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MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 34 4034 Last post 12-July-17, 06:38:23
by onurkymcck
Normal Topics
GS73VR 6RF Stealth Pro
Unboxing my new Laptop Wuuujjuuu :D !!!I'm so exited about it The box is so cool   XDThe dragon mascot is so epic.The box is so well protected.I'm new with MSI products Hi! Someone knows Best Pract...
bonniemilian 0 48 Last post 17-September-17, 22:17:27
by bonniemilian
MSI GP62 7RD(Leopard)- GTX 1050 4gb ddr5 graphic memory Unboxed
I have Just purchased GP62 7RD(Leopard)-1297XTH-BB7770H4G1T0SX from Thailand (IT City) its cost 31000Baht ( 950$ ) , Its very Good and cheap  laptop for gaming . It has backlit keyboard , with optiona...
mahan2607 1 95 Last post 13-September-17, 12:59:50
by minydoc
MSI GP72 6QF Leopard Pro i7 6700HQ/Nvidia GTX960M
Directly compared with the similarly priced Asus N751JX-T4056H, it is hard to make a case for the GP72-2QEi781. Our test device's 17-inch competitor offers not only longer battery life, but a better s...
saperrus 1 737 Last post 07-September-17, 15:30:36
by onurkymcck
[Unboxing] MSI WT60-2OJ, Mobile Workstation of an Interior Designer
<MSI Workstation: WT60-2OJ>My bf is an interior designer and he had been looking for a workstation for months.It took us quite a lot of time finding the machine which suits us the most because we don'...
tanyafang0523 7 1123 Last post 07-September-17, 15:29:00
by onurkymcck
Msi Ge 72 - Gtx 970M - I7 5700Hq
Bonjour à tous, Je viens de recevoir mon nouveau joujou, le MSI Ge 72 avec la GTX 970M .Je me suis donc dis qu'une petite review ça vous ferait plaisir (photos, bench, test sur gta5, température...)  ...
Julian99 9 1673 Last post 07-September-17, 15:27:17
by onurkymcck
Unboxing Ge60 2PC Apache
Hello, gamers and people who do not want to give up power despite choosing a product as a workstation. Today I wanted to show you my new best choice when it comes to laptops. I chose this laptop model...
javierperezgonzalo 1 562 Last post 07-September-17, 15:26:12
by onurkymcck
My new toy - MSI gaming NB GE72 2QD
Recently, more and more NB companies focus on gaming NB product, therefore people have lots of choice whatever outlook, performance, function, value, branding……It’s no doubt MSI is no.1 gaming NB choi...
seanchu 9 1566 Last post 07-September-17, 15:25:40
by onurkymcck
New Laptop- MSi GE Series GE62 Apache-276 Gaming Laptop
Today my new gaming laptop finally came. For the pas t few years I was a console peasant with a laptop that couldn't even run Windows (JK). Now that I finally got one, I would like t share the experie...
chandwadkar.rohit 1 807 Last post 07-September-17, 15:24:48
by onurkymcck
Unboxing of my new toy, the GE62 2QE Apache
Hello everyone, this is my unboxing and test of the 2QE Apache. I hope you like it. Sorry for not posting the pictures in the text. I really don´t know how to do it :PSo, I was around the 1000€ budget...
renanga1993 2 893 Last post 07-September-17, 15:22:39
by onurkymcck
GT72 QE unboxing
Good evening friends!I can not wait to share with you the news that today I became the proud owner of GT72 QE (graphics 980m). Even after a few months of waiting and languid doubt. Finally, I look at ...
eli1232008 1 352 Last post 07-September-17, 15:21:07
by onurkymcck
[new toys] MSI GE62 gaming notebook openbox
The new born baby, the big brother in gaming industry, this is what I describe for my new toy. Everytime when big game title comes, there will always bring a trend that ppl will upgrade their own gami...
