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By entering this section, you know these are UNSUPPORTED AND UNOFFICIAL BIOS files, and donation is required.
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Sticky Topics
Purpose of the MSI Wind U90/U100/U100+ Notebook Patch:* Force OFF  CPU's Hyper-Threading Technology* Patch NVRAM to modify Turbo...
Svet 25 16828 Last post 16-January-15, 12:15:52
by thesame
To keep the work running, donation is required! >>> >>> Donate <<< <<< Thank you! S
Svet 0 32242 Last post 06-January-10, 06:22:33
by Svet
Beware, all BIOSses in this section have been created and tested by Svet!However, nobody is responsible if they fail or kill you...
Ex Forum User 3 0 20800 Last post 02-November-08, 15:12:25
by Ex Forum User 3
Normal Topics
MSI GP72VR 7RFX Bios Unlock
Hi everyone!I need a small help with bios unlock for the subject...I make bios with unlocked prefences , but it can't be flashed...
back37 1 11 Last post Today at 14:30:26
by Svet
MSI GE70 2OE (MS-1757) unlocked bios
Hello o/I am new here, and I request a unlocked bios for my MS-1757 (the actual bios version is 1757EMS V5.11).I used this compu...
vixa 1 16 Last post Today at 14:26:19
by Svet
GT75 9rf bios unlock
The bios e17a3IMS.103 3/8/18wanting to unlock the sgx Also have the i7 8870h with the 1070 gtx. Upgraded to a sata ssd for good ...
ahl.88 2 52 Last post Yesterday at 12:31:16
by Svet
Custom Unlocked BIOS for GT72VR 7RE-433 Dominator Pro
Hello all,I need a custom & unlocked BIOS for my device mentioned in the topic title, GT72VR 7RE-433 Dominator Pro with i7-7700H...
ERROR_0815 1 36 Last post Yesterday at 12:24:50
by Svet
GT70 0ND GPU Dead Reflow failed Unlocked BIOS NEEDED!!!!
Hi Svet! my gtx675mx dead and i baked it until 2 of the chip fell off =(( now my laptop is working fine however fan always 100%....
Buluunee 1 40 Last post Yesterday at 12:22:47
by Svet
MSI GS70 2OD Bios unlock
Hello is it possible to unlock the new bios for the MSI GS70 2OD? [font=Arial, Verdana,
miguel 1 45 Last post Yesterday at 12:17:26
by Svet
HELP : Need MSI GE60 2PL Apache Unlocked BIOS
Hey, anyone know where to get Unlocked BIOS for my MSI GE60 2PL? I cannot find it anywhere. I want to disable build in graphic c...
handuck 1 40 Last post Yesterday at 12:16:17
by Svet
Request for unlocked bios+vbios MSI GE72 2QE Apache
Hello, I'm looking for unlocked bios and vbios for GE72 2QE Apache with 965m vcard.BIOS - E1791IMS.113VBIOS - -...
addicts 1 53 Last post 17-May-18, 16:29:07
by Svet
Request - Full unlocked bios + GPU vbios - MSI Dominator Pro GT72-2QE 658US
HiI have a MSI Dominator Pro GT72-2QE 658US. I would like to have a complete unlocked bios and also the vBios, it is a GTX980m 4...
Dominator2qe 1 90 Last post 16-May-18, 15:43:06
by Svet
Unlock Bios for CZ-17
Hello,Just looking for some help to unlock my bios. Version is E1732ii1.10r. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. If any ...
wolfbringer74 1 64 Last post 16-May-18, 15:38:39
by Svet
GT60 OnGPU Upgrade
Hey Svet,I am looking to upgrade my gpu for my laptop. I need help with aligning the bios, ec and possibly the vbios so that whe...
jprance2 1 80 Last post 16-May-18, 15:36:58
by Svet
GT72 2QE need help with GTX 1070 upgrade
Hi, i recently bought a gtx 1070 mxm ver 1.2 and im having troubles getting it to work all i get is a black screen. Can anybody ...
jalado86 1 85 Last post 14-May-18, 16:18:00
by Svet
Upgrade GT70 0NE-267BE to 1060 or 1070 ?
Hello,Is it possible to upgrade a GT70 0NE-267BE with a 680M to a 1060 or 1070 ?If yes, where can i buy the card and i'll need a...
makz 3 111 Last post 14-May-18, 16:17:21
by Svet
MSI GE72MVR 7RG unlocked bios please
Hoping to get an unlocked BIOS for my laptop.latest version E179CIMS.30E
davidknox100 1 87 Last post 13-May-18, 17:26:24
by Svet
Unlocked BIOS MSI GE60 2PE Apache Pro
Hi,Could I please have the unlocked bios for the MSI GE60 2PE Apache pro?BIOS version: E16GFIMS.52DThanks for all that you do, S...
Yumi 1 82 Last post 13-May-18, 17:25:35
by Svet
HELP : Need MSI GE60 2PL Apache Unlocked BIOS
Hey, anyone know where to get Unlocked BIOS for my MSI GE60 2PL? I cannot find it anywhere. I want to disable build in graphic c...
Ronnie96 1 100 Last post 12-May-18, 12:40:18
by Svet
Unlocked Bios For MSI GT70 0ND
Hello,i need an unlocked bios for my msi gt70 0ndi have a GTX 675mx with 2 GB VRAMMy bios is the E1762IMS.50UMy GTX 675mx with 2...
Osku 1 99 Last post 12-May-18, 12:38:32
by Svet
GE73 Raider RGB 8RE unlocked bios request
Hello gents, Just bought myself a GE73 Raider RGB 8RE. Can anyone help me with a unlocked bios for it? Thank you!
diasfk 1 101 Last post 11-May-18, 11:38:33
by Svet
MSI GS65 Unlocked Bios Request
I have the MSI GS65 8RF.In the unlocked BIOS is it possible to set new PL1 limits to allow for higher sustained boost clocks? Th...
jetblackcoopers 1 119 Last post 11-May-18, 11:37:30
by Svet
unlocked bios gp62mvr 6rf
Hello,I'm new in this forum, i would like to ask if somebody can help me to unlock the aptio V bios of this notebook, i've tried...
stevazi 1 93 Last post Best Answer 11-May-18, 11:36:40
by Svet
MSI GS40 - Undervolt
Hi,I'd be interested in undervolting my GS40, I saw somewhere that it could be done without sacrifice on performance. Any instru...
max.garret 2 131 Last post 10-May-18, 13:29:53
by Svet
Unlocked BIOS for GX63VR
I would be grateful if someone could get me the unlocked bios for this laptop.
SomeGuy2015 1 110 Last post 10-May-18, 13:28:25
by Svet
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