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Last post by thetanelchannel
in My video review from the MSI GTX1080Ti Gaming X 11G
on 18-April-17, 03:58:59
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Last post by khalid.arkan2003
in Re: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare with R9 380
on 11-April-17, 00:03:07
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For those having issues with the MSI Gaming APP, please download Version : :
darkhawk 0 785 Last post 23-March-17, 11:08:06
by darkhawk
With the latest release of UHD (3840x2160p) TVs, we get some questions about the support on HDMI2.0.And especially about the support for full color in UHD (3840x2160p) at 60Hz.The first gfx cards supp...
Ruudt 4 8803 Last post 07-March-17, 17:56:05
by flobelix
Hello all!Key:Q=QuestionA=AnswerMany have already asked this question, and many will surely ask it again. But this post was created to help you get your head around a basic but very frequently asked q...
Nichrome 2 7574 Last post 09-October-15, 17:49:40
by flobelix
Normal Topics
1080 ti Armor OC running hot.
So, just sitting at the menu in a game, RE7, my gpu is at 80c @ 70% fan speed. Is this normal? My idle is 41 c. What's the max temperature for this card? I haven't touched any clock speeds.
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joshem1803 60 2757 Last post Today at 13:30:35
by droid.x.user.2010
Rx 480 8 Gb - can not be waked up from sleep mode
Rx 480 8 Gb - can not be waked up from sleep mode. Before I put a new card was using  processor GPU intel 630 and was warking smoothly, without any problem. Right now when rx 480 is set as primary vid...
usb1284 1 14 Last post Today at 13:07:48
by flobelix
MSI GTX 1080 Gaming Z vBIOS Request
Hi,i'm wondering if there is a BIOS Update for my graphic cardModel: GTX 1080 Gaming ZS/N:                       602-V336-09SB1605000017BIOS Version         MSINV336MH.112Build Date:         05/09/16m...
lip13984 1 25 Last post Best Answer Yesterday at 20:28:32
by Svet
1060 Gaming X Bios update possible?
Hi,Was wondering considering the release of 11 ghz revamped cards will there be a bios update for the cards like the 1060 gaming X  standard to increase performance? For example Evga is releasing bios...
Moheban79 5 43 Last post Yesterday at 15:42:00
by flobelix
Transfering green gpu cooler from MSI 970 1 million edition to MSI 1070 gaming x
I was wanting to get a 1070 gaming x for my build, since the 970 i have right now is fantastic, but it only comes in red. is it possible to transplant the cooler from my 970 to the 1070 without causin...
blaze.enderman 1 24 Last post Yesterday at 15:12:45
by flobelix
THIRD gpu died. What is going on?
About 2 years ago I bought an MSI gaming 270X 2G and a 500 watt PSU (cheap)The card never worked right out of the box. kept crashing and so on. It was my first serious card so I fought with drivers fo...
richardbultema 5 55 Last post Yesterday at 14:29:04
by flobelix
RX 580 BIOS Request
Hello, can someone please upload the bios for MSI RX 580 Gaming X 4G?Product Name: Radeon RX 580 GAMING X 4GPart Number: 912-V341-062
rajanaveen04 4 131 Last post Yesterday at 14:18:47
by flobelix
Gaming X GTX 1070 Caught Fire
I've tried submitting a support ticket, but the "submit" button does not respond when I click it.  I have filled out all required fields except MB Bios Version because I cannot get the curser in the f...
jsankovitch 4 75 Last post Yesterday at 14:05:17
by flobelix
1080 TI Sea Hawk X water solution
Does anyone know, if this card can be used in -5/10 celcius?  I'm asking if the watersolution has added antifreeze by the factory??
moblawski 12 119 Last post Yesterday at 13:14:29
by darkhawk
MOVED: MSI gaming app platform does not support
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
Nichrome 0 20 Last post Yesterday at 00:01:52
by Nichrome
R9 270 Gaming 2G new VBIOS request
I would like to ask for new bios for my card due to MSI Afterburner has no access to some functions. S/N:602-V305-01SB1312007438 Thank you
tbadoo 5 62 Last post 21-April-17, 23:24:06
by Svet
GTX 1080ti Gaming on Multiple Monitors
Hello, I purchased two MSI GTX 1080ti Gaming tonight and I just realized that the cards only have 2 display port connections.  My current set up is using three Asus PG279Q 1440p 165hz monitors so I ne...
killacam8686 7 84 Last post 21-April-17, 16:06:29
by killacam8686
Hi, I'm a owner of the RADEON™ R9 280X GAMING 3G and have several questions regarding it:The first issue I'm having right now is when i play high end games which maxes out the card, the card temp rapi...
diaryofnotes 1 27 Last post 21-April-17, 08:42:57
by flobelix
Does anyone know if the silver version of MSI's 2-way SLI HB Bridge uses an RGB LED that can be customized to shine different colors using the MSI Gaming App?
jeffw 3 40 Last post 21-April-17, 08:28:59
by flobelix
GTX 1080 Gaming X BIOS Request
Hi,i was looking for the latest BIOS for the MSI GTX 1080 Gaming Z (especially for the permanent OC mode) on the official site but it seems like it got removed because i cannot see the "BIOS" category...
leckerpizzzzza+039 9 168 Last post Best Answer 21-April-17, 08:14:14
by flobelix
How to change LED on 1080Ti Seahawk X
I have a 1080Ti Seahawk X and I want to change the LED on it as advertised that I can. I tried the Gaming Center program but it says it only works on MSI products. What do I do?
ryan.bedard 10 131 Last post 21-April-17, 02:35:01
by darkhawk
Gaming App not showing my gpu
I have MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G. I have been using the MSI Gaming App before and it shows my gpu no problem. But I have upgraded my motherboard to MSI Z270 Gaming M7 and with it comes an updated MSI Gami...
yami_shoumetsu 2 57 Last post 20-April-17, 19:25:26
by yami_shoumetsu
GTX 1080 Gaming X 8G 40c at idle with 40% fan speed
Hello everyone,For a few days, my GPU temps are going really high. At idle, it goes between 38 and 41c with a fan speed at 40%.On load, the temps are going to 80-82c with a fan speed at 85%.I don't th...
MikeSan 10 174 Last post 20-April-17, 18:05:58
by darkhawk
MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8G's Crossfire VRM over 100c at 4K Should I RMA?
As the title states my VRM is hitting over 100c when 4K gaming even with vsync on or frames capped at 60 should I request a RMA for these cards this happens in all 4K games I have super good ventilati...
jeztur2003 9 160 Last post 20-April-17, 14:19:38
MSI RX480 Gaming X 8G custom bios
Hello,is there somebody who could make me custom bios for the card?With "normal" clock and memory speeds I am getting artifacts. I have lowered the speeds via Afterburner and now the card seems to be ...
simmo.soonsein 2 73 Last post 20-April-17, 10:15:19
by flobelix
MSI GTX 1070 GAMING X I need bios please
Hi there and sorry for my bad english.I have gtx 1070 gaming x with samsung memory.I installed latest rom because i didnt see that it is for the other current bios is NV330MH.241i attached a g...
christosdimak 11 117 Last post 20-April-17, 09:42:17
by flobelix
Gpu not outputing any video
So yesterday i started my pc as akways and went to get a drink when i came back my screen had no signal nothing my headset mouse and keyboard receive power, so i looked on the net and found some basic...
ferhoud4 1 35 Last post 20-April-17, 09:31:40
by Nichrome
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