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Various assembly guides that have been uploaded.
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Sticky Topics
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
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Dragoonyang 9 2536 Last post 04-July-16, 05:00:31
by ibenez123
The >>Forum FAQ<< now contains links to all the assembly/disassembly guides that have been uploaded by request by the moderators, they can now be found here:
Stu 0 10577 Last post 05-February-10, 20:23:44
by Stu
Normal Topics
Is this a normal sound for a laptop fan?
For a while, my new GE72 6QD Apache Pro was having heat issues or at least what I considered to be issues, a lot of people told me it was normal to get into the mid 70s when gaming.But the temps seem ...
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autumnpeir1988 7 180 Last post Yesterday at 20:51:17
by autumnpeir1988
Looking for advice for upgrading my gpu
Hello,As the title suggests i'm looking into upgrading my laptops gpu. I just don't really know how to, or what i would have to get, or if it is possible.Here is my system information as far as i woul...
kl_777 2 38 Last post 27-March-17, 01:34:24
by kl_777
Please help ASAP! MSI B150 BIOS Information needed!
I'm planning on putting together my own PC using the MSI B150 motherboard. But on the support page I see BIOS downloads. Does this mean I have to install  a BIOS before I can use it? I was really hopi... 4 72 Last post 26-March-17, 11:31:45
by HenryW
Hello,I am currently waiting for shipment of MSI GT62VR 7RE-214PL Dominator Pro.The thing is I want to take advantage of the PCI-E NVMe slot.1) What drive would you recommend (I was thinking about 0.2...
ohmygo2 2 110 Last post 25-March-17, 18:10:29
by wijnsmalaurens
MSI GP62 6QE Leopard pro M.2 SSD upgrade
Hello MSI,As to my knowledge this pc comes with a pci express 3.0 for a 2280 SSD card. What I want to know is can I use any m-key type SSD card that has a 2280 form factor ?? . Or is there any other t...
catweeb 5 709 Last post 25-March-17, 14:46:20
by hmurrayhocp
Where do I find MSI GS63VR replacement parts
I managed to break one of the tabs on hinge cover for my GS63VR laptop when I was switching out a hard drive.  I have searched high and low for a place to buy a replacement hinge cover (without the ta...
bbitunesb 1 227 Last post 24-March-17, 20:45:30
by maguir2
SSD Install Query
HelloI have a MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro with 980m.Currently my setup has 256 ssd (2x 128gb)I want to install 4x 250GB Samsung EVO M2 SSD to get the raid 3 benefit and also extra space size.I have wat...
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lionheartfkoz81 18 1796 Last post 19-March-17, 00:47:02
by david
Keyboard replacement GL62 7RD
Hello guys , Recently i have bought for really good price new gaming Laptop GL62 7RD. Since i installed M2 SSD disk, laptop performance is really awesome and i love it! Yesterday i got an idea. I wan...
airsoftman4747 2 179 Last post 17-March-17, 03:42:32
by ianwardell
Upgrading GE72VR 6RF without voiding warranty
Good day all, upgrades being considered are upgrading memory to 32GB, replacing DVD with Blu-Ray burner, and hard drive upgrades. Does MSI have a way of performing these upgrades without voiding the w...
cwarren410 0 77 Last post 16-March-17, 00:05:02
by cwarren410
GL62 6QF Battery
Hello everyone,I have a GL62 6QF laptop and the battery is not removable. How can I replace the battery and where to buy a bettery in case of battery fault? Please help, I can't find any information.T...
dushmalee94 1 116 Last post 09-March-17, 21:32:06
by david
Upgrading MSI Notebook
Hello,I was wondering if there was any type of upgrades recommended on the MSI GT72S 6QE-030US laptops. It came with the I7-6820HK and GT980M GPU  but my friends ordered in newer PCs and now I guess I...
joey 1 123 Last post 02-March-17, 18:59:01
by david
Which Samsung 850 ssd shall I get for my GT60 2PE ?
Hi guys,my GT60 2PE currently mounts a 128gb Toshiba ssd (thnsnh128gmct) msata and a 1tb HGST HDD drive, as per factory standard. I know I have two extra ssd slots (for RAID purposes), but I'd be fine...
pantoalessandro 1 102 Last post 02-March-17, 15:18:36
by david
Upgrade to max GT series
I'm considering picking up a GT series laptop and Maya to start working on some 3D sculpting. I am very comfortable upgrading hardware, It has just been a long while since I was in the market for a co...
socalstevemartin 1 101 Last post 28-February-17, 04:14:47
by david
MSI gp72 6qf leopard pro Fan replacement
Hi everyone  I need to replace one of my fans but I am stuck atm  is it possible to remove the copper like tubes stuck ontop of the fans  and if it is how do I go about doing it  Kindest regards
thysie16smith 1 123 Last post 27-February-17, 21:45:40
by socalstevemartin
Need help with upgrading GE62 7RE Apache pro
Hello, I need some advice to upgrade SSD . I am interested in buying MSI GE62 7RE Apache Pro i want to use SSD Can i use  ?SSDhttps...
myjumpoon 1 121 Last post 24-February-17, 18:11:17
by darkknight302
Where to buy a msi gp62 fan?
Hi Can somebody please give me a link to buy a Msi Gp62 2Qe leopard pro cpu cooling fan? Mine is died after only 8 months. Thank you
mondesirstephane504 4 195 Last post 23-February-17, 06:26:27
by matej.rostocky
Need advice about upgrading to PCI SSD
Hello everyone,I bought a MSI GL72 - 6QF i7-6700HQ 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD with GTX960M card. Recently the HDD is not capable to run fast enough compare to other components so I want to upgrade it to SSD. Fr...
locdao 4 149 Last post 22-February-17, 15:52:49
by david
Which PCI slots to SLI on MSI titanium z270 MOBO.
I'm upgrading to an SLI build with 2- 1080 gaming X cards and would like to know which PCI slots to use on my motherboard. (Remind you I'm new to all of this.) Also, which HB bridge should I be using ...
rlhoover 6 173 Last post 22-February-17, 03:39:27
by rlhoover
Battry stops charging.
Hey i didnt know where exactly to post this but hope its ok.I own a MSI GE70 i think it has graphic card GTX 970.The issue is my laptops for some reason stops charging when its almost full. I suspect ...
karlkreutzfeldt 3 195 Last post 21-February-17, 18:21:36
by darkknight302
Which PCI slots to use to SLI on titanium Z270 motherboard?
I'm upgrading to an SLI build with 2- 1080 gaming X cards and would like to know which PCI slots to use on my motherboard. (Remind you I'm new to all of this.) Also, which HB bridge should I be using ...
rlhoover 1 88 Last post 21-February-17, 17:47:48
by darkknight302
Where can i get new keyboard keys? GE62 2QC Apache
Hey, not sure if I'm posting this in the right section, but I have a question.I messed up my WASD key's on my laptop (GE62 2QC Apache)It has a single-color backlight steelseries keyboard.Is there a wa...
davidkatsburg 1 110 Last post 21-February-17, 17:40:54
by darkknight302
MSI GE72 7RE from Amazon
Hi everyone, I`m planning on getting the Apache Pro from amazon: ...
kovacsenikoko 3 190 Last post 21-February-17, 17:38:38
by darkknight302
MSI GS63VR HDD Replacement Guide?
I'm looking to replace my HDD with an SSD. I couldn't find the assembly guide for the MSI GS63VR. Can I request for an assembly guide or is there a tutorial somewhere?
fortier.hf 3 1195 Last post 21-February-17, 11:01:39
by ijinesh
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