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in Re: My video review from the MSI Trident 3 ARCTIC :)
on 14-April-17, 15:39:17
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PC games opinion sharing

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in Re: Command And Conquer 17
on 09-April-17, 04:34:38
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in MOVED: Crashing since Bio upgrade...??
on 24-May-17, 18:50:00
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Assembly guides

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in MOVED: Issues in game of league of legends and MSI Live upda...
on 06-May-17, 09:14:30
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Desktop Remix

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in MOVED: Release Date
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Place to discuss MSI Gaming AIO (AG series) related topics.
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Sticky Topics
Gamers always find the spec of their PC important, but they usually ignore that the cooling ability is highly correlated with the system performance. If you want your PC’s performance to be powerful y...
myikari 4 1389 Last post 14-April-17, 17:13:23
by jtfberryfarm
A power supply of 350W, can’t support the GTX 1070 graphics card. Don’t believe things that are not scientifically proven.Some gamers are confused that MSI Aegis is equipped with an NVIDIA GTX 970 gra...
myikari 15 2559 Last post 23-March-17, 05:44:06
by reloadandy
NVidia presented the latest GPU generation a few months ago, all the GPU performance tests point out that the new NVidia 10 series GPU’s are equipped with cutting edge performance, and at least a 42% ...
edcwtsai 5 827 Last post 12-February-17, 13:35:38
by prim_wonder
Hi Gamers , Some of you might know MSI gaming desktop equipped Mystic light - the controllable RGB LED light system. One of my favorite mystic light mode is "Audio mode "The Mystic light system could ...
edcwtsai 13 1772 Last post 08-February-17, 23:25:38
by kozubish
Hi Gamers, Have you ever seen Aegis series mystic light?#Aegis Mystic Light Now, here comes the Aegis Ti with the more fantastic mystic light. Please keep follow our update. #Aegis Ti Mystic Light
myikari 3 724 Last post 01-September-16, 09:06:17
by s.vesselov
Hi Gamers ,  It's our honor to present to you , the MSI Aegis X upgrade Tutorial !  As you know our you might have Aegis X , it's a incredible machine for Gaming. Now we want you guys to know how to u...
edcwtsai 0 725 Last post 09-August-16, 03:06:08
by edcwtsai
Hi Gamers,Did you notice the latest MSI Gaming desktop on the MSI Facebook?Get ready for new supreme gaming power. Want to play everything in max graphics options and in 4K? Keep an eye on our newest ...
myikari 4 939 Last post 02-August-16, 02:17:55
by kjbuue8
Normal Topics
upgrading my trident 900us CPU HELP!
Hi guys, i was wondering if anyone knows if the trident 900 can upgrade to skylake. i have an i5 6400 on mine and would like to install a i5 7600 for a little extra power. Is it possible to do it ?
ftw.moises 3 62 Last post 27-May-17, 13:08:25
by HenryW
Cubi 011BEU and wireless keyboard (Logitech)
Hello all,I'm new to this forum, my name is Arnau and I recenty bought a MSI Cubi 011BEU B5520UXX. It's running Linux mint 18.1 (the installation went really fine) but now I'm facing problems with the...
arnau.bria 8 202 Last post 26-May-17, 10:51:33
by badboy2k
Will it be possible to change my MSI Aegis' air cooling to liquid?
I'm currently using an MSI Aegis w/ the air cooling and I'm somehow not satisfied with its performance on higher temperatures. Will it be possible to upgrade it to liquid cooling?
colantacarlos 2 59 Last post 25-May-17, 09:51:00
by Nichrome
PC crashed unable to boot up just black screen
hi my pc crashed yeterday and i can’t get it to boot up again i tried reseting to factory settings and everything on the Microsoft website but no luck getting it to boot up also getting error message ...
horace.slim.james 3 194 Last post 22-May-17, 03:28:34
