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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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Dual Monitoring Open GL Problem
Hi there,i am 3d Animator and am amazed by the power of the Geforce 4. The problem is that maya 4 crashes often when i enable th...
floepi 4 1279 Last post 02-September-02, 03:24:16
by Richard
Frequency of ti-4400
I Have a MSI 8871 ti-4400 I'm not able to put the memory frequency past 400mhz... I think the ti4400 is supposed to run at 550??...
malabelle 3 1535 Last post 02-September-02, 00:44:40
by ME
MSI g4mx460 and asus cuv4x-e(via apollo133a) problem
  I have a Asus Cuv4x-e motherboard (via apollo133a chipset 694x) and recently i bought a MSI Geforce4 mx460 with video-in and t...
TNGA 3 1680 Last post 02-September-02, 00:03:46
by alexander_back
g4 ti4400 vivo
am having trouble getting the video in/video out option to work. what have others done to get there card working and what cables...
goonerbill 3 1436 Last post 01-September-02, 22:26:05
by LiQUiD TRiP
MSI GF4 Ti4200
Thanks for earlier replies (August);  No joy.  I have the latest MSI VGA drivers/VGA BIOS for this card eg.  VGA driver: V4.13.0...
HowardLSmith 4 1510 Last post 01-September-02, 20:59:30
by abc81abc
tv @anywhere remote control prob
Hiyas,          Ive just set up the card and software but it seems I cant provoke a response from the remote control with windvr...
Hedonis 2 1236 Last post 01-September-02, 20:44:19
by Assaf
MSI VGA control panels & Nvidia drivers
I've been using MSI's nvidia drivers for my MSI GF4 Ti4600. I like the MSI control panels that come with these drivers (MSI cloc...
Dcosio 5 2076 Last post 01-September-02, 20:41:52
by Assaf
Problems With Geforce4 4400... need help... dying...
I'm having major problems with my MSI Geforce4 4400 Ti 128 MB video card.  I've emailed MSI twice about the problem in the last ...
SenorVandal 9 2745 Last post 01-September-02, 20:40:03
by simulacra
Compatibility Question?
I have a MSI GeForce4 Ti4200 64mb card on an ASUS A7V333 mainboard. I was wondering if there are any compatibility issues betwee...
himenohogosha 2 1125 Last post 01-September-02, 20:39:34
by Assaf
Bad video card or driver/hardware incompatibility?
I have not had a problem with stability on my main computer until I purchased an MSI GeForce4 Ti4600.  I have in the past operat...
Math Nerd 7 2486 Last post 01-September-02, 18:13:27
by Richard
Ti4400 TV-out screen size
Hi,I'm using the Geforce 4 ti4400 card, and I connected a vcr and TV to my card.My problem is this:The size of the screen is too...
Tsphere 0 1070 Last post 01-September-02, 17:20:09
by Tsphere
Hi, thank you in advance.. I Have a Msi geforce ti-4400... one out of three time I boot my winXP pro, the screen is full of squa...
malabelle 3 1284 Last post 01-September-02, 14:50:19
by malabelle
GF3 Ti200 TV-Out Problem?
I have a GF3 ti200 on Win XP with a Philips TV.  I was wondering how I can output my monitor onto my TV.  I connected the S-Vide...
quan1114 2 1092 Last post 01-September-02, 11:53:35
by Tim Inman
Problem.. with g4...
everytime i right click on the desktop, a menu pops up blah blah, but when i click the MSI Clock or MSI information tab they kee...
CoDe 3 1142 Last post 01-September-02, 04:03:20
by Richard
Geforce4 MX460 (MS-8867)
I have a problem with using tv out and the latest nvidia/msi drivers. The only drivers which let me use tv out are the ones that...
_Seth 1 1352 Last post 31-August-02, 21:39:04
by rus
Detonator 40 is released!
Hi, nVidia has released new Detonator 40.41 drivers... They promise 25% boost in performance....
Ex Forum User 3 8 2329 Last post 31-August-02, 20:47:57
by Ex Forum User 3
Nvidia Geforce 4 MX 460 Dual head tv in/tv out
I was wondering if anyone can help me out with this.i replaced my Geforce 2 MX 400 tv/o with this new msi Geforce 4 card that ha...
ryans_supra 10 4163 Last post 31-August-02, 19:31:13
by _Seth
How do you get FULLSCREEN video in?
Ok, so I'm using Winproducer and can only get the tiny screen. I also tried a shareware called Flycap but it doesnt save screens...
Breast Feeder 6 1946 Last post 31-August-02, 17:52:59
by Breast Feeder
Direct 3D rendering problem
HelloI have a geforce 4 ti 4200 128mb ddr viedo card. I have found out that when I update my video card drivers beyond the 27.90...
justing03 1 1290 Last post 31-August-02, 16:19:17
by justing03
Ti 4600 Running in PCI mode ?
Hi,I have downloaded the Squid & werewolf demo from the Nvidia site.... they seem to run very slow.... slower than my old Hercul...
lee.connell 3 1222 Last post 31-August-02, 12:31:42
by Assaf
Whats Better?
hi all, if i have a G4 Ti4600 what will give me the Best FPS + Best Quality ImageHigh Res No AA orLow Res AA 4X/Quininoxi mean i...
Athlonix 6 1521 Last post 31-August-02, 12:24:38
by Assaf
G4ti4200 card bad?? help
Hi all, I need a little help. I've got a MSi 4200 card that I can't get to run. I have a Gigabyte mb. I thought at first it was ...
DuaneD 11 2454 Last post 31-August-02, 07:26:16
by DuaneD
Signal out of range...
I'm using a MSI Geforce 2(pro I think, can't remember specifically).  A CTX monitor and I just built a new computer with an MSI ...
trinkulus 2 1193 Last post 31-August-02, 04:42:36
by trinkulus
prob with the gf3ti200 pro-vt128 ms-8850
i have the gf3ti200 pro-vt128 ms-8850 and with the captuer works but theres 2 probs 1 the driver keeps going corupt so when i tr...
DMZio 11 2561 Last post 31-August-02, 03:42:01
by DMZio
nVidia Capture Driver? is there a new version?
hi all, i've been using the one which comes on the CD with the G4Ti4600 is there a new capture driver out there somewhere since ...
Athlonix 8 2082 Last post 30-August-02, 21:07:06
by Bluesky
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