louislin 6 1700 Last post 07-September-17, 15:19:00
by onurkymcck
Unboxing GS40 6QE phantom aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa NEW LAPTOP
Unboxing GS40 6QE phantom. I like it very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!- Bàn phím : Single color backlighting (red) SteelSeries keyboard - Màn hình : 14" Full HD (1920x...
pham478 10 907 Last post 07-September-17, 11:31:43
by dport78
Unboxing MSI GE62 2QC
This MSI GE 62 -2QC is well packed. Inside the box we have the MSI notebook, a power adapter and a quickstart guide. This laptop also comes with a screen cleaning cloth that lays on the keyboard. Pret...
jossa 14 2193 Last post Best Answer 06-September-17, 16:59:12
by onurkymcck
MSI GE72 6QD unboxing
MSI GE72 6QD- I7 6700HQ- GTX 960M 2GB- 1 TB HDD 7200 rpm- 8 GB DDR4 RAMThe Design of this one is perfect!! With 17.3" widescreen IPS panel anti glare and full backlit steelseries keyboard, Its perfect...
eli1232008 6 721 Last post 06-September-17, 16:48:41
by onurkymcck
I bought MSI GL62 6QF notebook from a reseller. I think I was supposed to get a warranty card with the Notebook, All I got was a CD for manuals and a quick installation manual. Before taking the box I...
findtajammul6 4 601 Last post 06-September-17, 16:47:27
by onurkymcck
Keyboard and touchpad
So i just bougt a ge62 apache pro. Im totally new with these computers so i really don't know much about them. My major concerns right now are a few questions about the keyboard and the touchpad.These...
gerardoramos981 4 535 Last post 06-September-17, 16:46:10
by onurkymcck
Unboxing The MSI Gaming G Series
I was so excited to get this thing home from the store and meticulously comb the contents of this beautiful box. Now I am going to share that experience with you.  First of all a thin layer of clear p...
steven.hickson 1 539 Last post 06-September-17, 16:45:11
by onurkymcck
jsteinwe 1 370 Last post 06-September-17, 16:42:29
by onurkymcck
GL72 6QD
I was really impressed with my mom's MSI laptop, so I talked her into getting me one.  I waited almost 2 weeks for it, I thought the suspense was going to kill me, but then it arrived.  I knew that bu...
sommerpro80 1 384 Last post 06-September-17, 16:41:27
by onurkymcck
MSI GE62 2QF Apache Pro-082US Signature Edition Gaming Laptop
Left Lenovo and joined the MSI clan!Hello, Its been a couple of days since the purchase of this laptop and I've been awed by it! I initially had ordered a Lenevo Y50-70 UHD 4k from MS Store. Unfortuna...
siddhantsaini 2 885 Last post 06-September-17, 15:34:18
by onurkymcck
Unboxing the GS6RF
AT first glance the GS63VR 6RF is beautiful. The boxing it comes in is high quality really easy setup as the computer booted right up and was ready to use in less than 3 minutes.  The boxing is premiu...
bartromj 1 480 Last post 06-September-17, 15:32:36
by onurkymcck
Where I can find MSI GE72 Apache Pro-003 manual in pdf format?
Where I can find MSI GE72 Apache Pro-003 manual in pdf format?This is the question, but I got error posting this question - I need at least 350 words, so let me tell you a sad story to make my story a...
hayored 1 425 Last post 06-September-17, 15:31:41
by onurkymcck
The unboxing of my long dream. The MSI 17.3" GE72 Apache Pro-003 Gaming Noteboo
This is going to be a different kind of unboxing for everyone. I am not doing this to show how cool my new MSI laptop is or to get some points for a reward. I am doing this unboxing to show everyone t...
pretender36 5 632 Last post 06-September-17, 15:30:58
by onurkymcck
Arrival of MSI GE62 Apache Pro
Arrival of MSI GE62 Apache Pro While the Rockstar Games announced that GTA5 PC version will be launched in middle of April, then I start to think about setting a new mobile gaming platform besides my ...
gk2377 41 8088 Last post 06-September-17, 15:29:54
by onurkymcck
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