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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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VBIOS Flashing and Safety Procedures:Always make a VBIOS backup, before start messing with your VBIOS!!You can do this with GPU-Z: with Nvidia Fla...
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Svet 1353 613395 Last post 20-December-17, 14:33:35
by innokentnekto
The MSI Afterburner is a great tool for monitoring your vga's health status as well as overclocking it including tweaking voltages.MonitoringIn case you came her with a vga related problems you might ...
flobelix 28 282974 Last post 03-November-17, 21:16:34
by flobelix
The much discussed issue with fans of GTX 970 GAMING 4G randomly starting to run in idle ( seems to be fixed with a vbios update. To point this out: ...
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flobelix 250 93399 Last post 02-September-17, 23:36:56
by flobelix
Good morning - thought it might be cool to have a recent Unigine Valley benchmark thread.I know a lot of people are getting their hands on the newer 970 and 980 cards and perhaps other members would l...
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neoclerodane 84 24829 Last post 24-February-17, 14:01:24
by me
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 0 2356 Last post 13-July-15, 02:28:33
by emersonyang
>>Vide Card FAQ Link<<
Nichrome 0 3568 Last post 24-June-15, 20:29:14
by Nichrome
With the latest release of UHD (3840x2160p) TVs, we get some questions about the support on HDMI2.0.And especially about the support for full color in UHD (3840x2160p) at 60Hz.The first gfx cards supp...
Ruudt 1 3080 Last post 08-January-15, 10:22:07
by Ruudt
so far both the current GTX 900 series cards made by MSI being the 970 and 980 both have HDMI 2.0 interfaces and any information on Web pages regarding it should be ignored as its a mistake.they outpu...
badboy2k 0 4790 Last post 25-September-14, 17:37:54
by badboy2k
If you are looking for a UEFI / GOP Vbios for your video card here are a few things we need and there are a few things you need to know.1.) Vbios versions vary with-in models. This is due to different...
xmad 0 48552 Last post 29-March-13, 15:47:26
by xmad
>>>  Power requirements for graphics cards <<<>>>  MSI Nvidia Graphics Cards from 570 & 580 Series, Read Here 1st!! <<<>>>  MSI AfterBurner and MSI Kombustor <<<>>>  Why does my GPU always run with fu...
Svet 0 18823 Last post 23-March-11, 18:36:07
by Svet
Normal Topics
MSI gpu product registration
So Yesterday I decided that I would finally go and register my product on the MSI website to actually activate the warranty and such. The issue was when looking for the serial numbers I only found SN1...
liaustin2001 5 29 Last post Today at 02:27:16
by badboy2k
280x works until load on card and crashes systems
Hi, I have a 280x that I have not used in a few years, I installed it in 2 different systems, when I put any load on it, the computer crashes.  I am wondering if the BIOS is out of date, since the mot...
Randomdudes 8 159 Last post Today at 01:40:48
by Randomdudes
Need UEFI Compatible BIOS for R5450-MD1GH
Hello,I need a UEFI compatible BIOS / GOP VBIOS for my R5450 MD1GH.Model: R5450-MD1GHGPU: ATI Radeon HD5450SN: 602-V212-47SB1312097995ROM image is attached in a ZIP archive.(The box that the card came...
varian93 2 51 Last post Today at 01:40:02
by varian93
Need uefi BIOS for GTX 680 PM2D2GD5
Hello,I need a UEFI compatible BIOS / GOP VBIOS for my old GTX 680 as my current R9 290x died and I am currently using my old GTX 680 to run my pc.Model: N680 GTX - PM2D2GD5SN: 912-V801-1231B120400079... 3 103 Last post Yesterday at 15:24:55
by flobelix
VBIOS Request for GTX 1080 TI AERO 11g OC
Hello, Is there any updated VBIOS for my GPU? S/N: 602-v360-010B1710001018
a_smart_imbecile 1 25 Last post Best Answer 17-January-18, 19:59:52
by flobelix
Mobo won't run through Post
Just got done putting my new build together.. Everything runs fine initially when the 1080 is not plugged and are using the internal graphics on the mobo but once we connect the 1080 the mobo won't ru...
hammyton 5 89 Last post 17-January-18, 14:54:15
by hammyton
Is there new VBIOS update for MSI GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4G OCV1?
Hi everyone!I'm new here and was wondering if my newly bought GTX 1050TI has a VBIOS update available? I've searched here and yes, admins/mods have posted the new BIOS but they've also asked for S/N o...
ashishK29 5 282 Last post Best Answer 16-January-18, 23:24:50
by Svet
1050 GTX Does not support 4k @60hz over HDMI
I have a brand new 43ud79b monitor from LG and no matter what I do, I cannot get windows to show 4k at 60hz.  Its always 30hz.  Is there something special I need to do to make the card work right?  I'...
jeduke02 1 58 Last post 16-January-18, 23:21:53
by Svet
Afterburner auto update
Just thought I'd let you know the autoupdate for afterburner links to which is version 4.3 not 4.4.Im running if that is of any u...
Psyphtoix 2 244 Last post 16-January-18, 20:16:01
by Max Payne <3
Linux <4.15:NO AMD Powerplay fancontol-MSI's GPU SBIOS/Moterboard ACPI interplay
AMD Powerplay controls the fan. It's broken on Polaris 10 ( AMD RX 460-580 cards) in stable linux - but mostly with MSI Graphics cards / Motherboards from what I've seen. I have "ATOM BIOS: 113-C98121...
sluth4truth 1 71 Last post 16-January-18, 04:56:20
by sluth4truth
RX 560 4G AERO ITX no voltage control?
I picked up a pair of the 560 ITX cards for gaming/HTPCs, and am tweaking for lower power draw, but the voltage control options in MSI Afterburner are greyed out. I swapped with the MSI RX 580 I have ...
voraciousgorak 1 76 Last post 15-January-18, 22:06:40
by voraciousgorak
Which of the 2 monitors connected will show on start up of the computer?
Hi Guys,Graffics 2 GB N660 GDDR5/OC PCI-EI have one 4k monitor on the display port and one 2k monitor on the HDMI port.On start up of the pc the 2k monitor(hdmi) shows dos start up screen and the firs...
joris.elinck 6 121 Last post 15-January-18, 10:09:25
by joris.elinck
hi Screen darkened while playing games today. No more power on the video card chipset burnt where can I find the right chipset and what is the chipset model no guarantee!!!
metin15462 3 72 Last post 14-January-18, 15:59:32
by flobelix
Hello! I'm looking for original vbios rom for RX 550 LP s/n1: 602-V809-899SD1709000269 AB8 s/n2: H9D0173620 2XX Many thanks in advance.
iptxt 5 88 Last post Best Answer 14-January-18, 14:34:13
by flobelix
Is there something wrong with my GPU?
So i was just surfing the net casually one day and my screen just blacked out. I thought it was my PC hanging, so i did a hard reset and it worked again.Today, it happened again while i was watching y...
detective.alfredw 4 118 Last post 13-January-18, 19:34:47
by Eastlander
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