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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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Good News For People w/ TV @nywhere.
i finally got my new card yesterday and installed the beta drivers and not only can i get power vcr II to work w/ the card, i ca...
Fam 5 2125 Last post 27-September-02, 15:18:14
by abc2mit
MSI GF4Ti 4200-TD64-the fan is to loud..
Hi all.I put together a a system thats really quiet but the fan on my msi gf4 ti 4200 is really making noise.Anyone else think t...
Jonas 1 1159 Last post 27-September-02, 14:43:57
by Jonas
Major tv@nywhere problems!
Somebody please help me...I'm going crazy here.  I can't get tv@nywhere to do anything but lock up my computer.  It tries to use...
thecriterion 17 3808 Last post 27-September-02, 10:50:06
by abc2mit
Geforce 4 ti 4600 flickering textures!!
hello, this is my second geforce 4 ti 4600 and i am hoping that someone can save it from being thrown against a hard surface. wh...
JamieB 14 2928 Last post 27-September-02, 09:53:49
by notoes
AGAIN new detonators: 40.71
hansh 6 1077 Last post 27-September-02, 07:03:02
by Athlonix
ATAPI Devices - ATA/66 IDE Card OK?
I need to add a CD-RW, and with my HD, ZIP, DVD and DVD-RW, I need to add an IDE card.  Do I need an ATA/100 card, or will an AT...
Lrscpa 3 1100 Last post 27-September-02, 07:01:44
by Wonkanoby
Detonator Driver BONANZA
Everyone posted significantly higher benchmarks with the new 40.41 detonator drivers for Nvidia cards....except me.  My Ti4600 d...
Digital_Aura 2 1412 Last post 27-September-02, 03:35:22
by Richard
40.52 Detonator BETA Drivers
Just thought i'd inform u all of the release there are 9x/ME/XP/2000 available from my http://FTP://MSIForum:free4all@
Athlonix 1 971 Last post 26-September-02, 23:13:12
by MarioL
Video Artifacts???
I have a nVidia 128 MB DDR, and every now and then I get artifacts, distortion across the WHOLE screen!  i was wondering if anyo...
Solidius 14 2748 Last post 26-September-02, 06:48:00
by Solidius
Video record from PC
I have trouble recording from my MSI Ti-4400 card to my VCR (from W2k).I've connected from my graphic card to the VCR with RCA c...
Krille 4 1204 Last post 26-September-02, 00:43:49
by Krille
Good Card?
Hi I just want some suggestions on a good card.All I will use it for is games.I dont need anything fancy, however it has to run ...
Tuebor 2 1009 Last post 25-September-02, 23:13:29
by Athlonix
GF4 Ti4200 / bios archive
HI, since i flashed my video card bios, I have developed a couple of problems and want to flash it back to a previos bios (i use...
Messa 0 905 Last post 25-September-02, 23:10:13
by Messa
Overclocking a 4600Ti Problem Need Help
Ok, I wanted to overclock my card a little, what i noticed was the second i applied the new core/memory speeds the screen distor...
Athlonix 4 1315 Last post 25-September-02, 22:43:12
by Athlonix
gf4 mx440 and mx420 screen freezes
Hi,I have been having some problems with my video card running on an ASUS A7V MoBo. After about 1-2 minutes when running program...
lelliott 12 2833 Last post 25-September-02, 19:14:05
by lelliott
Issues installing MSI GeForce Ti4200 TD-64
I need soms assistance!  First I will spec my system...ASUS A7V333 Mobo  w/ 256 MB DDR333 RAM60 GB Hard Drive, Liteon 40x CDburn...
henzly23 8 2162 Last post 25-September-02, 17:10:58
by henzly23
Resolution problem with GF4 Ti4200-TD 128MB DDR
I am having problems when I switch my display resolution to 640x480x32. It also affects any application which runs in the affect...
izel 1 1069 Last post 25-September-02, 15:54:02
by Richard
G2Ti Pro (SM-8855) with VIA Apollo Pro133 Chipset!
I am using a MS-8855 (G2Ti Pro / Pro-t) vga card in my Asus P3V133 (VIA Apollo Pro133 Chipset) motherboard and when I play any g...
BRAZIL-BR 1 1339 Last post 25-September-02, 15:50:05
by Richard
I have some reboots randomly.... HEEEEEEEELP!!!
I have a Geforce 4  ti4400 and when I play some games (like GTA3) my pc randomly reboots itself. I have tested the temperature o...
JavitO_o 9 2253 Last post 25-September-02, 09:40:17
by Richard
ti4200: problem with MSI CLOCK and info page
Help!I've just install ti4200 128mb.  Everything runs fine, 3d mark even showing 9300+However, everytime I try to go to the MSI ...
adala 9 2039 Last post 25-September-02, 06:52:54
by adala
G4MX440T + ECS K7SEM              hI! I have a Ecs k7sem motherboard with 256meg ram with a Msi G4MX440T with a maxtor 40gig 720...
rodase 1 1232 Last post 25-September-02, 06:02:45
by Wonkanoby
the voltage is right
I get another motherboard and it didn´t work. I start any 3d game, after a few minutes it hungs and go back to windows.Any idea?...
dr.tony 5 1301 Last post 25-September-02, 04:45:29
by Wonkanoby
8853 and live bios??
Ok, here is the deal. I bought an oem of the ms-8853 made for compaq. It is a geforce3 ti500 card and I paid under $80 for it so...
krmarks 0 1082 Last post 25-September-02, 03:00:07
by krmarks
MSI G4MX460-VTP TV-Out Problem
I just bought this card coz of the video in and out features. However when I tried to set the TV-out using Clone mode from nView...
Ariawan 2 1147 Last post 25-September-02, 01:22:59
by Ariawan
GF4TI-4200 64MB
Ok I have tried everything and I am wondering if anyone is having the same problem as me. Here are my specsP4 1.8aAsus P4S333 MB...
Protofox 17 4326 Last post 25-September-02, 00:42:36
by Protofox
Geforce2 ti (MS-8855)
I would like know if the video card ms-8855 (g2ti pro) works in a mother board with agpx2?---------------------------Mother Boar...
BRAZIL-BR 1 1476 Last post 24-September-02, 18:46:02
by Jmedic
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