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Various assembly guides that have been uploaded.
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Sticky Topics
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
Dragoonyang 10 3048 Last post 21-July-17, 12:09:34
by svenstachowiak94
The >>Forum FAQ<< now contains links to all the assembly/disassembly guides that have been uploaded by request by the moderators, they can now be found here:
Stu 0 11207 Last post 05-February-10, 20:23:44
by Stu
Normal Topics
msi: plugged in, not charging.. Need help !!
Hello all,I have purchased the msi gt72 2qd just days ago. The laptop is amazing while i can play everything on max; however, the only problem is that its says " plugged in, not charging" when i want ...
itsgamingman7 8 17682 Last post 24-July-17, 04:02:52
by tomg2012
I know this has been asked a million times.My GT72VR 6RD does not come with the M.2/NVme bracket that holds the drives in place.Where can I buy one at?Your help would be amazing .Thank You.
legolasevenstar 1 56 Last post 21-July-17, 12:16:23
by svenstachowiak94
Upgrade cpu
I have the MSI gt72 6re is it possible to upgrade the country by changing the motherboard or somerhing
cartertom0270 2 73 Last post 21-July-17, 12:13:52
by svenstachowiak94
HDD/SSD SATA Drive Capability (height) on GS63VR Stealth Pro 6RF
Could anyone please tell me if it's possible to fit a 9.5mm HDD/SSD into my MSI Stealth Pro GS63VR?
chrysostom.watson 1 82 Last post 18-July-17, 14:58:15
by david
GE72 970m Replaced housing
So I replaced the housing of the laptop. Specially the bezel  and the back panel that the screen sits on. I also replace the screen. Now my problem is that the bezel cuts off the top of the screen by ...
nathanielsexton_45 0 53 Last post 18-July-17, 04:24:32
by nathanielsexton_45
MSI GT72VR 'Super Raid 4'
I recently purchased a current generation GT72VR Dominator Dragon edition. The specifications stated from the start that it carries a single SATA M.2 inside the case to supplement a 1TB hard disk, the...
FriendOFDragons 3 146 Last post 15-July-17, 08:59:38
by FriendOFDragons
x370 will not boot
I just installed the x370 board on an all new build and get no post. There are no error codes given but I have the boot led, indicating the booting device is not detected or failed. I have doubled che...
ron 0 53 Last post 15-July-17, 04:23:57
by ron
MSI GT72VR 'Super Raid 4'
Double post due to slow connection, disregard.
FriendOFDragons 0 36 Last post 14-July-17, 07:57:39
by FriendOFDragons
MSI GE 62 6QD housing replacement
Hi!I have quite a funny problem. I need to replace the housing (is it the right word? I mean the plastic/aluminium cover around keyboard, buttons, touchpad) of my newly-bought MSI GE62 6QD laptop.I'm ...
bartlomiej.lech.czajka 2 694 Last post 13-July-17, 08:04:11
by albefix
GT72vrDominator-238 SSD
Hello all!  This is my third post and I hope someone will help me. My question is simple, does my Gt72vr Dominator 238 have a. m.2 slot to add a ssd. Thanks.
legolasevenstar 3 83 Last post 12-July-17, 17:19:39
by legolasevenstar
GT72vrDominator-238 SSD
Hello all...I have a GT 72vr Dominator-238 .It has only a 1Tb hdd.My question is i am going to add a m.2 nvme ssd ,how do I move the OS from the 1 tb Hdd to the nvme ssd?Do I clone the Hdd to the ssd?...
legolasevenstar 1 83 Last post 12-July-17, 16:02:13
by david
Conflicting info on SSD compatibility for GT80s 6QE
I'm looking at replacing/adding an SSD to my computer.  Currently equipped with a 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD, the OS SSD is getting full despite the fact that I try to install everything I can to the HDD. ...
surgeon67 4 249 Last post Best Answer 12-July-17, 03:37:07
by surgeon67
GT72vrDominator-238 SSD
Hi!!I just ordered a new GT72VR Dominator-238.It comes with a 1tb HDD,No SSD. It hasn't got it here yet.Can anyone tell me if I can add a M.2 or NVME SSD? Also what brand do other MSI laptops use?What...
legolasevenstar 0 55 Last post 10-July-17, 14:20:50
by legolasevenstar
Mounting SSD -> Warranty?
Hello.I am French, be indulgent for my level in EnglishI just bought a laptop MSI Apache GE72 6QC-084FR on sale at E.Leclerc. According to the label in store, it has a 256GB SSD, but once I get home, ...
lucas.issard 1 179 Last post 02-July-17, 19:54:19
by david
MS1792 (ge72)
I need the DC power jack for the MS1792 (GE72) laptop.  I can find one for GE70, but not GE72.  Does anybody know if a power cord/jack from a GE70 or other laptop will fit the GE72?  Any information w...
lordtaliesin 1 195 Last post 02-July-17, 01:36:44
by diylaptop
msi gt780
help where is the bios chip located on the ms-17611 motherboard?
orances 0 118 Last post 26-June-17, 08:16:33
by orances
MSI GT72 VR 6RD Battery Not charging
Hi,Please Help me if any one known this issue.My Laptop isMSI GT72 VR 6RD Dominator proOS : Windows 10 proGraphics : GTX 1060 6GB 4 moth old before i brought this laptop.First time my problem is Color...
gfxdeon 3 207 Last post 23-June-17, 17:33:51
by shawn.donnelly21
Upgrading gpu
Is It possible to upgrade from a 1060 to 1080 in a ge72vr apache pro? 1 223 Last post 21-June-17, 02:36:58
by david
GE62 7RE - Upgrading RAM
**** I may have posted this in the wrong sub forums so moderators please feel free to move****Hi AllJust bought by first gaming laptop and went for the low-mid range GE62 7RE. It comes with only 8GB o...
wild_ty 1 137 Last post 20-June-17, 15:40:38
by Nidhoggr
GP62 6QF LEOPARD PRO - Ubuntu Installation
Hi all,I hope I've posted in the right place.I'm trying to install Ubuntu on my GP62 6QF LEOPARD PRO, but everything I've tried the installer hangs and I'm at the end of my tether and I really don't w...
russjar 21 3479 Last post 15-June-17, 08:33:45
by russjar
upgrading my ge62vr 6rf
Is it easy to upgrade my ram, and change my 1tb hdd to a 1tb ssd? just want to know for future mostly because the gaming performance is good, but want some more ram and faster load times.
craigeuan 7 550 Last post 13-June-17, 21:01:06
by david
Upgrading GE72VR 6RF without voiding warranty
Good day all, upgrades being considered are upgrading memory to 32GB, replacing DVD with Blu-Ray burner, and hard drive upgrades. Does MSI have a way of performing these upgrades without voiding the w...
cwarren410 2 411 Last post 12-June-17, 23:29:46
by dejdarova.m
When pc reseting or starting after, pc entering to bios everytime
I am using the msi b350 gaming pro 2400 model motherboard for 1 month, when i am reseting or starting the pc , pc started from bios everytime and click after bios exit buton its continue with windows ...
ozertolga 2 192 Last post Best Answer 11-June-17, 23:20:08
by ozertolga
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