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If you download a BIOS from this area, nobody is to blame but yourself!
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Sticky Topics
For those concerned, as of 4/11/2017, the following boards have gotten updates BIOS's posted on their resulting support pages : B350 Tomahawk :
darkhawk 0 12491 Last post 14-March-17, 02:09:56
by darkhawk
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 0 951 Last post 13-July-15, 02:26:38
by emersonyang
Since the release of the original vJ0 Ivy UEFI/BIOS update package, are there any Beta's currently available? Also, if there are any, do they flash both chips as the vJ0 update did or just the primary...
Froggy Gremlin 37 4687 Last post 15-February-13, 20:37:34
by Froggy Gremlin
Please report missing or broken links to me by PM. (Thanks)NOTE:Please note that bios flashing is performed entirely at your own risk!If something goes wrong and you end with dead board, its your own ...
xmad 0 51690 Last post 30-November-12, 16:49:00
by xmad
Normal Topics
Contacted MSI but no reply for beta bios, B350 Tomahawk
I contacted msi 2 days ago with no response, I am in need of the beta bios of the B350 tomahawk, i believe they are 1.41. Can anyone help me out?
timothycoppock 2 120 Last post Yesterday at 14:45:40
by timothycoppock
AGESA and latest beta bios
Look at the Beta release thread which is closed - over 1200 viewings of customers waiting for the latest beta releases.Sorry for my impatience but it is wearing a tad thin considering as of this point...
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lowdog 154 7598 Last post 22-April-17, 20:52:59
by jaybe
Beta Bios
Any update on the ability to post any updated beta bios' yet? I really feel that there is still a lot of improvement that could be made in regards to memory functionality as well as boot times, specif...
jonrevis1985 8 461 Last post 22-April-17, 05:58:31
by marco.casagrande
x370 Gaming Pro Carbon bios issues
Hello world!I purchased this board with a ryzen7 1700 @ 3.9ghz, and 2x8gb Gskill ddr3200 ram @ 2667 14-13-13-13-32. No matter what I do, I can not get my ram to post at anything above 2667. A-XMP (or ...
jacoblbristow94 29 4160 Last post 19-April-17, 21:15:00
by leonardtj
B350 Tomahawk BIOS performance: Official 1.30 vs Beta 1.41
Hi allI did a performance comparison between Official 1.30 and beta 1.41 BIOSes, and I want to share with you.Test system was on Windows 10, hardware is on my signature, memory info on screenshots.*E7...
aGeoM 9 501 Last post 19-April-17, 16:50:17
by aGeoM
B350 Tomahawk 1.3 BIOS feedback
Post times are much better, memory as stable as it was on 1.15 beta (can set my 2933mhz memory to 3200mhz on the same 16-18-18-18-36 timings with no problems), noticed a pretty big leap in l1, l2 and ...
romangleb 39 1322 Last post 17-April-17, 19:11:06
by mtmusic
Ryzen BIOS feature request: 2T command rate
Even with the new BIOS I've been having trouble with RAM running stable at 3200 (and 2933 as well) on my B350 Tomahawk. It posts and boots, but fails burn it tests or games / demanding apps crash. 266...
mtanski 17 1894 Last post 17-April-17, 17:34:53
by scorpio
X99A Gaming 9 ACK Beta Bios
Hello everyone  Does the new beta bios for motherboard title output wonder. Last bios is 2.5. is there a new beta bios. Sorry for my english
enessezgin 9 645 Last post 17-April-17, 17:20:03
by Svet
B350 Tomahawk 1.32 beta bios response.
I can confirm that with the new 1.32beta bios the POST delay is all but gone (2-3sec now) and the new A-XMP setting worked with my 16gb Corsair LPX 3200c16 wonderfullyworking on 3200mhz .(1.21beta @29...
agouraki 38 4036 Last post 17-April-17, 14:12:04
by justinkerber
MOVED: can't update Bios on X370 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 70 Last post 16-April-17, 19:59:04
by Svet
MSI x370 Gaming Pro Carbon bios with RAM
Dear MSI,i keep having issues with getting my corsair cmk16gx4m2b3200c16 version 5.39 Above 2100MHZ.. even tho AMD says this set should be ideal. Is there a new bios or beta bios that maybe adresses t...
woutervandenberg24 12 961 Last post 14-April-17, 23:19:28
by Nichrome
X370 Gaming Pro Carbon Command center and fan speeds help needed
Of First of all  it turns out the board issues I though I was having was a bad PSU I have a spare installed and Corsair is sending a replacement.  after the up date to Bios 1.3 I am having an isse wit...
leonardtj 2 68 Last post 14-April-17, 21:59:27
by leonardtj
Tomahawk B350 REQUEST to fight Asrock X370 overclock : BCLK TUNING !
As show here : B350 is  second motherboard in overclocking for r5 1600. All the Asrock x370 ge...
papasteack 8 309 Last post 14-April-17, 15:26:12
by dylangutt1
B350 Tomahawk beta bios 1.32 should I flash back to stable 1.1?
I successfully flashed beta 1.32 and system is running fine, much better that on 1.1. Since the beta's have all been pulled I am concerned whether  I should flash back to 1.1.  basically is it OK to s...
leonardtj 23 1697 Last post Best Answer 13-April-17, 22:54:43
by darkhawk
B350 tomahawk official bios 1.3... no more crossfire ! :(
Everything was working right with 1.0 and 1.2. Now i have to put off my second hd7950 for screen to react to boot. Boot seems to works, keybord led enlight normally, and EZ light don't show problem.Go...
papasteack 14 459 Last post Best Answer 13-April-17, 21:59:36
by papasteack
B350 Tomahawk froze when flashing to 1.3 bios
Was flashing from Beta 1.31 to official 1.3 when it got stuck at 8%. I left it overnight and when I woke up it was still there so I had to turn it off.Tried rebooting the system but there is no signal...
matthew.lamb1994 6 342 Last post 13-April-17, 17:47:28
by lightning19
Any new BIOS for X99A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM?Currently using 1.41, and having problems with USB initialization on POST, like 10-20 seconds stuck on post code 98, and Unknown USB Device, I think someth...
hitman60 2 100 Last post 13-April-17, 15:41:29
by hitman60
MSI X370 Titanium Beta Bios 145 released
See thread on Reddit:
wiidesire 4 330 Last post 12-April-17, 21:12:48
by Nichrome
B350 Arctic Tomahawk beta bios request.
Hello.I recently acquired a B350 Arctic Tomahawk motherboard, and I'm surprised with the few amount of updates to it. Is there any beta BIOS that I could try out? I'm not able to even get my ram up to...
drterrier96 2 321 Last post 11-April-17, 22:16:45
by drterrier96
B350 Mortar Beta Bios request
Dear all, I just checked that other sum up thread here but was not able to find any FM4 Beta bios stuff. It seems like there is some B350 Tomahawk Bet...
mathias.kraut 13 711 Last post 11-April-17, 20:24:25
by mathias.kraut
So about the MSI and beta bios... (For Ryzen)
Hi  guys I'm just wondering why MSI doesn't let users to test out their beta bios?Apparently company like Asus, Gigabyte, and Asrock all letting users to test out their beta bios, and users like us kn...
renokim531 15 2067 Last post 11-April-17, 15:44:36
by justinkerber
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