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When it starts smoking you gone too far :-)
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Sticky Topics
NOTE : While I am a moderator and a mild enthusiast, I am by no means an expert.  Do your research, look at some other guides online, and be sure that the changes you make to your system will not hurt...
darkhawk 11 420 Last post Yesterday at 23:47:16
by papasteack
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 3 990 Last post 26-May-17, 13:30:30
by martin.vladimirov1
Please feel free to post screen shots of your bios here. Make sure you include your system spec's are in your signature.<<Forum features and how to use>> Rules:1.) This is intended to help newbies lea...
xmad 20 25709 Last post 28-February-17, 17:28:25
by Nichrome
*** This is all done at your own risk. I, any user on this forum, this forum, or MSI will NOT be held responsible for your actions! ***I'm sure you've heard about GTL reference voltages.I've decided t...
Aaron 28 44596 Last post 26-September-16, 16:06:42
by flobelix
MSI MGA 2015 Grand Finals is upon us! It’s the first time ever for the Grand Finals to set foot in the United States; all regional qualified players will battle at the StarCraft II and Heroes of the S...
emersonyang 0 807 Last post 13-August-15, 01:08:09
by emersonyang
Overclocking GuideDisclaimer: Overclock at your own risk!Data and information provided in this guide are for informational and educational purposes only, and are not intended for trading purposes. Nei...
Kingfisher 20 108110 Last post 10-April-15, 13:08:54
by flobelix
Always remember the risks of overclocking. If you damage something it's no one's fault, but yours. Overclocking components beyond stock specifications creates more heat; BE SURE to make it absolutely ...
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Aaron 121 151491 Last post 05-April-15, 00:17:35
by miklkit
*** I no longer monitor and edit this database, the moderator >>flobelix<< does ***Hello, welcome to the overclock database.The database contains user name, followed by CPU, core, model # and speed. P...
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Aaron 933 479972 Last post 04-February-15, 15:50:16
by flobelix
What is a sensible everyday use overclock in terms of processor efficiency ?  This is a subject that has been discussed numerous times within the threads and something I have intended to test for quit...
Bernhard 2 6438 Last post 07-April-12, 17:30:34
by boby7
Use the +/- keys by the number pad, or use the page up and page down keys. This is so we don't have to keep repeating it... P.S It's written in your manual!
Aaron 0 21017 Last post 31-August-08, 02:26:25
by Aaron
Normal Topics
Only fixed Vcore on B350M Mortar ?
Hi guys, i was trying to find a light oc for daily use for my Ryzen 5 1600 + B350M Mortar but i'm stuck with a problem.Atm the settings that i'm using are Cpu: 3600Mhz - 2933Mhz CL 15 with 1.190V for ...
garzia.giulio 7 203 Last post Yesterday at 18:42:08
by ste_xrysos
[MSI X370 KRAIT GAMIN + Ryzen 1600] bios overclock 3.9Mhz stuck at 1549.64Mhz
I built new system with msi X370 KRAIT GAMING +  Ryzen 1600 setup bios 3900 clock speed with 4.12500 power at automatic overclock and save reboot computer to check how much speed I increased I shocked...
jain.pritesh 2 49 Last post Yesterday at 13:30:38
by hamid_m_h
B350m mortar stuck at 2.2Ghz
Hello, I have a problem with b350m mortar motherboard, when I try to overclock my ryzen 1600x to 3.7Ghz and above with manual vcore voltage it is stuck on 2.2Ghz even on 100% load but if i set the vco...
Tech025 6 139 Last post Yesterday at 12:54:34
by darkhawk
R7 1700 + B350 tomahawk, oc by bios problem.
HiThe problem is when I trying to overclock my ryzen 7 1700 cpu. I go to bios, select oc expert mode, then set 3800 mhz for example, then go for the cpu voltage and set it to 1.35. After saving settin...
p.tomaszewski100 6 138 Last post 27-May-17, 14:29:48
by neverfailmore
Partial Overclocks?
I've seen one other similar thread to my issue on these forums but it lacked some detail so I'll clarify mine in full. Hopefully y'all can decide & help me determine what's going on plus, what to do a...
sodapop554 7 118 Last post 26-May-17, 18:02:20
by sodapop554
MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic bios/oc issues-questions
Hello, I am using the latest bios for MSI Tomahawk B350 and running optimized default values. I get a nice all core boost to 3.2 Ghz and single core boost to 3.75 Ghz, while using Ryzen balance power ...
nikoskarozis 12 328 Last post 26-May-17, 15:01:49
by darkhawk
Undervolting 7700k Need help!
Hi guys, i noticed, that in AUTO mode my 7700k eats too much voltage and getting too much temps during AIDA64 Test: 1.304v and 87 grad peak.So i decided to undervolt it. I entered BIOS and set 1.170v....
trayper 1 64 Last post 26-May-17, 14:12:45
by ste_xrysos
Re: B350 Tomahawk oc Settings
Hi!I overclocked a 1700x on a msi b350 tomahawk to 3.9ghz all core @ 1.384-1.392v (llc level 3) @bios 1.15I couldnt find any offset options, as I would like to set an offset vcore, so the voltage goes...
amel_mehmedovic 4 547 Last post 26-May-17, 14:09:30
by ste_xrysos
GTX1060 Armor crashes using afterburner
Bought a 1060 6GB Armor back in January while upgrading my rig and couldn't get afterburner to work. Everytime i turn up the Core Clock it crashes.My Rig : i5-44408GB RamMSI H97M-G43MSI 1060 6GB Armor...
lolxlemonz 2 44 Last post 26-May-17, 12:35:42
by darkhawk
MSI B350M Mortar VCORE vdroop (voltage drop)
Hi,So I have been trying to push the OC limits of my Ryzen 1600 and so last night I started pushing the limits when I realized the vdroop in this Board is confusing to say the leastI have three OC pro...
r.sarwar87 3 392 Last post 23-May-17, 12:21:06
by siska.janos
K9N6SGM-V overclocking problem
Hello MastersI've a MB as model K9N6SGM-V, I want to know whether this MB can support the CPU overclocking? For I check the BIOS, there is no the CPU overclocking option, The FBS is grey, read only......
827888832 3 73 Last post 19-May-17, 15:29:53
by flobelix
B350 Tomahawk VRM Temps
Hello,  Can anyone give me an idea of what would be too hot for the VRM's?I am assuming that in Hwinfo64 where it shows me the Motherboard + System temperatures (both are identical) that this is what ...
buywonderbread 4 212 Last post 18-May-17, 20:53:59
by darkhawk
MSI B350 Gaming Plus Stuck at 15.5x
Hey fellas,Just got my new Ryzen 5 1500x setup paired with a MSI B350 Gaming Plus on the latest BIOS.I've been able to apply an overclock to my RAM but the CPU is an entirely different story.I have it...
wallshadows 4 132 Last post 17-May-17, 17:14:00
by darkhawk
MSI B350 Tomahawk BIOS Timing settings
Hello.I have MSI B350 Tomahawk with Ryzen 1700 and DDR4 2x8 G.Skill F4-2800C15D-16GTZB.Initially with BIOS 1.0, the memory worked in 2933 mode at 1.2V with the XMP timings profile for 2800. On the oth...
yazamir 5 494 Last post 15-May-17, 11:16:03
by yazamir
Hello,I've switched from MSI Z170A GAMING M7 to MSI Z270 GAMING M7 MB. Everything went quite good apart from timings of my RAMs. I have 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance 3200Mhz (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16) with stock ...
Eddward 0 99 Last post 12-May-17, 18:54:06
by Eddward
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