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Various assembly guides that have been uploaded.
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Sticky Topics
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
Dragoonyang 9 2750 Last post 04-July-16, 05:00:31
by ibenez123
The >>Forum FAQ<< now contains links to all the assembly/disassembly guides that have been uploaded by request by the moderators, they can now be found here:
Stu 0 10866 Last post 05-February-10, 20:23:44
by Stu
Normal Topics
SSD 960 EVO on MSI GE62 apache 2qc
Hello guys, i would like to know if my msi ge 62 2qc support the NVMe 960 evo ssd samsung, someone can help me?  Thanks a lot
comesipareacolpampa 2 35 Last post Yesterday at 23:04:15
by Nidhoggr
diagnostic tool
couple days now my rig no longer running smoothly. fan constantly, heat building up, wifi failing.Is there any diagnostic tool i could download and execute ?GT62VR 7 months young ... my previous MSI l...
eji 2 53 Last post Yesterday at 11:43:10
by darkhawk
Surround matrix setup with 2 external monitors and laptop display on GT72 2QE
Hello,I have GT72 2QE (2015) and would like to get 2 extra monitors hooked up to the laptop - one from each side and together being able to create the matrix display, like so:The laptop has 17.3 inch ...
n7.revenant 5 149 Last post 24-May-17, 21:29:38
by n7.revenant
upgrading my ge62vr 6rf
Is it easy to upgrade my ram, and change my 1tb hdd to a 1tb ssd? just want to know for future mostly because the gaming performance is good, but want some more ram and faster load times.
craigeuan 1 130 Last post 22-May-17, 06:36:52
by gailclark80
GT72 6QE DPro G - BIOS won't save
I've just installed a new SSD into my laptop and I need to change the boot order to boot from the new SSD after I've cloned it. If I go into the BIOS, it can see it fine and it recognizes that it is a...
nat 2 85 Last post 19-May-17, 00:54:19
by nat
MSI GL62 6QF fan speed problem
I have a problem about fan speed.Its run about 3000rpm even not use laptop too much.And its on green mod not high performance but its still fan run too much.How ı can set lower value.Its too much even...
bozismet 3 385 Last post 18-May-17, 09:06:40
by luczkis8
GT72S 6QD Dominator G Above keyboard memory
I am inquiring if anyone has a breakdown of how to get to the 2 open slots above the keyboard for this series. I have contacted MSI support and no help on their end on the disassembly process. I am cu...
trstockmaster 2 85 Last post 16-May-17, 20:35:17
by trstockmaster
GT72 6QE Dominator Pro G adding another SSD
I have an MSI GT72 6QE Dominator Pro-G that I'm running out of space on as I'd like to do some video editing with this machine. The 256GB DDS is plenty fast enough but it runs out of room far too quic...
nat 3 102 Last post 15-May-17, 07:48:52
by nat
MSI GT80s 6QE + m.2 nvme ssd
What's up guys? I'm planning on adding a 500 gb Samsung 960 Pro m.2 nvme ssd as my main boot drive and the existing HD as data drive. Any tips and precautions that I should know about? Thanks.
fox.toloy 3 126 Last post 14-May-17, 04:36:08
by fox.toloy
M.2 SSD Upgrade
I have a GE72 2QF Apache Pro-247USI would like to know which M.2 SSDs would be okay to install into the laptop, i dont live near a approved MSI service center and a reputable computer store to give me...
greg.hitchcock 0 89 Last post 13-May-17, 23:34:49
by greg.hitchcock
MSI GE62 6QF APACHE PRO W7 Installation ?!
Hi Guys !I have an MSI GE62 6QF APACHE PRO ,and im wondering if its possible to install windows 7 ? I already tryed a few times but When the windows 7 is installing right in the end every time appears...
fabancho10 0 61 Last post 13-May-17, 16:10:07
by fabancho10
GL62 6QF DVD Drive Spins and Stops
Hello guys,I recently encountered DVD drive problem. It spins and stops, making noises. I tried to go to GL62 6QF support page and there is no single driver for DVD drive. I also checked on Device Man...
rajakamaluddin17 3 269 Last post 12-May-17, 01:40:26
by Nidhoggr
GT72VR Dominator-071 6RD - Where to purchase replacement HDD?
The hard disk drive the laptop came with was taken out for data recovery but the company did not return the port it came with. Or at least I believe it's the port, here's an image of what I'm talking ...
nerdwantbrains 1 86 Last post 10-May-17, 23:59:28
by alhama.alejandro
GP62MVR 6RF Leopord Pro keyboard issue.
I just got this laptop a few days ago and I have an issue with my keyboard where the 6 key in the number row gets spongy for some reason. Sometimes it's just really spongy until I press it a few times...
phreeck988 1 220 Last post 07-May-17, 11:48:18
by arief0303
Installing Linux in MSI GE-62VR 7RF
Installing Linux in MSI GE-62VR 7RFThis is first post at the MSI Community Forum. I am a computer engineer and I got this laptop mainly for my programming needs. I wanted to utilise my GPU to do deep ...
subhojeetpramanik 0 104 Last post 04-May-17, 21:18:12
by subhojeetpramanik
Updgrading to SSD
I want to upgrade my notebook(GL62 7RD ci5) with a SSD which was an optional extra according to the ladel on my laptop but was not offered by the retailer. Can you supply one or give me details or a l...
daz2580 3 210 Last post 04-May-17, 00:50:13
by david
Opening MSI GS60 6QE But im stuck by the thunderbolt
I've got a samsung evo 960 500GB M.2 that i'd like to replace the tiny standard M.2 with..I found multiple tutorials but they're all for the older models without a thunderbolt 3 port.I figured the pro...
zhenhir 0 84 Last post 02-May-17, 15:01:18
by zhenhir
Upgrade RAM and Drive on GS72 6QE-258UK i7-6700HQ
Looking for an assembly guide so I can upgrade the ram and hard drive(s) within this laptop. Many thanks
paulkeene79 1 234 Last post 01-May-17, 11:56:10
by michael
msi: plugged in, not charging.. Need help !!
Hello all,I have purchased the msi gt72 2qd just days ago. The laptop is amazing while i can play everything on max; however, the only problem is that its says " plugged in, not charging" when i want ...
itsgamingman7 6 12915 Last post 30-April-17, 11:37:09
by kurohoshihime
Request for MSI gl72 6qd dissassembly guide
Looking for instruction for memory upgrade. Have the module just need to know what needs doing
myles_boyd 0 111 Last post 28-April-17, 18:35:45
by myles_boyd
Install Ubuntu 16.10 on GT73VR 6RE Titan - SuperRaid SSDs and HDD not found
Hi,I've recently bought this laptop and while it's great in Windows 10, I'm trying to dual-boot it with a Linux distro (Ubuntu primarily, although I've tried Linux Mint too).When I create a bootable L...
cs_sampson 3 397 Last post 23-April-17, 08:41:26
by hmurrayhocp
SSD/M.2 adapters in MSI GT72VR-7RE with the single combo slot?
Hi, can the MSI GT72VR-7RE accept this adapter?A picture is shown at 18 minutes: and it says MSI 17822 on itanother picture is here:
falkentyne 0 140 Last post 23-April-17, 02:46:13
by falkentyne
MSI MS-1781 SSD Adaptor Board, MS-17812, F2-Y3-c38
Hi, newbie here. Can I install the above mentioned adaptor board into MSI GT72VR 6RD Dominator-063?
muhammadalisiddiqui 3 464 Last post 23-April-17, 01:39:47
by falkentyne
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