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 on: Today at 21:34:39 
Started by dj.av3r - Last post by joaoscp_88
MSI should have an option to use LED effects without using the gaming app because it is so buggy.

 on: Today at 21:32:42 
Started by joeisawesome4life - Last post by joeisawesome4life
This could be caused by malware. Load the Task Manager and take a screenshot of the Startup tab, or if you have any obvious suspect entries you should delete them and run a malware scanner like Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware. (unfortunately, MBAM has become nagware, so you'll have to get the free trial)

Its a known issue caused by a rootkit, so not every scanner may detect it.

thank you <3 i think i fixed it now. i ran the malware scan and there definately was malware on my computer. i got rid of it, then restarted it, and turned up the volume in the recording devices screen/menu thing. so far, my microphone is working fine. it hasn't gone silent yet but i'll post here if it does. thank you for your help :)

 on: Today at 21:27:49 
Started by rkmoore9 - Last post by prezzy_dent explains the limitations.
Maybe you can put those SATA drives to different ports.

 on: Today at 21:25:48 
Started by darrenoleary88 - Last post by Svet
try 1.32 then:

 on: Today at 21:11:39 
Started by darrenoleary88 - Last post by darrenoleary88
try flash to the latest BIOS 1.1:

then see how its goes

Installed with no luck, still stuck at 100mbps.

 on: Today at 21:09:23 
Started by timmy.mahieu - Last post by timmy.mahieu
Hi all! Newbie here :)
 I've searched around but couldn't find anything specifically related to this issue. It's probably something really stupid (at least I'm hoping it is) so here goes nothing.

I've assembled a new PC, these are the parts that matter:
  • MSI H110M ECO
  • MSI GTX 1050 2G OC
  • Intel Pentium G4560
  • Crucial Ballistix Sport LT - DDR4 (2x4GB)
  • Samsung 750 EVO 250GB
  • Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM010

I figured installation would be a breeze if I chose parts of the same brand but whatever I try, the system just won't install drivers for the GTX 1050 card.
I've installed Windows 10 pro x64 and after some bumps (LAN refused to work at first), it got all setup just fine. Only when trying to install the graphics card, it fails every time.

I have tried and failed:
  • Driver install from Nvidia (saying Windows isn't compatible)
  • Installing drivers through Geforce Experience (same!)
  • Installing drivers with the .inf file
  • Installing drivers via Device Manager
    It's showing "Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device" even though the selected compatible driver states "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050"
    The device keeps showing as "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)" in the list.
  • Uninstalling drivers via Device Manager
  • All the above in safe mode
  • Installing drivers via Windows Update
  • Removing and reinserting the GTX card (and some of the above again)

That last one is a pickle as it won't get past the Nvidia update (all other updates are pending but can't continue), Windows 10 does not allow me to skip the Nvidia update (this was not a problem in Windows 7).

I have also tried several BIOS settings, these are the settings that could be relevant (or that I don't understand :bonk:):

  • CPUID/MicroCode: 906E9/48
  • BIOS Version: E7994IMS.280 (updated this from here right after Windows was installed)
  • BIOS Build Date: 12/16/2016
  • Physical Memory: 8192MB
  • Memory Speed: 2400MHz
  • Cache Size: 512KB
  • L3 Cache Size: 3072KB
  • PEGO - Max Link Speed: Auto 
  • PCI Latency Timer: 128 PCI Bus Clocks
  • Above 4G Decoding: Disabled
  • Power LED: Blinking
  • Onboard LAN Controller: enabled
  • LAN Option ROM: disabled
  • Network stack: disabled
  • SATA mode: AHCI Mode
  • SATA hit plugs: disabled
  • HPET: enabled
  • Intel Serial I/O: disabled
  • In the 'Integrated Graphic Adapter' section I've just about tried everything. PEG or IGD, multi-monitor or not, with or without Integrated Graphics Share Memory, it all results the same for the GTX: drivers cannot be installed.
  • When disabling 'Windows 7 installation' or enabling Windows 8.1/10 WHQL Support, it just reboots to BIOS.
  • ECO
  • ECO Genie: disabled
  • Limit CPUID Maximum: Disabled
  • Intel Virtualization Tech: Enabled
  • Intel VT-D Tech: Disabled
  • Hardware Prefetcher: Enabled
  • Intel Adaptive Thermal Monitor: Enabled
  • Intel C-State: Auto
  • CFG Lock: Enabled
  • EIST: Enabled
  • SW Guard Extensions (SGX): Software Controlled
  • Security Device Support: Disabled
  • TPM Device Selection: PTT
  • Chassis Intrusion: Disabled
  • BOOT
  • GO2BIOS: Disabled
  • AUTO CLR_CMOS: Disabled
  • Boot mode select: LEGACY+UEFI

