjarrett - Last post by mattyjarrett
I appreciate you help and guidance. As I have no clue how to work around this I guess I will have to upgrade the motherboard, cpu and RAM to something a bit more modern.

 on: Today at 18:50:51 
Started by ckn - Last post by ckn
Thanks so much for responding.

I need to fit a new cooler to my CPU before I can try and install the M.2 drive (the pump in my cooling loop failed last night).

I'm going to try and get that done today, and hopefully post again soon.

 on: Today at 18:44:11 
Started by imaysky87 - Last post by imaysky87
Many thanks

 on: Today at 18:38:41 
Started by imperivmshard - Last post by imperivmshard
Yes, before writing here I updated all drivers and apps

 on: Today at 18:38:14 
Started by hefese - Last post by hefese
Well, thank you for your answer really. But I have a question again: Which thermal paste brand did I you use? Which of them should I prefer for my cpu according to you? Also do you think that I can request from MSI Support about a thermal paste brand so that they use specifically? Because I don't think so I can do that by myself. This is laptop, not desktop. I have no experience for laptops.

 on: Today at 18:35:42 
Started by denwolf - Last post by denwolf
Hmm..Thats the problem.
There is really no one else that have a computer that have the power to pull it, nor a VR setup where I can test it in my community.

With an entire new OS installation, I feel it is down to a hardware problem. Might not be the VGA, but if not, then another piece of hardware.
But since it is only in VR, it seems that the only hardware that is handling that differently from normal games, would be the Graphic cards due to different parts of it being used with VR.
I mean the PSU does not care whether it is normal or VR, nor the CPU or ram I guess.

 on: Today at 18:28:35 
Started by ckn - Last post by rbleroy91
You are right, with Z97 it is a M.2 connector. It supports SATA SSD (like Samsung 860) and NVMe SSD (like Samsung 970). Nevertheless, be aware that:
- With a M.2 NVMe drive, speed max is 10Gb/s so that you will not fully use recent SSD: as example, Samsung 970 PRO has a maximum sequential read of 3500MB/s, that is 27,4Gb/s, so that its performances will be reduced near 3 times.
- With a SATA SSD drive, SATA5 and 6 become unavailable.
Now, to respond to your initial question: M.2 drive can be hidden in bios, depending of the >>Bios Version<< you are using, and available in Windows. Open Disk Manager to see if it is displayed. Be cautious: if Windows says that it must be initialized (MBR or GPT), choose GPT to be able to boot on it when you will have installed Windows on it. Also, to use this M.2 SSD as boot drive, you must set in bios "SETTINGS ▶Advanced ▶Windows 8/ 8.1 Configuration ▶Windows 8/ 8.1 Feature" = "Enabled" (it is disabled by default).
Good luck,
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 18:17:13 
Started by dannydimbleby - Last post by dannydimbleby

I have a two usb receivers plugged into two rear usb ports for keyboard and mouse
As soon as I plug in a usb drive the keyboard and mouse completely freeze and the usb drive opens in windows explorer though I am unable to use my mouse.
The second I unplug the drive my mouse and keyboard are immediately usable again.

Any idea what is going on here? My front usb ports have been unresponsive too.

I am running AMD Threadripper 2950X // MSI 399x Gaming Carbon Pro// 32gb 3000mhz Corsair Vengeance RAM // NVIDIA GTX 1070 // 800w PSU

 on: Today at 18:16:26 
Started by yudrasaifulakmal007 - Last post by david
Hello, im using GL62M 7REX. Ive bought one external monitor 15.6inch(because its fitted with the height) with 1366x768 resolution. I saw my notebook type is capable doing Matrix Display on the msi web itself. But i doubt it a little, so my question is. Is my Notebook capable doing it? But i didnt see any Nvidia Surround option either Matrix display setting etc .  If not i will sell again my monitor then i will not buy the second one. If yes il buy the second one for the third monitor and then will i see the option if i connect all the monitor?

Hi yudrasaifulakmal007,

You can discover what your GL62M 7REX can do with MSI's Video Output Information document here. The GL62M 7REX is listed on Page 6 and it says your notebook model supports the Matrix Display with up to 3 displays (including the built-in display in your notebook). This means you should be able to add two external monitors. However, it also says the GL62M 7REX does not support the Surround View mode of the Matrix Display.

If I understand it correctly, you should be able to extend your desktop with two external displays but you cannot use the game-specific surround-view mode to create a quasi wrap-around view. So connecting and configuring the external monitors probably just uses standard procedures like you would with any notebook with multiple video outputs. MSI has instructions in FAQ 01438.

Kind regards, David

 on: Today at 18:14:46 
Started by sphenesounds - Last post by sphenesounds
Brilliant, ill give that a try now - thanks for the help!

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