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 on: Today at 20:49:24 
Started by ken_wire - Last post by msi
In windows right click the windows button, click on "Disk Management" when it open see if the drive is there. If it is then initiate/partition/format it. Should be good then.

 on: Today at 20:44:22 
Started by ken_wire - Last post by ken_wire
I just got my pc up and running after a fatal crash during normal use. All went black and it prolly broke my mobo. However, warranty covered everything and i got new mobo and after a while new 960 EVO 250gb drive. So all the parts are the same as before but now my motherboard doesn't see the m.2 drive anymore.
It doesn't let me install drivers. It's not visible in bios or in windows. No reaction by the computer. I have updated bios, all drivers. tried to update firmwares. Tried with all possible bios settings but nothing.
Also I've read and googled answers for like 30 hours but nothing seems working.
Any ideas how to solve this? mobo and EVO 960 are brand new products.

B350 tomahawk
ryzen 1700x
gskill 4x8gb 3200mhz
asus GTX 970
samusung ssd 850 EVO
+ few hdds

 on: Today at 20:11:22 
Started by david.gourlaouen - Last post by david.gourlaouen

I just acquired a new config cm: x370 sli plus with Ryzen 5 2600x + ddr4 Hyper'x fury 16gb + 2 cg gtx 660 2gb.
After mounting in the rules 1st start no display no led fault turned on, no beep. the fans (cpu, gpu and box work).
Test by removing the graphic cards = ditto
test by changing memory slot = ditto

checking all the connectors = ras
clear cmos always the same bike turns but no display.

Would a charitable soul have an idea of the problem? Bios not up to date for the ryzen 5 2600x? CM defective? I do not know what to watch.
thanking you.

 on: Today at 19:48:43 
Started by joannah8 - Last post by Alberto Guerra Linares
Can you send a capture from disk management?
Just right-click on the Start button and select disk management, or try the WIN+X combination on your keyboard

 on: Today at 19:40:22 
Started by simon.w.gun - Last post by abrahamfelpeto
Dear all

I´m facing the same problem since a couple of weeks after buy my G63VR 7RE Raider laptop. As it was said in the previous posts, the keyboard have a RGB configuration, so in order to know if it works or not, we should use the pure red, blue and green colors.

In this particular case, I´ve problems with the green light. If I enable the green color for the whole keyboard, I can see that 5keys doesn´t work, I mean, the key isn´t illuminated at all.

I dont think it is a software but hardware problem... maybe it´s because a deficent voltage input for the green color.

I´ve written to the support team and they told me that I have to send the laptop in order to fix it, but I cant because I need it to work.

Other issue that I´m facing is related with the screen. Sometimes the LCD panel becomes stuck, so if I move the mouse, change screen or whatever, the panel is frozen. The solution here is to close and open again the laptop so the screen can be rebooted. In this case i´m in doubts if it is about software (graphic driver) or hardware problems.

Here you can see the blown green keys:

And here, what happens when the green color doesnt work when I mix red with green (255,255,0) in order to get yellow (sorry for the bad picture). Green leds doesnt work... and near all the keys will fail soon, because I can see a little red color in most of the keys.

Best regards!

 on: Today at 19:32:46 
Started by banfollowesme - Last post by ste_xrysos
Cool'n'Quiet works as expected; at stock it scales, and in OC mode, your CPU scales down even if it doesn't show in the frequency... my cores go way down to 0.1W@0.4V each (0.02W with parking enabled) even if it's reporting 3.75 GHz...
Good to know. May i ask what monitoring software do you use? Task manager? I know there are issues with Windows OS reporting false values.
*Took the risk AGAIN to upgrade to the latest version. No. It doesn't scale down. Mhz and Voltage doesn't scale down. Version 7A34v1C works as it should(Voltages and Mhz of CPU when custom overclocking scale down when idle. But the only limitation in that version is that you can't set custom CPU Voltage below 1.3.

 on: Today at 19:32:43 
Started by dkman3 - Last post by dkman3
Hi. I would like to ask if is it possible to have a Bios with voltage regulation and ram settings. Thanks

 on: Today at 19:18:36 
Started by banfollowesme - Last post by JocPro
AMD Cool and Quiet works though? When you are on Desktop doing nothing(Every app closed), do the voltages and Hz of the CPU drop down?

Cool'n'Quiet works as expected; at stock it scales, and in OC mode, your CPU scales down even if it doesn't show in the frequency... my cores go way down to 0.1W@0.4V each (0.02W with parking enabled) even if it's reporting 3.75 GHz...

 on: Today at 19:02:51 
Started by marbl - Last post by marbl
Have you any idea why the Windows 10 update 1803 reports that the hardware of my AEGIS 3 VR7RD-002EU is not supported by that version. My computer is less then a year old and unmodified.

 on: Today at 18:53:02 
Started by matthewreeves08 - Last post by therareanimal
Hello thank you I appreciate that I couldn't find it, I was using an extension cable BUT it seems this will have the same problem... The cable management will be too long for the body because its a converter. Is there a direct part that can be used instead of an adapter

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