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Last post by flobelix
on 06-March-18, 18:38:21
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PC games opinion sharing

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in Re: Best games of 2018?
on 08-March-18, 01:54:11
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Event and Exhibition

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on 16-January-18, 11:16:30
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Assembly guides

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in Re: Aegis 3 - 1080 ti po...
on 21-March-18, 12:39:19
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Desktop Remix

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in MOVED: Msi aegis 3 gpu u...
on 12-March-18, 19:11:08
Place to discuss MSI GAMING All-in-One PCs / Desktop PCs / Monitor
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Sticky Topics
NVidia presented the latest GPU generation a few months ago, all the GPU performance tests point out that the new NVidia 10 seri...
edcwtsai 10 2441 Last post 06-March-18, 09:52:12
by meertcavus
Gamers always find the spec of their PC important, but they usually ignore that the cooling ability is highly correlated with th...
myikari 6 3740 Last post 01-February-18, 12:47:22
by benvdbunt
A power supply of 350W, can’t support the GTX 1070 graphics card. Don’t believe things that are not scientifically proven.Some g...
myikari 14 5080 Last post 23-March-17, 05:44:06
by reloadandy
Hi Gamers , Some of you might know MSI gaming desktop equipped Mystic light - the controllable RGB LED light system. One of my f...
edcwtsai 13 3602 Last post 08-February-17, 23:25:38
by kozubish
Hi Gamers,Have you ever seen Aegis series mystic light?#Aegis Mystic LightNow, here comes the Aegis Ti with the more fantastic m...
myikari 3 2038 Last post 01-September-16, 09:06:17
by s.vesselov
Hi Gamers ,  It's our honor to present to you , the MSI Aegis X upgrade Tutorial !  As you know our you might have Aegis X , it'...
edcwtsai 0 2076 Last post 09-August-16, 03:06:08
by edcwtsai
Hi Gamers,Did you notice the latest MSI Gaming desktop on the MSI Facebook?Get ready for new supreme gaming power. Want to play ...
myikari 4 2312 Last post 02-August-16, 02:17:55
by kjbuue8
Normal Topics
Hey Y'a[font="Segoe UI", "Helvetica Neue", "Liberation Sans", "Nimbus Sans L", Arial, sans-serif]ll,[/font]Just purchased the 32...
revgmost 0 9 Last post Today at 16:32:29
by revgmost
Which SSD for Trident 3?
I would like to add a SSD to my recently purchased Trident 3.  Being computer illiterate I'm not sure which SSD options would fi...
brantacc 0 5 Last post Today at 16:26:50
by brantacc
Problem with BIOS on motherboard from Pre-Built
Hello,I bought a Codex X3 pre-built from Micro Center a few months back. The motherboard is a z270 SLI Plus. I have been trying ...
popdawg22 17 490 Last post Yesterday at 19:08:58
by flobelix
MSI 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio with Codex X compatibility
I am thinking about upgrading my existing graphics card, or just adding the MSI 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio to my MSI Codex X desktop....
matt.taulton 8 480 Last post Yesterday at 07:44:09
by esah
Issue with Filling the screen of Optix AG32C
I have Optix AG32C that I purchased in December 2017.  I cannot get the screen to go to the full screen on each side.  I thought...
blanmgr 5 88 Last post 20-March-18, 16:19:48
by Nichrome
MSI Trident 3 (Can't find online support)
So i went looking for 30-40 mins and keep hitting a 404 page so maybe the forums will be more helpful then the site.I bought a M...
lek111299 1 54 Last post 20-March-18, 06:27:59
by Yang
Trident 3 Arctic Wake on Lan and Bios Update
Hello everybody,iam new here and here is my first problemI bought a msi trident 3 arcticIt has Bios Version A10I want to enable ...
christoph 3 142 Last post 20-March-18, 01:36:20
by Yang
Msi trident 3 arctic power off
Hi, i bought trident 3 arctic on january 15.1.2018 and got to say im really disapointed in it. First half a day it worked perfec...
roopepuisto 0 35 Last post 19-March-18, 23:19:27
by roopepuisto
Need Help With Setting Up G24C - Can't Get It To Switch to 144hz
Please help a poor noob when it comes to 144hz monitors...So i just received a new Optix G24C and tried setting it up to my nVid...
patricktfeller 2 88 Last post 19-March-18, 01:41:18
by Yang
MSI TRIDENT 3 - Upgrades
Hello everyone,Not sure which section of the forum this goes to, but I searched and I did not find answers to my questions.I hav...
ChrisST 5 549 Last post 19-March-18, 01:32:12
by Yang
Switchable Graphics Card Problem
Hey guys I really need some help! I have a AG2712A MSI All-in-One PC with Windows 10.  It has a HD8970M and an Intel HD 4000 and...
johnwolfgang2013 2 70 Last post 19-March-18, 01:28:31
by Yang
Which Trident 3 Models Support PCIe SSD
Hi,I am interested in buying Trident 3, and wondering which particular Trident 3 model that is currently supporting M.2 PCIe (NV...
lyq929 1 57 Last post 19-March-18, 01:23:59
by Yang
how to install vr headset to f drive when c drive is full
I am trying to help my friend set up his dell vr headset on a windows 10 msi nightblade. It tells us the c drive has no room lef...
nicholson.thomas 3 85 Last post 19-March-18, 01:12:29
by Yang
MSI Optix g27c monitor cannot change input
I just recently bought an MSI Optix g27c monitor, and it's connected to my PC via DisplayPort, and to my PS4 via HDMI. When I'm ...
domesticosus 3 1152 Last post 18-March-18, 07:25:50
by valerian.mauleon
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 54 Last post 17-March-18, 21:59:17
by flobelix
Monitor Selection
Hi everybody! Recently I ran into the question of buying a new game monitor. I looked through many forums and blogs, looked at t...
pilyakaleks 5 154 Last post 15-March-18, 10:20:52
by pilyakaleks
Msi aegis 3 gpu upgrade
I need some help.I want to upgrade gpu un my msi aegis 3.The psu is 450w and i order all ready a psu of 600w.The question is wic...
marcos_okay 1 101 Last post 13-March-18, 01:25:12
by Yang
Replacement Fan for Nightblade MI2?
The fan on my Nightblad MI2 makes has an annoying high pitch whine. It is not worn bearing noise. Just the fan itself. It is not...
ocomano-1 8 1250 Last post 11-March-18, 21:53:52
by tygodebruin
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