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By entering this section, you know these are UNSUPPORTED AND UNOFFICIAL BIOS files, and donation is required.
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Sticky Topics
Purpose of the MSI Wind U90/U100/U100+ Notebook Patch:* Force OFF  CPU's Hyper-Threading Technology* Patch NVRAM to modify Turbo...
Svet 25 17817 Last post 16-January-15, 12:15:52
by thesame
To keep the work running, donation is required! >>> >>> Donate <<< <<< Thank you! S
Svet 0 33549 Last post 06-January-10, 06:22:33
by Svet
Beware, all BIOSses in this section have been created and tested by Svet!However, nobody is responsible if they fail or kill you...
Ex Forum User 3 0 21851 Last post 02-November-08, 15:12:25
by Ex Forum User 3
Normal Topics
[REQUEST] GS73VR 7RG unlocked bios
Hi Svet, I’d like to have a fully unlocked bios and vbios for GS73VR 7RG. Thanks.
agh.crp 0 4 Last post Today at 09:07:04
by agh.crp
GT70 OND-444US 970m not detected
Hey all, hoping someone can help me out.I was able to get my 970m installed and running a long time ago using this "official gt7...
Aileron31527 0 17 Last post Yesterday at 20:02:43
by Aileron31527
[Request] Unlocked Bios for GP73 Leopard 8RF
I need the unlocked Bios for GP73 Leopard 8RF, since i need more options for fixing some problems related to pci.BIOS Version/Da...
diogoalves98 1 63 Last post 13-August-18, 18:34:34
by Svet
Unlocked Bios GL62 6QF-1001XPT
Hello,Can I please have the unlocked BIOS for MSI laptop model GL62 6QF-1001XPT? This is the version with an i5-6300HQ and nVidi...
zaloss 1 44 Last post 12-August-18, 14:05:55
by Svet
Unlocked BIOS GT72VR-7RE Dominator Pro
helloi'm looking for a unlocked bios for my model MSI GT72VR 7RE Dominator Pro, i7-7700 and GTX1070, actually im using E1785IMS....
kogenta97 1 62 Last post 12-August-18, 13:32:20
by Svet
MSI gt70 2OC/OD 4700 to 4940MX and 780 to 1060 1C20
HelloI have 4700 to 4900XM andfrom 780m to 1060 Upgrading. und system is not stable and turbo fan is working constantlywhat bios...
ugurgedik1 1 72 Last post 11-August-18, 23:27:56
by ugurgedik1
Request Unlocked BIOS for MSI GT72 6QD8H11
Hi Svet, Can I ask if it's possible to do a fully unlocked bios for this model ( i actually have installed the latest bios E1782...
SIRKRA 1 73 Last post 10-August-18, 21:12:12
by Svet
Unlocked BIOS for MSI gs70 2pc stealth
bios E1772IMS.10F
deluxe7526 2 63 Last post 10-August-18, 21:09:09
by Svet
Unlock Bios for MSI GT70
Hello,Here is the story, I bought in June 2012 a Medion x7817 with a GTX 670, Ram 6Gb and i7 3610QM.I first upgrade the RAM (2 x...
BBMath 1 74 Last post 10-August-18, 21:08:06
by Svet
Unlock Bios for MSI GE72 6QD-033 please
Unlock Bios for MSI GE72 6QD-033 please.I would like to be able to disable integrated graphics or the 960m.Edit sorry for the do...
info 1 59 Last post 09-August-18, 14:55:37
by Svet
Unlocked Bios for GT/GX740(?), MS-1727
Hello guys,I would like to request an unlocked BIOS for my MS-1727 mainboard.It seems that no one can answer my questions regard...
Michael_K 1 68 Last post 08-August-18, 18:17:27
by Svet
MSI GT70 2OD. GTX980m Upgrade
Notebook MSI GT70 2OD. The video card burned out and replaced it with a new GTX980m without G-sync. I installed BIOS .71D, I do ...
dengto14 2 99 Last post 08-August-18, 18:16:24
by Svet
[Request] Unlocked BIOS for GP73 8RE
Hi, I recently bought a GP73 Leopard 8RE and wanted to add some RAM but the sticks I got only work when I keep the original 8GB ...
Hostabs 1 90 Last post 05-August-18, 18:01:05
by Svet
Hi Svet, Could I have some further information on the vBios for this laptop? nVidia GTX 1060 3GB Many thanks
josh.davies2009 1 95 Last post 05-August-18, 12:50:31
by Svet
GE70 2PE apache pro's latest BIOS
I guess my laptop's latest BIOS has some issue it does not work at all. I have followed MSI advice and it did not work. Also I u...
tamir_adog 1 83 Last post 05-August-18, 12:50:15
by Svet
Custom GS65 BIOS
I am interested in what capabilities a custom GS65 BIOS would offer. Please PM with details. Thanks.
acekc1 1 114 Last post 05-August-18, 12:46:45
by Svet
Need unlocked bios for MSI GT70 2PE890US
Hello,Here's my situation. My motherboard got broken. (V 1.0). I ordered a new one but this is (V 2.0) so i can't get my NVIDIA ...
danybullet2014 1 92 Last post 05-August-18, 12:35:24
by Svet
Unlocked Bios for GX740, MS-1727
Hello,I would like too unlocked BIOS for my MSI GX740.GX740MS-1727BIOS BUILD  :  E1727 IMS.10F     Date : 2011/05/27EC BUILD    ...
onlinemail 1 103 Last post 05-August-18, 12:34:13
by Svet
Bios msi cr620 laptop
Hi guys,I would like to know if the following is possible:My laptop had 4gb ram and i replaced it with 8gb ram i bought through ...
dennisdemenis 1 97 Last post 02-August-18, 15:53:57
by Svet
Unlocked bios and vbios for GT70 2QD
Hi Svet!   Looking for an unlocked bios and vbios for a GT70 2QD. It's got the gtx970M.   Thank you!
beepbop666 1 118 Last post 02-August-18, 15:50:28
by Svet
[ request :3]GE62 6QF laptop (GTX 970m 3gb) Unlocked BIOS and VBIOS
Hi. I am new russian user here Could some of experts send me unlocked BIOS and VBIOS please? Thanks a lot in advanc
just4fail 1 137 Last post Best Answer 02-August-18, 15:47:50
by Svet
[REQUEST] Unlocked BIOS for MSI GE73 8RF Raider RGB
Hi Svet,I'm currently running the stock MSI BIOS version E28C6IMS.109 and ECversion: 17C5EMS1.1050607201814:28:00 Could you plea...
windrain0317 1 140 Last post 31-July-18, 17:19:57
by Svet
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