by Yang
Is it possible to control the fan speed of MSI Aegis with Silent Storm 2?
It's too loud when temps are high. Especially when my temp kicks off at 75c+. Would be it be possible
colantacarlos 1 41 Last post 22-May-17, 03:26:00
by Yang
msi nightblade mi 3 recovery
I have a msi nightblade that needs a recovery, i can see theres a hidden disk on 18.29 GB How do i enter the recovery tool on bootup?  i tried F3 with no luck.
chip 6 138 Last post 21-May-17, 19:19:15
by badboy2k
MSI Trident 3 Won't Turn On
I've had a Trident 3 for about a month at this point. Personally, I've been very happy with it. It is powerful and quiet with a great form factor.Sadly, it no longer turns on... Tried to power it up t...
withersdavis 14 841 Last post 18-May-17, 02:47:26
by jacobksweet
PC audio jack broke
so my friend trip over my headset and the black ring came out or whatever it's called i can still get audio but if i move around too fast it was cut out and i would have to move it around to get audio...
kingjohn1988 7 98 Last post 15-May-17, 09:04:00
by kingjohn1988
Updating Bios EB090IMS.840 on a Nightblade M2 to use with i7 7700K cpu
I have a Nightblade M2 with bios EB090IMS.840 with an i7 6700k cpu. I was given a new i7 7700K that I would like to use in my pc. I need to update the bios, but I do not know where to find it. Can som...
weagudelo 6 206 Last post 14-May-17, 16:46:35
by christerdr
Trident 3 modifications?
Background (skip to below for question)So I've been a PC gamer convert for 7 years now. I built my first PC from scratch for the first time about 3 years ago. I was upgrading my old pc, gtx 980-> 1080...
gyudejohnson 6 320 Last post 12-May-17, 02:23:37
by Yang
Nightblade X2B won't boot into recovery with F3
Hi. I own a nightblade X2B and I'll like to format it due to unrecoverable problems.But pressing the F3 button won't show up the recovery menu.Instead it sends me back to windows and won't boot into r...
issamjm2 7 208 Last post 11-May-17, 16:18:19
by Ranger9c
MSI installation ISSUE
Hello guys. I have a MSI Aegis with an i5 6400. I've just purchased a i7 7700 and I have to update my BIOS, since it is a Kaby Lake CPU. When I get into the boot app, and flash it, the file start to b...
francesco.cherubini96 10 102 Last post 10-May-17, 17:39:32
by francesco.cherubini96
Greetings,I need to have some​ information and I already thank you for all your helps.I have an MSI Aegis Ti and recently, I bought 2 * Samsung 960 EVO Series - 250GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 internal SSD (MZ-...
zogningramses22 2 149 Last post 09-May-17, 12:11:01
by zogningramses22
EFI Shell Help
So I turned off my PC last night and booted up today just to find this on my screen...Windows will not start up and I don't hear any movement from my hard drive. I have typed in "exit" and accessed al...
vetrix200 4 109 Last post 08-May-17, 04:34:59
by Yang
Issues in game of league of legends and MSI Live update 6
Hey Everyone,I am having some issues playing league of legends. I just got a new Aegis AND a new MSI Monitor (MSI Optix G27C). When in a game trying to play, the screen will randomly go black for 1-3 ...
nick.hallberg 2 97 Last post 08-May-17, 04:31:28
by Yang
Nightblade z97 upgrade!
Hello everyone. Have gotten my Nightblade z97-005 about two years. It's time to upgrade it now. I wonder, can I use Nvidia 10 serious graphic card? Thanks!  /YANXIONG
liyx74 5 144 Last post 03-May-17, 20:30:58
by liyx74
GPU 2WAY SLI - One card running 20c hotter than the other
Greetings,First at all, thanks a lot for your replies, I do really appreciate them.Note: According to the picture attached.(1) GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X number 1(2) GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X num...
zogningramses22 4 110 Last post 02-May-17, 20:57:56
by zogningramses22
MOVED: GPU Fan showing 0 rpm for G65 VR SLI
This topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Nichrome 0 61 Last post 02-May-17, 17:31:28
by Nichrome
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