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 on: Today at 15:21:37 
Started by bogdanbarbus1996 - Last post by avenger026
Is it plugged in or are you using battery power? Are you using a power saver type setting even if its plugged in? both reasons might make the laptop switch to the integrated gpu because the dedicated needs a lot of power to feed it.

 on: Today at 14:56:39 
Started by gazzaplays - Last post by gazzaplays
what OS?
have you tried a new fresh OS install?
what BIOS, mainboard you use? see >>Posting Guide<<

or could be nvidia driver issue.
Hi thank you for the reply.

OS: Windows 10
CPU: i7- 8700k
MB: ASRock Extreme 4
MB BIOS: 1.80
VBIOS:  NV323MH.131 (according to flobelix)

I don't recall having an issue with updating drivers prior to switching to Windows 10 (from windows 7). But my whole system has changed in recent months also (new CPU, MB etc) apart from the GPU. I'll try a fresh windows 10 install on a spare ssd and see if that rules out the OS at least. I'll post the result after.


 on: Today at 14:27:33 
Started by buddyw53 - Last post by buddyw53

I guess it can be used for that. But obviously, do it on your own risk.
Thanks Nichrome.

After dusting off my GB B350M-Gaming 3 in case I should brick the Mortar it replaced I went through the process flashing a modded BIOS.  It does, indeed, work perfectly to force-flash a modded BIOS.

The  BIOS is a version 1.F that was modded to expose P-States.  I'd hoped I could use P-States to overclock but the effort was to no avail.  Just exposing the settings doesn't mean anyone debugged it to actually make it work reliably.  I fiddled for hours and best i could do was get an overclock at a low setting because, for one thing, you can't type letters into the FID field which needs a hex value (9c to get 3.9gig for the P0 state).

It worked just as well to flash back to the official release ver. 1.F (not that i doubted it would.)

Thanks again.

 on: Today at 14:16:33 
Started by cytrjc - Last post by laiden575
When computer graphics cards stop responding due to low frame rate then we may face "display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered" error.
Solution 1: You need to check your Power supply because most of the time a less power delivered to the video card and cause this kind of problem. For this purpose, You must follow this chain. Control panel > Power Options > Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings > Expand PCI Express > Expand “Link State Power Management where both options should be off.

Solution 2: Use Device Manager to Install default graphics drivers. Solution 3: Sometimes its due to the hardware problem and most of the time RAM might not be correctly attached.

 on: Today at 14:06:21 
Started by tolvuvinna - Last post by tolvuvinna
Seems to me card 2  is now one update short of the latest. As in there is no CUDA support... 


 on: Today at 13:58:59 
Started by ilovebytes - Last post by ilovebytes
hi thanks for your fast answer - ist this for the normal bios or the unlocked one ? (Lightning z has both with a Little switch on the pcb) 

i guess its for the normal one ? so is there also a new Bios for the unlocked bios of the 1080ti Lightning z ?

 on: Today at 13:50:03 
Started by keverik - Last post by Svet
what bios version board is using?

 on: Today at 13:18:45 
Started by matthewrwarner - Last post by matthewrwarner
Only had the laptop a few days. Backlit keyboard was working fine, but since an update to Steelseries drivers (perhaps coincidentally) I can’t turn the backlighting on the keyboards on. On the SteelSeries control centre it says they are on. Any ideas on how to fix this?

 on: Today at 12:59:37 
Started by tolvuvinna - Last post by Svet
no, card 2 already have latest vbios
350 bios is not for card 2

 on: Today at 12:58:40 
Started by ilovebytes - Last post by Svet
.110 => .111

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