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MSI Graphics Cards, Nvidia and AMD/ATI-based.
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MOVED: Pump failed on GTX 1070 Sea Hawk X - Regular Corsair H55 is not perfect fit
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 53 Last post 11-June-18, 18:56:25
by Svet
MOVED: [BIOS Request] 1050 Ti Gaming 4G
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 68 Last post 10-June-18, 18:23:00
by flobelix
Need new pcie Brackets for 1050TI LP Cards
I have 2 MSI GTX 1050TI low profile cards which currently have the LP bracket installed. It seems that i inadvertently tossed th...
michael.pizzi 1 78 Last post 10-June-18, 18:21:21
by flobelix
[Request] Vbios for MSI 1080Ti Lightning X
SN 602-v366-03sb1706000097 Hi guys! Is there any new vbios for my precious?
cluster.edge 1 80 Last post 10-June-18, 16:26:33
by flobelix
CZEŚĆ Szukam tego BIOS-u karty [size=undefined]SN 602-V328-420B1709000741  GeForce GTX 1060 6GT OCV1[/size]
brodowski.athens 1 92 Last post 10-June-18, 13:04:29
by flobelix
Low GPU Usage
Hey, I have GTX 1050 but it is using %5 between %30 GPU usage.Please help me. My specs: N68-VS3-FX FX 6300 FSP-400-60HCN 8 GB Ram
crazy_gfb_semih 5 147 Last post 10-June-18, 12:57:22
by flobelix
Help!! Mi graphics card locked in 30 fps! and only 50% mining
Hi, i have a MSI RX580 Armor 8GB  it's in all game run to only 30 fps,  monitor is 60 HZ no vsync activate, the power plan is fu...
Aprilius 1 90 Last post 10-June-18, 10:39:06
by Nichrome
Radeon RX470 Armor 8g OC stock VBIOS (Micron?)
Hello I recently acquired two Radeon RX470 Armor 8g OC's where the previous owner flashed the incorrect VBIOS which is resulting...
Magvanox 3 506 Last post 09-June-18, 23:35:22
by flobelix
RX 550 Aero 2GB
Hi guys Is this video card compatible with old mobo dp35dp
wess 1 64 Last post 09-June-18, 21:48:36
by Nichrome
[Request} Vbios for my MSI Armor 1080 Ti OC (If available)
Hello,I have an  MSI 1080 Ti Armour OC and curious if there is an update for it or not.S/N 602-V360-000B1710004244Current Vbios:...
Ky_Bullet 8 205 Last post 09-June-18, 18:04:02
by flobelix
Very bad performance on the classic theme Windows 7 (all new AMD cards).But, increase performance when you scale or move a windo...
videotester2 3 93 Last post 09-June-18, 18:01:49
by flobelix
Bios update GTX 1050ti 4GB OC help
Hello guy's i'm new to the forum and i being trying to see if there is some kind of bios update release for my gpu but i couldn'...
paulo_sousa_21 7 281 Last post Best Answer 09-June-18, 16:29:48
by paulo_sousa_21
MSI GeForce GTX 1070 AERO ITX OC Edition
Hi Is there any Bios update to my GPU? s/n - 602-V330-3808   -  Bios version
joaquim_vidal 5 102 Last post 07-June-18, 20:53:38
by flobelix
[Request] Bios update for RX 580 Armor 8Gb
All numbers are from the card itself. S/N1: 602-v341-156sb170800xxxx     CHK:7FC S/N2: H816934459  156S V341   Ver: 1.3 Thank you.
Marian15 3 128 Last post 07-June-18, 18:32:15
by flobelix
Problem after flashing latest BIOS
Greetings,I successfully flashed two 1060 3GT OC models with latest bios (, but am having problems with third car...
kopija 1 126 Last post 04-June-18, 18:16:20
by Svet
Bios req. for R7870-2GD5T/OC
Hi,I'd like to request the latest bios for an old R7870-2GD5T/OC.S/N: 602-V274-090B121108XXXXCurrent bios is attached, it was pr...
AlleyViper 3 106 Last post 03-June-18, 15:54:31
by flobelix
Very bad performance new card on Classic theme Win 7
My PC:OS: Windows 7 SP1 UltimateGraphic card: Radeon R7 360 2G (2016 release)Driver: Catalyst v15.7.1 .. Crimson v18.4.1 (any ve...
ruln18 16 467 Last post 03-June-18, 01:24:41
by darkhawk
Msi gtx 970 Fans Randomly Turning On When Idling???
So basically I have had my msi gtx 970 for a couple weeks and the fans seem to behave as normal? Now once when I was idling I no...
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matthew12106 99 39382 Last post 02-June-18, 10:03:58
by flobelix
MOVED: Problems with fan speed, 3500 rpm, Nvidia GTX960M
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
darkhawk 0 53 Last post 02-June-18, 08:58:41
by darkhawk
[Request] Bios update GTX 1050ti 4GB OC
Hello! I am looking for an updated VBIOS. SN: 602-V809-1123SD1708006838 Thanks.
jbeitia78 1 99 Last post 01-June-18, 17:19:06
by Svet
Hi, my card fan turns all the time have the card not Zero Mode ?in afterburn can only down to 35% and the settings (fan control ...
corequad2duo 1 90 Last post 30-May-18, 18:34:55
by flobelix
MOVED: A 1000 euro Bricked 1080 Sea Hawk X Bad CS
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Svet 0 55 Last post 30-May-18, 16:18:21
by Svet
MSI 1060 3GT OC Black Screen
So my friend have a MSI 1060 3GT OC, he said that his card is broken. When he play game (and once when idle) the temperature rea...
yudhagajel 1 89 Last post 29-May-18, 15:12:13
by Svet
GPU backplate dimensions
Hi, I recently decided I was going to mod my pc and add a GPU backplate to my build, so I wondered what were the dimensions of t...
jp.seguin 1 88 Last post 29-May-18, 15:01:03
by Svet
[Request] MSI GTX 670 GOP/UEFI Vbios request
Hi! I am looking for an updated VBIOS. SN: 602-v284-040b1301029291
jMurr 3 95 Last post 28-May-18, 19:07:09
by flobelix
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