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Author Topic: Any MSI battery manager available?  (Read 1678 times)

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phenetasTopic starter

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Any MSI battery manager available?
« on: 30-January-17, 06:38:49 »

I just bought this GT72 dominator pro with a built in battery. I am wondering if MSI offers a battery manager software so I can limit the battery charge to a given level.

My goal is to limit battery % to 80%, so I can leave the laptop plugged at all time without damaging too much the battery life.

I know other brands offer this feature, does this exist on MSI laptops ?

Thanks a lot.


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« Reply #1 on: 03-February-17, 09:52:26 »

You don't have to do that.

Please refer to this FAQ:
When I plug in the AC charger and start charging battery, why does the system show "(plug in, not charging)" even if the battery capacity is not full?
Please check the battery capacity before connecting the AC adapter. If the battery capacity is higher than 90%, the system won’t start charging the battery. This is to avoid the loss of battery life span from constantly charged and uncharged, it’s a normal battery charging behavior.
*The value of setting capacity (%) to start charging battery is usually located between 90 – 95% and the actual number may differ by models


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« Reply #2 on: 26-February-17, 18:37:04 »

I, too, would like to limit the battery on my MSI GS70 (with new battery) to 80% charge. My Tesla only charges to 80% by default, and then has an option to fully charge the night before a long trip.

That exactly how I'd like the MSI battery to operate. Sony, Lenovo, Samsung and others have offered this (since 2012) as a software setting. Please look into this MSI!
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