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 on: Today at 20:35:08 
Started by djisrael1 - Last post by flobelix
Replacing thermal grease does not void warranty by MSI's general policy. To be safe though you can ask the local office for confirmation: >>How to contact MSI.<<

 on: Today at 20:33:27 
Started by rafamundez - Last post by flobelix
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 19:55:21 
Started by davidf - Last post by asusfreak

Just wanted to contribute also

I have the same problems on MSI X99A Raider and Samsung NVMe 960 EVO.

MSI: Are You looking into this? Problem has been there apx 4 months now. MSI, Hope to hear from You soon.

I also refer to Microsoft forum:

Kind Regards

 on: Today at 19:52:38 
Started by qotfplzm - Last post by qotfplzm
Thank you very much!
It worked perfectly! :)
In deed - after I enabled M.2 and WHQL, run Windows 10 installation - I could see my hard drive, removed partition, installed windows in now unassigned space and... there we go! Intel Optane Memory User Interface and Driver for System Acceleration installation worked perfectly and now I have a boosted Windows! Works great :)

Took a while to get here, but thanks a lot!

 on: Today at 19:39:48 
Started by to - Last post by to
I've upgraded the laptop BIOS to the last version:

After this upgrade I can't boot using UEFI, only with LEGACY. Also had to turn off secure boot.
My SSD isonly detected with legacy...

Any advice? Maybe BIOS downgrade?

 on: Today at 19:15:24 
Started by anthonysny - Last post by jashayre
Getting EXTREMELY ANNOYED now with this.

No fix or communication on this from MSI (or Microsoft).

Last MSI product I ever buy!

 on: Today at 19:14:47 
Started by davidf - Last post by jashayre
Same problem here.  Getting EXTREMELY ANNOYED now with this.

Last MSI product I ever buy!

X99A-GODLIKE-GAMING-CARBON.   Using Samsung SM951 M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD  as boot drive C:

 on: Today at 18:50:17 
Started by mlttai.1301 - Last post by gr33nbits
Was thinking on updating my B350 Gaming Plus like i always do as soon a new bios comes out but i think im going to wait, all is working ok besides the minimum Vcore 1.3v does this new bios fix that?

But you have dif multipliers on those timings you should even have more and you have less, weird yes.

 on: Today at 18:49:34 
Started by dooby104 - Last post by dooby104
As a follow up... I initially planned to just run the stock settings to allow Quiet n Cool to work however the only way for variable voltages is to have "AUTO" voltage.  The moment you hard code a voltage that will be the only voltage you get, so this definitely seems like a bug.  Due to this I went back to 3.7ghz @1.225v running at full speed and voltages for now as it seems to run cooler.  The auto voltage at stock settings spikes up to as high as 1.445 volts at times which isn't confidence inspiring.  Hopefully a new bios/beta bios with a fix will come soon...

 on: Today at 18:34:55 
Started by djisrael1 - Last post by djisrael1
I have a 1080 GTX Sea Hawk EK X, this card comes with an EK Waterblock built on it. When I was working on redoing my loop and noticed that the card happen to have a "Warranty Void if Removed" sticker on the back. I have no need or reason to remove it, though I do find it a little odd and ironic that MSI includes some EK Thermal Grease with the card. Why include something that would void the warranty if someone used it?

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