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 on: Today at 22:46:17 
Started by pstepanoff - Last post by pstepanoff
Sorry, that was the reason for my double post I neglected to list the details. This Board format is new to me and I haven't quite grasped it yet! :)
I have the M5 board with the latest 170 BIOS. I don't understand why the Optane setup program won't install and is telling me the BIOS is not correct!

 on: Today at 22:43:02 
Started by blob1956 - Last post by blob1956
I'm just curious and worried about my motherboard as it has been acting rather strangely for the past month or so, at first it didn't catch my attention until recently where my computer was having this weird issue of not being able to read USB inputs (the keyboard would stop responding and whatever key i was touching or holding would be stuck on just that), it kept saying on Windows how the driver for the keyboard ran into an error and it would temporarily fix itself until it happened again, now while it was happening it caused my system to completely freeze, I couldn't tab out, close the game whatsoever, the only option I had was to force restart via button on the computer case. Which when I did, the computer did not start up. It started giving me debug error codes (varying from 55, B2, B4, A2 etc etc), I had taken steps to fix it and get it started up again, however this time one of the SATA plugs which i assume went bad because it wasn't able to read my SSD, I swapped the SATA plugs around using other available spots and booted up fine afterwards, though the fact that it gave me those debug error codes kind of worries me because it's running into detection problems. I thought that it wouldn't happen again until just 2 days ago when it did it again. I went to start it up and same thing, debug error codes, except it was able to read my SSD this time. I took the same steps again (removing the ram sticks and leaving 2 in, plugging in Keyboard and mouse) and then it would randomly start up and work fine afterwards. And recently I've been getting CPU spikes only when running games even though all of my drivers are up to date and regularly check for outdated software, but ever since this whole thing happened and started happening my computer's performance has become rather unstable and a bit iffy considering I have a pretty well built rig which can handle most of the tasks and such. I tried to send this question to MSI directly however it wouldn't let me send it as it kept saying not to exceed 1500 characters when I had less than 500... So I'm posting on here (and hopefully on the right section too :)), any ideas on what I should do? I'm thinking of getting it sent to repair as I can't afford to replace any PC components because I just don't want it suddenly poop itself and then never start up again. Thanks.

MY rig specs in case it's needed:

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i5 3570k 
G.Skill TRIDENT X (16GB 4x4)
Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8GB (G1 Gaming I'm pretty sure)
Samsung 850 EVO 1TB
900 Watt Antec PSU
3TB HDD Seagate Internal Storage
500GB HDD Seagate Internal Storage
2TB External HDD Seagate

That's about it :)

 on: Today at 22:41:15 
Started by chaile.resende - Last post by rbleroy91
You can downgrade bios version as you have upgraded it. Use M-Flash to do that.

 on: Today at 22:20:31 
Started by mrduck288 - Last post by badboy2k
we are not MSI themself!

very few MSI staff come on here and all moderators are users like you (if a moderator is not able to help you as they do not mine then we cant do so as its our own personal expertise you get here and if we have no experience using mining stuff we cant help you.) so you are not talking to someone who works for MSI directly here!

if you want to talk to someone from MSI please feel free to contact them for assistance off them! >>How to contact MSI.<<

 on: Today at 22:18:29 
Started by peoplesp1android - Last post by peoplesp1android
ok let me know how it goes when you try it!

Will do! I’m out for drinks, but I’ll give it a look in the next few hours.

 on: Today at 22:15:13 
Started by pstepanoff - Last post by badboy2k
what board exactly do you have?

 on: Today at 22:14:12 
Started by peoplesp1android - Last post by badboy2k
ok let me know how it goes when you try it!

 on: Today at 22:02:37 
Started by peoplesp1android - Last post by peoplesp1android
ok that should have done it but just to make sure try this when you can just to make 100% sure:

1. Power off the computer and unplug the power cord.
2. Disconnect the CMOS Battery
3. hold in the power button on your case for 30 seconds
4. short the pins for 5-10 seconds for JBAT 1
5. let it sit for 5-30 mins
6. put the battery back in
7. Plug the power cord and power on the computer

that should make 100% sure it fully cleared!

Sounds good. I’ll do a system teardown and, if problems persist, I’ll try that method. Thanks!

 on: Today at 22:00:55 
Started by mrduck288 - Last post by mrduck288
please read this MSI Cryptocurrency Mining Guides and FAQ

we do not like supporting mining as we do not participate in it but that guide is about the best we can do for you!

thats alot of bullshit, you guys advertise your boards for mining, specially msi z270 a pro, first thing you see when you open it is mining.

asus boards are better and updated to recognise new GPU's but i never see them ever mentioning mining on their pages, you guys made images and the like for your advertisements to sell more boards.

so dont come here you guys dont like mining.

second i can run 7 RX580's, easy simple it detects them. but with RX vega 56 its different, very different, z170 and z270 had same chipset driver, and it wont detect more than 5 gpu's, it detects two last as same unit. 

older gpu's are supported and runs fine, i will have to return this amazing msi board for mining as advertised for an asus board which actually gets updated chipset drivers and will recognise all 6 rx vega gpu's and more. 

thats why i came here for help, if i cant get it to run after 3 days of testing with other motherboards, same risers as working ones and new risers then i have no choise but to blame the chipset drivers as those seems to be detected before OS does based on chipset and bios drivers.

all drivers for this board is old in my opinion, and thats why i came here for suggestions. those tips there you gave etc i have actually done those multiple times days ago and Alot more, more or less everything in the book. it took me 10 minutes to get 7 gpu's working + IGPU but 6 rx vega's? nope.

 on: Today at 21:59:22 
Started by pstepanoff - Last post by pstepanoff
Yes, I tried that, but it will not let me install the app. It says that my BIOS is not compatible.......Go Figure!

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