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Sticky Topics
According to a post by PUBG’s community manager on their forum, the new anti-cheat system will search the game’s files to detect...
msiTechNB 4 760 Last post 16-April-18, 12:06:26
by gk2377
Find more Gaming Notebook FAQs before 27-October-13 HERE [GT70][url=https://forum-en.m
msiTechNB 10 12304 Last post 05-March-17, 15:06:16
by crafting201502
NB Technical Discussions Forum Rules & Posting Guide:1. This sub forum is only for [Technical Discussions] of [MSI Gaming Notebo...
msiTechNB 0 5075 Last post 10-February-17, 09:22:00
by msiTechNB
Dear all,If you want to insert files and know more forum text edition functions, please refer to the attachment.Best Regards,msi...
msiTechNB 0 3535 Last post 05-August-16, 11:37:04
by msiTechNB
Information Update(Date: 2016/7/24)Dear valued customer,We have been receiving several reports of TDR problem at our gaming note...
msiTechNB 0 6189 Last post 01-April-16, 12:28:30
by msiTechNB
Here is our MSI exclusive utility, give them a try and leave your thoughts and commands!"Silent Option" Fan Control Application ...
msiTechNB 0 16849 Last post 21-July-15, 06:41:16
by msiTechNB
Normal Topics
MSI GL62M 7RD Keyboard Problems
some of key on my keyboard doesnt working. Like "R,F,C,\,8,9,0, and backspace"i already service my keyboard in msi service cente...
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rahmanjaysyu 90 8043 Last post Today at 02:51:04
by veliseremet
MSI GT73EVR 7RF and sudden low fps
hi,i haven't used my notebook in a while and when i fired it up today the FPS were much lower than normal. On a game like wolfen...
kiriakos.kiprianou 1 25 Last post Today at 02:04:56
by sydneyblue203
3 week old brand new MSI laptop running slow and laggy
Hi,I have the MSI GV72 7RE gaming laptop bought only 3 weeks ago brand new and it's very slow and laggy at times although not do...
info 7 213 Last post Today at 01:00:58
by enmanuelrey2012
Can owner of GE73VR tell me the Fan RPM/Speed with Cooler boost on? You can see the speed/rpm in dragon centre. thank you.
plw_kamei 1 57 Last post Today at 00:58:34
by enmanuelrey2012
GT73VR 6RE USB C port not working. Can't find device in manager either.
I'm trying to get a USB 3.1/C dock to work with my GT73VR 6RE with no success.  I thought it was incompatible Docks but on furth...
bondo GT73VR 6RE Owner 0 15 Last post Yesterday at 23:21:57
by bondo GT73VR 6RE Owner
So dear msI, about keyboard KEYS problem For quite a lot oF us
Since october 2017 when this problem appeared for few msi laptop models. You guys didn't fiGured this out yet, or you just simpl...
alleryaxxx 18 982 Last post Yesterday at 23:08:24
by bondo GT73VR 6RE Owner
[GT73VR 6RE] Audio jack for Stereo headphone not detecting in Windows 10
Hi there,I am using a MSI GT73VR 6RE with GTX 1070.After a clean installation of Windows 10, I found out that the audio jack for...
n.k.yamazaki 5 604 Last post Yesterday at 23:05:02
by bondo GT73VR 6RE Owner
Support please HELP
I have been trying to register a motherboard and a video card. I know the motherboard serial I have is valid I have seen it visu...
robert-james70 1 19 Last post Yesterday at 22:55:35
by asm1
Warranty Void upon breaking "Factory Seal"
Hi,I believe we all know about the white sticker on the bottom cover saying: "Factory Seal" and that for my case is on top of a ...
alexandredias.set7 5 112 Last post Yesterday at 21:04:58
by Amaella
GX63VR-7RF CPU unusually high temps
So I've been playing games on this laptop, and I notice the CPU could hit up to 87c on certain instances, and this is with a 20c...
arenaboy007 2 49 Last post Yesterday at 20:20:58
by david
Hi,I just installed sucessfuly my new EVO 860 SATA M.2 SSD. It appears in the BIOS but not on the windows explorer. I also have ...
alexandredias.set7 1 34 Last post Yesterday at 20:03:36
by david
Drivers for GE73 Raider RGB 8RF
I want to bye the notebook MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RF-095XRU. This model comes without an OS.How will I install the drivers? There ...
Vitaliy69 5 127 Last post Yesterday at 19:55:26
by Vitaliy69
USB-C Dock for GL62M
I am thinking about investing in a USB-C dock for my GL62M. Will the USB-C port support a dock with 2 video ports? Which docks a...
darryl.p.baker 0 14 Last post Yesterday at 15:00:13
by darryl.p.baker
Computer humming noise
My MSI desktop computer is making a low humming noise and it pauses my work while on Illustrator CC for about 10-15 seconds.
pmp 3 255 Last post Yesterday at 10:14:27
by Amaella
MSI GT72BR 7RE - shutting down during intensive games after several seconds.
Hi all,For about 3 weeks now, I've been having an issue running more system intensive games on my laptop. Games such as Witcher ...
rutkowskim 2 79 Last post Yesterday at 09:10:23
by Amaella
MSI 73GS - low quality screen - even lower quality service
Hello everybody,please consider this as a warning concerning build quality GS73 laptop specifically and MSI service generally.I ...
arturas 0 28 Last post Yesterday at 07:23:13
by arturas
Notebook GS70 2QE Stealth Pro - Mitigating Spectre
Can someone please advise - Is the development of BIOS updates mitigating Spectre Side Channel vulnerabilities .. Still being de...
4uldph4rt 1 54 Last post 19-April-18, 21:46:41
by matheusk2
MSI symbol of lack of respect with the client
I sent my computer to fix because the lid broke after using it for two weeks.My computer was back with damage from the technical...
airtonserrajr 0 36 Last post 19-April-18, 21:32:07
by airtonserrajr
PCI-to-PCI Bridge Driver Issue Code 31
So allow me to be as thorough as possible. I bought my MSI GT73VR TITAN PRO through a third party distributor named XoticPC and ...
leonkolin 15 1965 Last post 19-April-18, 17:28:22
by shehary1
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