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Various assembly guides that have been uploaded.
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Sticky Topics
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
Dragoonyang 10 3835 Last post 21-July-17, 12:09:34
by svenstachowiak94
The >>Forum FAQ<< now contains links to all the assembly/disassembly guides that have been uploaded by request by the moderators, they can now be found here:
Stu 0 11990 Last post 05-February-10, 20:23:44
by Stu
Normal Topics
My latop screen looks washed out. Help!
Hi  everyone.This my first time posting so please bear with me. I just bought a MSI GL62 6QC-037UK  notebook from amazon.I am not a avid gamer but I did purchase it for a smoother sims 3 experience as...
asekinat35 2 346 Last post Yesterday at 08:24:55
by mjdmujahid.96
msi: plugged in, not charging.. Need help !!
Hello all,I have purchased the msi gt72 2qd just days ago. The laptop is amazing while i can play everything on max; however, the only problem is that its says " plugged in, not charging" when i want ...
itsgamingman7 11 30650 Last post 09-December-17, 11:29:13
by bharatpant1091
Hey I was wondering what the dimensions the support screws are the Optix G270c 27"? I recently left my screws in my room at school and want to know if there are screws that Home Depot or Best Buy migh...
ingelmichael 0 24 Last post 08-December-17, 21:30:15
by ingelmichael
Monitor GL62VR 7RFX NE1060
The monitor is a 60hz monitor.  I'm wondering if i could replace it with a 120hz monitor? Also  I have an i7 7700 cpu wondering how to boost it from the 2.8ghz to the 3.8ghz
spudrichey 2 102 Last post 03-December-17, 18:00:29
by spudrichey
USB ribbon flex cable for MSI GS70
Hi all,Does anyone know the pin count on the flex ribbon cable that connect the USB + SD card reader board on the right hand side to the motherboard?The pins on mine are damaged and hence the ports ar...
markhahn321 1 487 Last post 01-December-17, 02:38:44
by msi
GS63VR reassembly: Bottom panel hook problem
Hey everyone, having some trouble getting the bottom panel back on my GS63VR correctly after an SSD upgrade.Along the front edge of the panel are 4 "hooks" that should sit in 4 matching pockets on the...
robertrzadzki 1 224 Last post 30-November-17, 20:16:47
by briandevlin119
Can I raid 2 M.2’s on a X370 XPower Gaming motherboard
stevesmith57 0 52 Last post 28-November-17, 21:22:09
by stevesmith57
Adding memory to my GL72M-7RDX Laptop
Just purchased my MSI gaming laptop and what to add additional 8gb memory. Removed all the screws from the casing but unable to open the case to get to the motherboard to add the memory. Searched on t...
bmack8101 2 371 Last post 27-November-17, 06:18:06
by cyber2steve
Changing out non-backlit keyboad for backlit
I have a GL62 6QF Laptop that has a standard non-backlit steelseries keyboard and was wondering if anyone has replaced it with a backlit one or if it is even possible. I have searched but have not see...
slowry010 2 91 Last post 26-November-17, 19:54:15
by david
Connecting 2nd monitor
Hey, can some one help me with my msi gl62m 7rd. I want to connect two monitors. The 1st one is connected via hdmi port, the second one should i connect it with mini DP or usb c? Ive tried both.. and ...
abdul-rh 2 88 Last post 26-November-17, 19:36:16
by david
Add SSD Nvme Samsung 960 EVO to GP62MVR 7RF Leopard PRO
Hi,This is my Notebook: bought an Samsung M.2 Nvme 960 EVO to change the ssd M.2 sata that comes with my notebook.But when i received ...
hugofrutuoso 2 140 Last post 26-November-17, 18:12:58
by hugofrutuoso
MSI gt72s 6qf dragon edition 144hz monitor
I got a MSI gt72s 6qf dragon edition laptop. i would like to bought a 144hz monitor. i do have HDMI and mDP.  Can i put a 144hz monitor on my laptop?  if yes. how and what kind of monitor should i use?
kennethdonato25 1 57 Last post 26-November-17, 03:01:44
by david
GS63VR 6RF STEALTH PRO replacing the hard drive with SATA drive
Can it be done? One guy on youtube did it but he used a special cable that he ordered from MSI, I don't think I could get that cable being from Croatia, can it be done without it? Or can I buy it some...
madmax171 3 181 Last post 23-November-17, 21:55:51
by david
GS73VR Magnet lid location?
Hello, I repasted my GS73VR yesterday and it went off without a hitch - except the laptop doesn't sleep when I close the lid now. It's not in power settings under windows, and there's no real good vid...
paul-akhenblit 0 88 Last post 21-November-17, 17:52:57
by paul-akhenblit
RAM upgrade on GL72M 7REX
Hello everybody!I have a question regarding an upgrade.I just bought MSI GL72M 7REX and it comes with 8gb of ram, 256gb off SSD and 1tb of HDD. Now i want to upgrade the RAM memory first. My question ...
markomilosavljevic177 0 109 Last post 20-November-17, 11:39:51
by markomilosavljevic177
How to remove the keyboard of MSI GE60 0ND-455xDE
Hello! My keyboard is pretty used and I would like to exchange it with new one. Can anybody please tell me, how to remove the keyboard of the model MSI GE60 0ND-455xDE? I already tried to remove all t...
aran_tyrneryn 0 131 Last post 18-November-17, 20:46:41
by aran_tyrneryn
Turbo boost is not working on my GT73VR 7RE
The Cpu of my laptop is 7700HQ.It can boost to 3.3Ghz before.But I recovered few days ago.And i find the clock speed is always on 2.8Ghztemperature is about 45°C.I updated Bios,chipset and turned CPU ...
583239046 0 97 Last post 17-November-17, 15:00:08
by 583239046
GV62 7RD Fitting an ssd SSD
Hi, Recently purchased a gv62 7rd without ssd. My question is can i fit an ssd to this notebook. Any help will be much appreciated
m.reid28 10 414 Last post 17-November-17, 13:53:53
by m.reid28
GT62VR_6RE no internet wifi
Hi,sometimes when I turn on my notebook I have no WiFi conection available. Computer looks like that it has no wifi divice inside and it telling me to connect cable. I have to turn off computer and th...
tomasalbertyn 2 414 Last post 16-November-17, 18:59:02
by ghjouffroy
GE62 6QD SSD drive problems, please help
I just installed a Samsung  NVMe SSD 960 EVO M.2 256 GB drive in my GE62 6QD Apache Pro.I cloned the drive using a cloning program so it is a clone of my boot C drive. EaseUS TODO, clones but drive is...
kevinmargetta 2 197 Last post 16-November-17, 17:01:46
by m.reid28
MSI MS-1781 SSD Adaptor Board, MS-17812, F2-Y3-c38
Hi, newbie here. Can I install the above mentioned adaptor board into MSI GT72VR 6RD Dominator-063?
muhammadalisiddiqui 5 1259 Last post 09-November-17, 08:06:29
by zibree
RAM upgrade on MSI GE72 2QD Apache Pro
Hello!I would like to know if someone planned to make a RAM upgrade on this laptop?The MSI support says that this laptop support a maximum of 16 GB of RAM, and after contacting the technical support, ...
orangestararmy 0 161 Last post 09-November-17, 01:47:25
by orangestararmy
How to install Samsung NVME 960 EVO in a GE62 2QD Apache Pro
HelloI have seen some people asking if they can use this kind of SSDs in this MSI model and some people think they can't, but it is possible. And I'm going to explain how.The Apache Pro has 3 M.2 port...
raul.a.gutsa 2 597 Last post 09-November-17, 01:33:08
by orangestararmy
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