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Last post by Nichrome
in MOVED: My Ryzen rig!
on 19-March-17, 16:41:20
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PC games opinion sharing

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in Re: Real time VR gameplay with Aegis
on 05-March-17, 12:45:03
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Event and Exhibition

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in Re: <PAX East> Aegis Launch Day.
on 12-September-16, 13:33:04
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Assembly guides

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in Re: Learn to make your Aegis more powerful!!!
on 20-March-17, 10:25:37
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Desktop Remix

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Place to discuss MSI Gaming AIO (AG series) related topics.
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Sticky Topics
A power supply of 350W, can’t support the GTX 1070 graphics card. Don’t believe things that are not scientifically proven.Some gamers are confused that MSI Aegis is equipped with an NVIDIA GTX 970 gra...
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myikari 15 2198 Last post 23-March-17, 05:44:06
by reloadandy
NVidia presented the latest GPU generation a few months ago, all the GPU performance tests point out that the new NVidia 10 series GPU’s are equipped with cutting edge performance, and at least a 42% ...
edcwtsai 5 699 Last post 12-February-17, 13:35:38
by prim_wonder
Gamers always find the spec of their PC important, but they usually ignore that the cooling ability is highly correlated with the system performance. If you want your PC’s performance to be powerful y...
myikari 3 1052 Last post 12-February-17, 13:30:55
by prim_wonder
Hi Gamers , Some of you might know MSI gaming desktop equipped Mystic light - the controllable RGB LED light system. One of my favorite mystic light mode is "Audio mode "The Mystic light system could ...
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edcwtsai 13 1519 Last post 08-February-17, 23:25:38
by kozubish
Hi Gamers, Have you ever seen Aegis series mystic light?#Aegis Mystic Light Now, here comes the Aegis Ti with the more fantastic mystic light. Please keep follow our update. #Aegis Ti Mystic Light
myikari 3 610 Last post 01-September-16, 09:06:17
by s.vesselov
Hi Gamers ,  It's our honor to present to you , the MSI Aegis X upgrade Tutorial !  As you know our you might have Aegis X , it's a incredible machine for Gaming. Now we want you guys to know how to u...
edcwtsai 0 609 Last post 09-August-16, 03:06:08
by edcwtsai
Hi Gamers,Did you notice the latest MSI Gaming desktop on the MSI Facebook?Get ready for new supreme gaming power. Want to play everything in max graphics options and in 4K? Keep an eye on our newest ...
myikari 4 785 Last post 02-August-16, 02:17:55
by kjbuue8
Normal Topics
Couple of Issues - Please Help
I have a new MSI Aegis 3 with a GeForce GTX 1070 (newegg item # N82E16883152217) that I have a couple of problems with (clicking the support button next to the registered product just results in a "pa...
rangerx3x 5 50 Last post Today at 03:25:16
by Yang
Nightblade MIB VR7RC-243EU Motherboard and GPU query
I recently bought MSI Nightblade MIB VR7RC-243EU and I would like to know what components are inside. I'm looking foe exact model of motherboard and graphic card.CPU-Z and BIOS say that motherboard is...
bercikmn 2 18 Last post Today at 03:12:37
by Yang
Hello All,I have purchased the beast of a desk top abovei7-7700GTX 107016gb ram256SSD2TB 7200 win 10 64bit(up to date)being used on 65" Samsung Curved UHD tvVideo card confirms HD compatible. So i got...
thoude11 3 56 Last post Today at 02:55:42
by Yang
Nightblade X2B won't boot into recovery with F3
Hi. I own a nightblade X2B and I'll like to format it due to unrecoverable problems.But pressing the F3 button won't show up the recovery menu.Instead it sends me back to windows and won't boot into r...
issamjm2 6 78 Last post Today at 02:27:39
by Yang
All-In-One fails to enter Desktop.
