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 on: Today at 00:18:11 
Started by rhysbin - Last post by rbleroy91
:think:  Last idea: have you done a bios update (M-Flash or LiveUpdate) just before the problem rises?
Perhaps, can you (re)install the last one : 1.E (2017-05-16)?! BUT, never use LiveUpdate for bios updates, only M-Flash!!!!

 on: Today at 00:16:16 
Started by max.anderson819 - Last post by mab112288
It seems like turning off Core Performance Boost, to avoid this crash problem also made the system able to soft restart again here.
I applied that fix as well. That fix worked on the other issue and has made the system much more stable. But it did not do anything on this issue for me.

I still get the C0 Freeze on Reboot.

 on: Today at 00:09:40 
Started by mwence - Last post by rbleroy91
What is the version of your bios? Last one (1.7, 2017-07-17) improve USB 2.0 device compatibility.
Note: never use LiveUpdate for bios updates, only M-Flash!

Is you wired keyboard that can wake up PS/2 or USB?

I do not believe that your problem is from drivers (I suppose you have the last furnished by MSI) but, you would try with the last Intel Z270 Chipset (it handle the 6 USB 2.0 ports of this mobo) driver furnished by intel: Rev. (1/17/2017) (it is rev. on MSI site)

 on: Today at 00:08:31 
Started by a29inst - Last post by Nidhoggr
I don't believe any modern MSI boards, beep during POST unless there is an error.

 on: Today at 00:04:48 
Started by jackylai - Last post by samuga_igor

 on: Today at 00:04:11 
Started by alantang - Last post by samuga_igor
OMG!!! i am crying

 on: Today at 00:03:17 
Started by jackywang - Last post by samuga_igor
Nice!!! finilly i will buy one

 on: Today at 00:02:20 
Started by jackywang - Last post by samuga_igor

 on: Yesterday at 23:59:07 
Started by wumbolio - Last post by badboy2k
I am on the same ship, I ended up getting tired of seeing things go back to normal and ended up getting a 1080 because 580/480's were about 200 less than a 1080 and 1070's were about the same price as a 1080. Its nuts really

the GTX 1080 is a nice card so that should be good for you playing games.

and yes its totally nuts and i am hoping this Mining bubble pops soon or someone comes out with a ASIC for them that kills the GPU mining side soon so we can get back to having a good choice of gaming cards again on the market for actual gamers.

 on: Yesterday at 23:53:09 
Started by rapidfirefrance - Last post by badboy2k
A DVD may be better as even the windows installer may not allow your Installer to work off a USB stick so if you have a SATA DVD drive that may work if you put the modified image from the tool onto a DVD!

i hate that newer platforms no longer support EHCI (USB 2.0 standard) and needs XHCI (USB 3.0 standard just to work and Windows 7 has no XHCI driver) and like you i enjoy using windows 7 more then 8.1 or 10 :nooo:

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