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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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GF4 Ti4200 and K7T Pro ?
Hi,I wanna buy MSI GF4200 64MB -8870- card.Just need info if this card is fully compatible with MSI K7T Pro (rev 1.1) matherboar...
David2002 0 1295 Last post 16-August-02, 23:47:46
by David2002
MSI G4 4200 Reviews
Where could I find MSI G4 4200 64MB Reviews?
abc81abc 1 1441 Last post 16-August-02, 23:42:11
by ender868
Cant get higher screen resolutions ???
Hi all,hope you can help...I installed my new Ge4 Ti4200 last night. All works well but in display properties/settings the highe...
jackal2513 4 1468 Last post 16-August-02, 22:19:11
by Wonkanoby
G4MX460-VTP and TV-out under linux
Have anybody managed to get work tv-out onG4MX460-VTP card under linux?I tried everything, my cables are OK, becauseunder W98 is...
zefme 0 1166 Last post 16-August-02, 18:16:10
by zefme
please, what is the latest BIOS revision for this card from MSI? this is the G3Ti200 Pro-TD64MB. thanks a lot!
oTTO 1 1173 Last post 16-August-02, 16:37:09
by Richard
GF4 Ti 4200 64 MB vs 128 MB
I'd like to know the differences between the 64 MB and 128 MB versions of MSI's GF4 Ti 4200.I found out there is a difference in...
thegus 4 1686 Last post 16-August-02, 16:27:22
by Richard
TV OUT Problem this is how I solved.
Well, first of all I cannot  guarantee if this will work for all people with tv out problems. TV with PC I think will always be ...
Ferbras 0 1799 Last post 16-August-02, 15:26:27
by Ferbras
MS-8850 Problem...
Hello, I just recently got the G3Ti200 Pro-TD128 video card with my new computer. The problem that I am getting is that my video...
titodavy 13 3329 Last post 16-August-02, 14:57:03
by crAzy_caMel
Computer Hangs In Games
Every time I play 3D games such as Half-Life Counter Strike, Medal of Honor, computer hangs after 30 mins of game p...
BHKS 14 3442 Last post 16-August-02, 14:49:40
by LamarTK
MSI mx460 vtp tv out problem
Im pluging into my the with svideo (cable fine channel to video" Got the latest 30.00 driver. capture works OK tv out using nvie...
vlester 0 1322 Last post 16-August-02, 11:07:51
by vlester
geForce4 MX series TV-OUT Chip ???
Does anyone know what tv chip has G4 MX (any) sice detonator recogise them like "NV17 Internal". ?(  ?( OK chip is integrated bu...
duga 4 1699 Last post 16-August-02, 09:28:23
by rus
ti4200 64mb...Can't do dual display to TV in windows
I just got my new gf4 ti4200 yesterday.  I picked this card because it has TV-out, and i want to watch movies on my TV.   Anyway...
fozzy 1 1110 Last post 16-August-02, 03:42:10
by fozzy
MSI GeForce2 GTS Drivers will not install
When trying to upgrade drivers for MSI 8815 VGA (GeForce2 GTS) using either the Nvidia or MSI download Windows 98 stops booting ...
deragan7 4 1835 Last post 16-August-02, 01:18:38
by deragan7
nv4_disp.dll BSOD on MSI TI4600
I get a BSOD after playing Everquest for over 30 mins and tehn changing to char selection screen, it refers to either "nv4_disp....
SonofSatan 4 1710 Last post 16-August-02, 00:24:34
by napis
Scrambled screen on boot w/MSI G3Ti200-VT Geforce3
Howdy....Don't know if this is a vidcard problem or not.Occasionally, when I reboot my display is all mixed up.Sometimes the dis...
garman 3 1357 Last post 15-August-02, 23:12:19
by garman
Hi, i have a MSI g4 mx 460 and opengl doesnt work on my game, counter-strike. IF SOMEONE CAN HELP ME FIX IT PLZ PLZ EMAIL ME AT ...
L0rdSupERmaN 2 1259 Last post 15-August-02, 09:07:35
by bim2k
Technical support?
Where can i get official msi tech support for the msi video card i bought?i've tried emailing but no-one replys & i've tried pho...
Worried 5 1884 Last post 15-August-02, 07:44:44
by Richard
G4Ti4400-VTD Linux drivers?
I just recently bought a MSI G4Ti4400-VTD card and I am trying to install Mandrake Linux on my machine.  I have searched both th...
ZBoT 1 1433 Last post 15-August-02, 01:11:47
by Richard
Sideband Addressing
Under the MSI Tabs in the display properties it says SBA is checked but it will not allow me to disable.  How Do you Disable it....
harbinger 10 3244 Last post 14-August-02, 21:28:12
by Syquest
Hello,I have a MS8332 CDRW (32x12x40x) and I cant use it under WinXP (Home or Prof.)  If there is a program that supports it it ...
Driekes 0 1176 Last post 14-August-02, 19:59:04
by Driekes
problem with msi g4 ti-4200...
i play alot of half-life and counter-strike... when i first bought the card i got 100 fps np w/o dropping below 98.. 1 month lat...
azn_G 2 1568 Last post 14-August-02, 14:33:26
by Assaf
MSI GeForce4 Ti4200 TD64
 I know I can OC my card to 300/600 but... it's stable?. It won't  burn??? How long is good to use it OC'ed???  And my P4 1.7 is...
darkshark 2 1604 Last post 14-August-02, 14:29:36
by Assaf
MSI G4 4400 Flickering Poly's
Looking for some help. Sys specs as follows:----------------------------------------------Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP...
Toonie 2 1552 Last post 14-August-02, 13:33:58
by Toonie
Power DVD 3.0 or MSI DVD in XP?
Power DVD 3.0 or MSI DVD in XP? Wich is the best dvd program for win xp?
Jonas 6 1945 Last post 14-August-02, 12:56:45
by Vcmc6623
msi clock
Installed 4600ti runs great but I don't have the msi clocktab in the settings menu. :O p4 2.2p4b 266 mb512 ddr4600ti gpusb audig...
meatballz 2 1535 Last post 14-August-02, 12:54:08
by Vcmc6623
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