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Hi, I just realize my username is based on my email. Just wondering can I change my username into "ShuShiz", by any chance? Thanks in advanced 
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ShuShiz 801 56672 Last post Today at 01:22:52
by darkhawk
A Thread for Jokes , pictures or other things to get a laugh. Keep it clean: >>Please read and comply with the Forum Rules.<<
xmad 20 6449 Last post 21-April-17, 06:36:48
by baka.prototype
MSI MGA 2015 Grand Finals is upon us! It’s the first time ever for the Grand Finals to set foot in the United States; all regional qualified players will battle at the StarCraft II and Heroes of the S...
emersonyang 0 1065 Last post 13-August-15, 01:11:18
by emersonyang
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 0 1065 Last post 13-July-15, 02:31:12
by emersonyang
to check the status of a RMA use this link end user and locationthenOnline Repair Progress Querythen in Quickly Query AreaRMA No: ...
badboy2k 0 8503 Last post 15-April-13, 21:10:33
by badboy2k
Normal Topics
Case Badge
is it possible to locate a MSI logo batch or stick for the front of my case?The red dragon shield would be an awesome badge.Small like 20mm or so, self adhesive.I have a X370 Gaming Pro Carbon board, ...
miklet 2 46 Last post Best Answer Today at 00:45:02
by miklet
managing posts
Is there a trick to deleting a post?When posting an appeal for a case badge or sticker, somehow I posted the message twice. My computer never indicated the post was successful. A check of post made by...
miklet 1 29 Last post Best Answer Yesterday at 17:04:05
by flobelix
Who are the moderators?
Hello, I'm curious to know how many moderators there's in this forum, are they common to all languages forums? I already know flobelix, Nichrome and darkhawk, are they all? Thank you for the answer.
Ross90 1 26 Last post Yesterday at 12:48:30
by badboy2k
WHy is it so hard to register a product with MSI?
I have been trying to register my R9-390 and each time it says it does not recognize the S/N#. I tried on Chrome and Internet explorer and the new Win10 browser thinking it may be that. But still not ...
ml32207 16 285 Last post 15-August-17, 17:37:22
by pghammer21a
Is anyone collect points for the Msi rewards...I make this post to help each other in the comments and give advices to everyone who collected a lot of points help! Afterall Msi is the best...
docsekk 0 48 Last post 15-August-17, 12:05:47
by docsekk
Registering my graphic card problem
Hello, I tried registering my gtx 970 msi gaming 4G by filling all the required fields, but the only one I can't fill is the invoice one, I don't have the invoice anymore and they ask a screenshot of ...
Ross90 1 47 Last post Best Answer 14-August-17, 17:50:27
by Nichrome
What products create MSI besides pc components?
Hello, I'm curious to know what MSI create besides graphics cards, motherboards, notebook, etc...I think I saw something else navigating in internet here and there, I would be glad to know if there ar...
Ross90 1 77 Last post Best Answer 13-August-17, 09:34:34
by Nichrome
Forum slow?
Is it me or is the forum SLOW to load ?Using Firefox 54 x64 and have no such problems on other forums I visit, but here I ALWAYS get a "waiting on...." message before the page or post I want to view i...
asm1 1 75 Last post 12-August-17, 05:15:41
by Nidhoggr
Big delay for rma.
Hi there. I am from Greece and I bought MSI GTX 1070 GAMING X from a local store. 30 June my card stopped working and 31 June I took it back to store for repair or replacement. Until now the local sto...
christosdimak 1 61 Last post 11-August-17, 14:12:45
by flobelix
warranty problems
hello it is possible to refuse warranty for some liquid ''leak'' on the case of the GPU radiator ? The problem of this GPU is it turn off the monitor for 2-7 sec then it turns on.model: GEFORCE® GTX 9...
canabas0 4 102 Last post 10-August-17, 10:39:04
by canabas0
I officially have no idea what to do
Story timeAbout a month ago, i sent a GTX 1070 EK X Back to MSI for a RMA. paid about $20 for about 2 weeks, i receive...
jonwong966 0 84 Last post 10-August-17, 05:34:31
by jonwong966
MSI Warranty confusion (UK)
Hi first time MSI graphics card ownerI am totally confused about the warranty length of MSI graphics in UK, I am not sure if it is deliberately vague or misleading.I recently purchased a MSI 1080 Armo...
aboutastone 5 125 Last post 09-August-17, 22:41:24
by Nichrome
Radeon RX470 4GB Prices Increasing
I just wanted to discuss the fact that this graphics card was originally sold at around 250$ brand new and people are frequently selling this discontinued graphics card at 800$ used now.
wumbolio 2 84 Last post 09-August-17, 13:08:31
by mewtworocksss
Graphics cards that are worth more than the original price
Just wanted to talk about graphics cards that outperform most in their price range.
wumbolio 0 63 Last post 09-August-17, 02:57:27
by wumbolio
Rocket League Promotion
Just a quick question, how do I get the game code for rocket league? I received my GTX 1050ti Gaming X 4G but I have no idea how to get that code. Anybody who does?
lucs0404 3 214 Last post 07-August-17, 19:22:26
by InvincibleAjay
Please delete this account
I don't know why in this day and age that we cannot remove our own accounts, but I need this account to be deleted so i can change my other accounts email to the one this one is using please
travisstethem 2 65 Last post 06-August-17, 20:17:14
by Svet
Critical Flaw In Intel Skylake And Kaby Lake Discovered
From: Chris Goetting — Sunday, June 25, 2017Critical Flaw In Intel Sk...
tmursch 6 982 Last post 03-August-17, 00:31:27
by darkhawk
Unable to register - file type is not allowed - uploading invoice
I have been trying to register the Titan GT80S for days now, this is absurd.  The process breaks on uploading the purchase proof or invoice. It says over and over again:  File type not allowed. I trie...
datum9 1 74 Last post 02-August-17, 22:33:29
by datum9
no waranty
great thanks!2 weeks ago my 1080 ti died when i play bf1 - today from servive center guys says - its no warranty for this card couse i made something wrong with it...buts its died when i played & no a...
yura 7 192 Last post 02-August-17, 16:55:19
by morpheus155
MOVED: Best way to stream 3 xboxes?
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
flobelix 0 58 Last post 02-August-17, 10:34:38
by flobelix
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