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 on: Today at 04:43:36 
Started by donnhut64 - Last post by donnhut64
I have a Z97 PC Mate and when i hooked up my speakers I had no sound, troubleshot and reply was no speakers plugged in, well they were plugged and now I'm at aloss

 on: Today at 03:52:33 
Started by pmkagan - Last post by pmkagan
Google searching has led me here. Can I get an unlocked vbios for my card? Hoping to get more than the +135mhz I have on the core clock now in afterburner to handle Black Ops 4 a bit better. Looking forward to the next steps, thanks!

 on: Today at 02:46:46 
Started by vmanray6978 - Last post by jhchris2
Thanks, rbleroy91.  How about my D3 code?  What does "Some of the Architectural Protocols are not available" and why is the UEFI telling us?  These codes change as time goes by, why?  Thanks and enjoy, John.

 on: Today at 02:10:44 
Started by eturk - Last post by eturk
decided to attack this issue again

since about bios 1.D, bios can no longer be displayed using GPU. I must unplug power to GPU and use onboard vga any time I need to make a change in the bios. I'm now up to 1.L, still same problem. If I flash back to the old 1.C or earlier bios, I can see the bios fine.

GPU: MSI R9 390 using DP
Monitor: 4k samsung

 on: Today at 01:39:12 
Started by michacz18 - Last post by rbleroy91
It sounds like bios update has erased the MAC address. To test it suffice to enter in bios setup and read "SETTINGS \ Advanced \ Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I219-V \ Hardware Address": if it is "00:...", it has been erased.
Tools like "MACTool" can write it again but, you have to know it. Commonly, a sticker near the LAN port gives it. Have you? If yes, what are the 6 first numbers?
Have a good day,
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 01:22:26 
Started by jamesdrennie - Last post by rbleroy91
1/ Please confirm: you do not use a graphic card but only the Vega 3 embedded in the Athlon 200GE.
2/ Connect the monitor to the mobo's VGA output (to have post display). Do a clear CMOS:
- Power off PSU, unplug the power cord and wait that all mobo's leds light off.
- Either

   . short JBAT1 during at least 20s
      (if you have not a jumper cap, use something like a screwdriver but be cautious to touch only the 2 pins of JBAT1) or
    . remove the battery cell during 30mn.

- Plug the power cord then power on.

- You would see a question asking to enter in bios setup or load bios default values
   . if you have, load bios default values (for the moment).
   . if not, retry one time from the beginning waiting longer.
Shutdown. Connect the monitor to the mobo's DVI-D output. Start. Have you display now?
3/ If problem remains, disable Windows Fast Startup:
- Enter in "Control Panel \ Power Options"
- Click "Choose what the power buttons do", then "Change settings that are currently unavailables"
- Uncheck "Turn on fast startup (recommended)"

Restart with monitor connected to the mobo's DVI-D output. Have you display now?
Hoping it shall help,
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 00:52:00 
Started by vmanray6978 - Last post by rbleroy91
For AMD based mobos, the value displayed at the end of a full boot process does not correspond to the CPU temperature (Intel mobos do that) but the last boot code: A5 = SCSI Reset; it is not an error, so boot has been successfull! It is the same after a resume process but, in that case, the displayed code is different: E3 = OS S3 wake vector call. To see all these codes, see >>Manual<< p.55-57.
Hoping to have fully answered to your question,
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 00:43:49 
Started by sqwert - Last post by sqwert
Got the Dell working using the Display Port connection.

 on: Today at 00:26:58 
Started by eturk - Last post by rbleroy91
Now I'm running my GPU again also. Everything works.
Good news, happy for you! :pompom:
Glad to have been able to help you.
Have a good day,
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 00:19:20 
Started by chemcup - Last post by rbleroy91
Before delid of the cpu the memory was running   at 3733MHz for 6 months stabile
Wahoo, you were lucky to obtain a such speed with such CPU and 4 RAM sticks (see my previous post)! :beerchug:

when use only the left-hand side sockets two dimms it will run at xmp. When using the right-hand side, it will run max 2666.
That is when using only DIMMC1 and DIMMD1 with every RAM stick pair, OC works at XMP (3000MHz). But, when using only DIMMB1 and DIMMA1 with every RAM stick pair, OC does not work at XMP.
1/ And, with same but slots n°2?
2/ Have you already done a Clear CMOS (use the button on the back panel), loading default values when asked at next start, then activating XMP?
3/ Please, Try with the pevious bios version. Do exactly that:
- Download >>Bios V1.70<<.
- Take a USB pen having no more than 16GB (physical size) with only one partition. It must be FAT32 (I recommend to verify the pen with CHKDSK).
- Unzip it and copy the file "E7A91IMS.170" on the root of the USB pen.
- Boot and enter in Bios Setup. Press <F6>, confirm, press <F10> and confirm. Pc should restart.
- Enter again in Bios Setup.
- Insert the flash pen in one USB 2.0 port of the back panel (those below the PS/2 port).
- Click on the M-Flash button.
   M-Flash should ask you to select the bios you want to update; press only <Enter> because you want to update the current one.
- Wait the update end (can last up to 5mn).
- Power off pc and PSU then wait 5s after all mobo's LEDs light off.
Power on, enter in bios setup and activate XMP. Result?
Hoping it shall help,
:hat tip:

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