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Various assembly guides that have been uploaded.
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Sticky Topics
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in o...
Dragoonyang 12 5424 Last post 26-December-17, 13:30:30
by Mr.Gurelli
The >>Forum FAQ<< now contains links to all the assembly/disassembly guides that have been uploaded by request by the moderators...
Stu 0 13644 Last post 05-February-10, 20:23:44
by Stu
Normal Topics
Power cable from PSU to the front of Desktop
Power cable. Hello. In my Codex XE PC there is a power cable that goes from the PSU to the front - suppose it is for the light i...
Nokse 2 80 Last post 24-September-18, 19:55:44
by Nokse
Upgrade my GE63VR 7RE with Storage and RAM
Hello friends, I wish to know how can i upgrade my Storage from the present 1 TB  SATA HDD to a 1 TB SSD. Also i have 16gb ram a...
y.shashikant 3 195 Last post 22-September-18, 02:45:21
by MichaelT.
MSI GP62 7RD SSD Upgrade
Is the SAMSUNG 960 EVO M.2 2.5" Internal SSD - 250 GB compatible with my laptop?
margitran94 3 574 Last post 22-September-18, 02:19:45
by MichaelT.
GT72S Dusting Guide
My GT72S is a few years old now and loaded with dust.  Time for a refresh.Required Tools:Phillips #1 screwdriver with at least 1...
twopoint71 4 549 Last post 22-September-18, 01:46:35
by MichaelT.
Chnaging optane to EVO ssd
What do i have to do to change out my 16gb optane to a 250gb nvme ssd? I have a gv62 8rd-200 laptop. I would like to add more st...
scrane1229 3 244 Last post 20-September-18, 02:00:39
by MichaelT.
Fan replacement
I'm looking for place where can get the fan for GS63 7RD? Online or store in GTA (Canada)
WarriorPrince 2 99 Last post 20-September-18, 01:49:09
by MichaelT.
Hi, I need to replace thermal pads in my laptop. Does anybody kbow what thickness should it be? Is it ok to use Gelid pads which...
jsaguk 5 174 Last post 19-September-18, 18:10:34
by MichaelT.
GS65 Installed Samsung 970 EVO - not sure what to do next.
I just installed a 970 Evo and I was able to format the drive. However, I now have two separate drives, a C:\ and D:\ drive.I ju...
spitfiredd 1 90 Last post 19-September-18, 17:58:31
by MichaelT.
GP72-7RDX-CA: Upgrade to ssd?
Hello, I was wondering how I go about upgrading my laptop's HDD to a SSD? I'm planning on getting a 512 GB SSD for Windows 10 an...
drazum77 3 150 Last post 30-August-18, 01:07:52
by david
GT70-2QD harddrive question
Hello everyone new to the MSI lifestyle, I have been searching quite a bit of posts but I noticed my particular model of laptop ...
Metalcorpse 1 95 Last post 29-August-18, 03:42:24
by david
Can I upgrade my GT60 Barebones (16F4) GPU from 970m to 1070?
Does anyone have experience with this?Some threads I've seen have done it on a 17 inch laptop, I was wondering if it was possibl...
teeniv 1 130 Last post 28-August-18, 16:52:52
by akernan
New graphic card
Hello I got a MSI GT62VR 6RE DOMINATOR PRO. doing a lot af games I suddenly get a white screen and then it reboot. I have tried ...
martin_fr 2 125 Last post 28-August-18, 16:41:52
by akernan
GS40 laptop - touchpad physically stuck - top cover removal?
Hey all, I've got the GS40 laptop. It has a touchpad with no separate left/right buttons but the bottom left/right corners can c...
uelmaree 1 119 Last post 26-August-18, 12:19:20
by uelmaree
Adding SSD to my GE60 2PC - looking for advice
Hi,I have a GE60 2PC Apache and I'm hating the mechanical HDD speed lately so I want to upgrade.From this document I think I hav...
_Forest_ 2 185 Last post 19-August-18, 21:02:19
by _Forest_
looking for advice for new graphics card
I have a ge72vr 7rf with the nvidia 1060 3gb. I am looking to get an amd replacement card. The nvidia card is not working with m...
tyler.campbell 1 138 Last post 18-August-18, 05:19:34
by darkhawk
MSI GE72MVR 7RG SSD upgrade
Hi Guys I would like to upgrade the SSD in my laptop from 256 Gb to 512 Gb or 1 Tb. I`m thinking about to buy Samsung 970 Pro 51...
rastislav.pulak 5 211 Last post Best Answer 16-August-18, 05:57:33
by rastislav.pulak
GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro
Dear Forum Board,I was wondering does anyone have the upgrade instructions for the MSI GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro, I can not find the...
evans89lfc 5 1883 Last post 16-August-18, 04:58:26
by masonyang
Washed out looking screen on MSI notebook
Hello everyone!I recently bought the MSI GL62m 7Rex, this is my first gaming laptop so I'm not to familiar with it. My screen lo...
littlenitro_216 1 163 Last post 10-August-18, 08:27:28
by josephlai12345
Upgrade 60hz to 120hz screen panel
Hello, my laptop is GE72VR 6RF and the refresh rate is 60hz.Is it possible to change the screen panel to 120hz because this mode...
haikalmmc 2 227 Last post 09-August-18, 21:30:09
by Hutbolzen
msi: plugged in, not charging.. Need help !!
Hello all,I have purchased the msi gt72 2qd just days ago. The laptop is amazing while i can play everything on max; however, th...
itsgamingman7 19 60217 Last post 08-August-18, 19:06:00
by canadis83
Upgrading SSD of MSI GE62VR 7RF Camo Squad
Hi All,I tried to upgrade my laptop M.2 from 256GB to 2TB.MSI Folks here doesnt had any advise on upgrading the M.2 to 2TB and a...
ryan.s.roldan 3 254 Last post 02-August-18, 03:43:25
by masonyang
MSI GT72VR 6rd Dominator 063
Can I upgrade i7-6700HQ Processor to i7-7820HK Processor or i7-6820HK Processor?
muhammadalisiddiqui 2 431 Last post 30-July-18, 05:05:13
by dontask
Is it possible to upgrade my laptop CX72 7QL GPU (940mx)?
I have MSI laptop CX72 7QL with i5 Core 7th Gen, DDR4 RAM, and cooler booster. However, GPU is Nvidia 940mx a below average gami...
isaiahmullins89 2 405 Last post 30-July-18, 05:00:55
by dontask
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