Hi there,Could anyone please offer me some help\advice regarding the MSI G series all-in-one Desktop PC.I want to install my own Windows 10 Enterprise Edition OS.So I formatted the MSI HD, cloned my E...
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willtee 19 471 Last post Yesterday at 04:19:11
by Yang
MSI Trident 3 Won't Turn On
I've had a Trident 3 for about a month at this point. Personally, I've been very happy with it. It is powerful and quiet with a great form factor.Sadly, it no longer turns on... Tried to power it up t...
withersdavis 3 200 Last post Yesterday at 03:48:19
by Yang
Trident 3 modifications?
Background (skip to below for question)So I've been a PC gamer convert for 7 years now. I built my first PC from scratch for the first time about 3 years ago. I was upgrading my old pc, gtx 980-> 1080...
gyudejohnson 3 97 Last post 27-March-17, 06:23:41
by Yang
Did the AEGIS X 001-BUS get the Kaby Lake update?
Hello everyone, I recently bought the Aegis X last month and it has a proprietary MSI z170 motherboard. So I was wondering if this one got the Kaby Lake bios update? I checked the support page and the...
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ucjosh 15 489 Last post 26-March-17, 16:35:28
by jjwerrett
Nightblade MI B089 Motherboard Query
Hi,I've just managed to buy myself a very cheap Nightblade MI and have a query about the motherboard.The security seal wasn't broken, but my PC only has an MS-7851 mobo in it, and I thought it should ...
pharqall 3 231 Last post 23-March-17, 05:45:36
by reloadandy
Trident 3 question MSI Gaming Center - Gaming App
Hi, i've a strange behavior in Game Center - Gaming App.In Gaming App there are 3 profile: OC - Gaming Mode - Silent Mode. The first option is grayed out, i can choose only the other 2 profile. But wh...
giamma51 5 90 Last post 23-March-17, 02:05:29
by Yang
MSI Z97I AC Gaming issue with 4790K
Hi,Recently wanted to upgrade from 4690k -> 4790k, computer works fine with 4690k, but when entering 4790k, the fans start working, gpu seems to get power, but no picture in monitor. Could you give me...
kert06 1 58 Last post 23-March-17, 01:57:41
by Yang
Loud fan in AIO Gaming 24 6QU 4K
I have just purchased AIO 24 6QU and I am annoyed by fan working loudly all the time - whether I use computer or leave it idle. It is so noisy that I couldn't get asleep in the same room! Moreover it ...
« 1 2  All »
rpts24 10 167 Last post 21-March-17, 01:49:16
by Yang
Trident 3 with CPU at 100 celcius
Hi,I recently purchased the trident 3, after the first few minutes of load the CPU temperature on idle is 90-100 celcius...I am wondering if I open the trident 3 will it void my warranty or do I have ...
kelvin_diep 1 83 Last post 21-March-17, 01:44:04
by Yang
MSi Tident 3 Audio Question
Hi, recently i've purchased a MSI Trident 3 All in one desktop. I have a question, i have a hometheatre, how can i attach trident 3 to a 5.1 hometheatre system?The only output options are a line-out 3...
giamma51 4 117 Last post 17-March-17, 10:46:45
by giamma51
Error code 1 Can't connect to BIOS
Hope I'm in right section for this subject.Just received and set up a refurbished MS-AE6c11 all-in one .  I uninstalled norton and restarted.  Now at every startup (after log in)  I receive Error code...
mjdesign 1 68 Last post 17-March-17, 03:05:37
by Yang
Low Volume Sound Problems? Here is a potential fix
Hello Everyone,I just bought an MSI Gaming desktop and it was great with the exception of the fact that the maximum volume was incredibly low.  It seems that there was a problem with the latest Window...
joedbrady 0 74 Last post 15-March-17, 15:06:45
by joedbrady
Replacement Fan for Nightblade MI2?
The fan on my Nightblad MI2 makes has an annoying high pitch whine. It is not worn bearing noise. Just the fan itself. It is not real loud but is very grating on the nerves over time. I am wondering i...
ocomano-1 6 423 Last post 14-March-17, 02:23:00
by Yang
Msi Trident ram upgrade help
Hey folks I need help with my ram to upgrade it I have search for it with the part number (msi24d4s7s8mb-8) and it is a Kingston brand And I can't find it any where Please help me if you can
dannyx 1 90 Last post 14-March-17, 02:20:39
by Yang
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