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By entering this section, you know these are UNSUPPORTED AND UNOFFICIAL BIOS files, and donation is required.
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Sticky Topics
Purpose of the MSI Wind U90/U100/U100+ Notebook Patch:* Force OFF  CPU's Hyper-Threading Technology* Patch NVRAM to modify Turbo...
Svet 25 18781 Last post 16-January-15, 12:15:52
by thesame
To keep the work running, donation is required! >>> >>> Donate <<< <<< Thank you! S
Svet 0 34848 Last post 06-January-10, 06:22:33
by Svet
Beware, all BIOSses in this section have been created and tested by Svet!However, nobody is responsible if they fail or kill you...
Ex Forum User 3 0 22970 Last post 02-November-08, 15:12:25
by Ex Forum User 3
Normal Topics
MSI GS65 Unlocked Bios Request
I have the MSI GS65 8RE. I need BIOS unlock for better control over undervolting and sleep states. Thanks.
xyz.xmen 1 17 Last post Yesterday at 19:14:15
by Svet
MSI GS40 6QE Phantom - Unlocked Bios
Hi,Is it possible to get a custom BIOS for my GS40 6QE Phatom in order to decrease minimum fan RPM ? (CPU fan currently at 4000R...
max.garret 1 17 Last post Yesterday at 19:12:42
by Svet
Unlocked BIOS for ms-1757
Hello,  can I please get unlocked BIOS for ms-1757? Thanks.
le.samosk 1 28 Last post Yesterday at 19:11:40
by Svet
GP63 Leopard 8RE
Any chance of an unlocked bios for this one?
ciolansteen 1 40 Last post 11-November-18, 20:36:31
by Svet
GT60 0NC bios unlock
Hi Svet,I'm interested in getting a bios unlock for my GT60 0NC-263RU.  Below is the information as reported in bios:Marketing N...
salex 2 55 Last post 11-November-18, 15:33:04
by salex
Would like to get a custom bios for my gs63vr 6rf, any help would greatly appreciated.Many thanks!Current BIOS: E16K2IMS.10D (20...
mathersmarshall844 0 41 Last post 11-November-18, 08:55:30
by mathersmarshall844
Unlocked BIOS for GS43VR-7RE
Hi there,  Also, is it possible to tweak or modify the stuffs.I'm hoping to have a look at what options I can work with, obvious...
skyestippel 1 50 Last post 10-November-18, 13:28:34
by Svet
Unlocked BIOS for GT70 2QD (Would like to OC the CPU and GPU)
Hello MSI fourm, I have a request for you!I need a fully unlocked bios for my GT70-2QDI would also like to have the overclock li...
daniel.le17 1 47 Last post 10-November-18, 13:24:09
by Svet
GE63 8RF
Any chance of an unlocked bios for this model?
akritikos 1 62 Last post 10-November-18, 13:21:36
by Svet
Unlocked BIOS needed GS60 2QE
Requesting an unlocked Bios for the MSI GS60 2QE please.
volvowith18psi 1 53 Last post 10-November-18, 13:20:49
by Svet
Unlocked Bios for GP72vr 7rfx
Hello  Please provide me unlocked bios for modding thermal staff. Thank you 1 55 Last post 10-November-18, 13:19:54
by Svet
Hi,I'm a software engineer and need VT-X Enabled. Read that you can enable VT-X via bios. However, could not see it only vt-d. W...
rgat.randy 1 61 Last post 07-November-18, 16:11:23
by Svet
MSI GE 60-2PE Apache Pro Bios Unlock
hi!I need my Bios unlock for MSI GE 60-2PE Apache Pro!I need to disable my onboard nvidia GPU to install Linux and I need all th...
roxashe 1 69 Last post 07-November-18, 16:08:52
by Svet
Unlocked Bios for MSI GS43VR 7RE
Is it possible to get a unlocked Bios for MSI GS43VR 7RE such that it includes the following futures:- Change voltage of CPU and...
010111P 1 90 Last post 05-November-18, 20:50:37
by Svet
MSI GT70-0NC removed gforce GPU seek unlocked bios for fanspeed
Hello do you have a download for my gt70 0nc which needs an unlocked bios to silence the fan after removing the gforce GPUAny he...
info 1 75 Last post 05-November-18, 20:48:47
by Svet
MSI GE60-2PC Apache i5
Hello my friends, can you please send me a unlocked version of a bios of a MSI GE60-2PC Apache i5? Thank you so much
jobatdasilva 1 96 Last post 05-November-18, 10:45:14
by Svet
(Request) GE62 2QD Unlocked Bios
Unsure what info you would need.
robert_whitnack 1 103 Last post 05-November-18, 10:43:58
by Svet
Fans working at max speed always after i removed the Nvidia GPUwindows 10CORE I7 -3630qmFULL MODEL NO : GT70 0ND 8AR736332G1T0DB...
abdeladim.s2 1 83 Last post 05-November-18, 10:42:55
by Svet
GE72 2QC Apache unlocked BIOS
Hey there, Is it possible for me to get a whitelist free, unlocked BIOS for my GE72 2QC Apache? Thank you in advance.
doganmetin93 1 85 Last post 05-November-18, 10:42:00
by Svet
GS70 (MS-1771) BIOS unlock request.
Hey MSI community.Id like to ask someone to unlock my bios. Also Im confused about the exact version of my laptop because for ex... 1 85 Last post 05-November-18, 10:40:36
by Svet
GT70 2PC Unlock
Hello! Please, unlock my BIOS. BIOS Version E1763IMS.71D EC Version 1763EMS1 Ver5.10 Best regards!
leviathann 1 82 Last post 05-November-18, 10:39:21
by Svet
[Request] Bios unlocked and hotplug capable all PCIE for ge62 6qd apache pro
HI! looking for modified bios for my ge62 6qd apache pro  ms-16j5 hotplug capable in all pcie. thanks
jeryllmoleno 1 111 Last post 05-November-18, 10:38:21
by Svet
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