When I attach the screen to the mobo and switch to IGD mode, it works fine on HD Graphics, when I attach the screen to the graphics card (PEG mode), it works but everything looks super large. If I use IGD dual-screen mode, both screens work (one as screen 1, the other as screen 2) the same. The fan spins and everything sounds normal. I've tried DVI and HDMI cables. I really don't know what else to try... Ideas?

 on: Today at 21:09:08 
Started by dj.av3r - Last post by pancakelust
Same, since the last few versions, it just wont start, tried all the recent ones, i'd roll back to the last version that work, but sadly msi doesnt have the option to download older driver, and i'm not even sure which one was it, 6.1something i think.

Using GTX 980ti gaming OC in SLI
i bet someone along will just say try this and try that and maybe you didnt do this or that, wont admit they release faulty drivers.

 on: Today at 21:07:07 
Started by meanyme - Last post by meanyme
Yes i used 1.31 on the USB Drive, nothing was detected at all, no PCI cards either.

what i did to fix it was to flash the bios chip directly on the board (MX25U12835F) using flashrom on a raspberry pi. it took about 20 minutes to read the bios file and to write the 1.31 bios onto the chip directly. After all that it booted straight into bios! no need to RMA.


 on: Today at 20:55:19 
Started by lowdog - Last post by koslund2
Reports are that am AGESA update in the ASUS BIOS was *at least* partially to blame for some of the bricking issues. However, it is difficult to verify much of anything at the moment.

And again, you are factually WRONG about the BIOS updates. If you are running 1.10 that is YOUR fault. Version 1.31 (and several prior) have been available for a while. I'll take a BETA BIOS that is stable versus an official BIOS update that bricks systems.

Negative ghost rider. You are wrong. 1.10 is the official, beta does not count as it can be revised hence the label of beta. Example "A pre-release of software that is given out to a large group of users to try under real conditions. Beta versions have gone through alpha testing inhouse and are generally fairly close in look, feel and function to the final product; however, design changes often occur as a result." That means it is not official any way shape or form. No white papers also means you have no clue what is in it. 

 on: Today at 20:31:01 
Started by muzzled3 - Last post by muzzled3
Hello, the problem that my laptop has is that being in a state of rest, without emitting audio, and also in "muted" (Fn + 0) a very often "PLOF" is heard, as if giving a dry blow of sound of Low frequency, a serious, come on. It always does, as well as a chirping sound on the right side of the laptop, under the keyboard obviously as if it were the hard drive or something else as it actually sounds like a squeal and is quite annoying. Not to mention that my in ear headphones have already given me two electric shocks in my left ear, and the headphones in no other device do this to me, besides they are not a low price model, they are a Xiaomi Hybrid, comparable to Sennheiser and Audio Technica.

If any user with this same model (if it is another one specifies which one) has one of the problems mentioned please comment on this thread and see how widespread these problems are in MSI GT - GS models.

Constructive criticism to MSI:
You must invest more in product construction, personally I returned two GS laptops and now that I have a GT (supposedly this model has "better construction quality")..... I have exactly the same problems with GT model now. Not to mention the light leaks on the screens...

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